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Antiparos village is the only settlement of some substance on the island and it's quite an attractive one, build around a 14th century old Kastro (fortress), with no cars allowed inside the village, the friendliest people, a nice harbour and 7 to 8 beaches within walking range. It's nice for making walks, with beautiful nature, a surprisingly green surrounding of the village, and with wonderful views of the island of Paros and other small islands that are scattered around it. You can walk even through the sea to some of these other islands, like to Diplo, which is opposite the naturist beach (a walk of about 10 minutes), or to Despotiko on the southside of the island. Life in Antiparos town is relatively inexpensive. Renting an appartment or a room, eating out, the supermarkets, renting a car or a bike (if you want to go to the more quiet south side of the island, which also has a lot of beaches), everything is cheap, and everything is beautiful. In the village there's lots of trees, bougainvilles and plants. There are a couple of very nice souvenir-shops and a lot of restaurants and bars. I cannot think of one negative thing about this island. It's my absolute number one. It cannot be compared to other places we've visited, because it's different from all the other islands. Sometimes you wonder if you are not walking on another planet instead of another island. It's not just the landscape or the fact that Antiparos village is so cosy, it's also the inhabitants that make the island. They ar so friendly to eachother and to the tourists. Everybody is accepted the way they are. They love children and doggies, and treat the older people with the utmost respect. Because the island is relatively small everybody knows everybody and it seems sometimes it's like one big family living on the island. This must have been what the 'make love not war' feeling was in the 60's ;) time I must wear a flower in my hair, haha ;).

Hans Huisman, 2014
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