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Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos
Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos

Antíparos is a small island of 35 km². It is situated southwest of Páros and a long time ago the two islands used to be connected. Now the islands are separated by a narrow strait of about 1 km. The small island of Saliágos is located in this strait, and remains of a neolithic civilization (4000 B.C.) have been found here. This could mean that Páros and Antíparos were still connected at that time. Other small islands can be found in the neighbourhood of Antíparos, such as the deserted island of Despotikó in the south and Dipló (a double island with Káto and Epáno Fyrá) in the north. From the northern beach of Antíparos you can even wade to Dipló through the shallow water. The island of Antíparos is fairly flat. Its highest point is Profítis Ilías, with an altitude of 301 metres. There are a few beautiful beaches, but the island is especially renowned because of the cave on a hilltop of 250 m in the south. Next to the entrance of the cave, you can find the small church of Agios Ioánnis. The cave itself contains three large halls and it is more than 100m deep. It is famous because of its huge stalactites and stalagmites, many of which contain ancient inscriptions. The most famous stalagmite is 8 metres tall and it is called the "Agia Trápeza" ("Holy Table"). This name was given because a mass was celebrated here on the 24th of December 1673, in the presence of the French ambassador in Constantinople, marquis de Nointel – a Latin inscription still bears witness to this event. In turbulent times, the cave also provided a shelter for the inhabitants of Antíparos.

The capital Antíparos is built around a beautiful Venetian kástro, dating from the 15th century. The kástro is built around a tower, of which only the base remains.

The most famous beaches are the beaches of Psaralikí, southeast of Antíparos, the beaches of Agios Theológos (close to the campsite, a few minutes north of the small town) and the beaches of Sifnéikos Gialós a little southwest of it – both of which are within walking distance of Antíparos. In the south there is also the beach of Agios Geórgios, opposite the island of Despotikó. On the east coast as well there are a couple of nice beaches, among which the beaches of Apándima and Sóros.

But Antiparos is not only this. You can have lots of experiences,such as: walking around the island, watching the local people caring for their animals, making cheese in the traditional way, or learning how the bees produce the local honey.

The Hotel "Dolphin St.Georgio" in Antiparos, offers you a week walking holidays with impressive experiences in 2010.

The A week guided walking holiday includes:
• All accommodations with breakfast and picnic lunch.
• Transfer between hotel and Antiparos port.
• Transfer of baggage.
• Transfer to visit the town of Antiparos and the castle.
• Transfer to visit the cave.
• BBQ dinner or vegetarian option with 1/2kg local wine, in the "Dolphin. St Georgio" hotel.
• Guide.

Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos
Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos

Written information will be provided at the hotel about the walks and the flowers that you will come across on your way. The price of self guided walking holiday includes the same with the guided, but without the guide, on the 3rd, 5th and 7th day. Please contact us if you are interested in, for booking up to two persons (in a single studio or sharing the same apartment), or in case you want to stay a second week.

Trips and other experiences are not included in the prices. Dinners are not included. Mimimum booking two persons. The first day and the last day of the holiday are the arrival and departure day. The walking days starts on the second day. All the above holidays prices, are per person, based on two persons sharing a room

. We would be happy to organize your dinners at St Georgio or in Antiparos town, in traditional taverns. Especially after the fishing trip ,at the fisherman's tavern and the day of the cheese making at the goats owner's tavern. (it will cost you about 35 euro for two persons, with 1/2 kg local wine.)

Extra prices
• Trip with "Sargos" boat to the virgin beaches of Despotiko island and the sea caves, price 20 euro per person.
• Trip to Dilos - Mikonos, price 45 euro per person.
• Fishing trip, price 20 euro per person.
• Special experience - collecting honey from bees - price 20 euro per person, the price includes special protective clothing (please advise in case of allergy to bee stings).
• Special experience - watching the local people making cheese from the milk of own goats - price 10 euro per person.
• Rent a car: 20 euro per day.

Prices are an indication.

One week program.
• 1st day, arrival, we will pick you up from Antiparos port to hotel.
• 2nd day, morning: trip with "Sargos" boat to the virgin beaches of Despotiko island and a visit to the sea caves. Afternoon: we will transfer you or you will walk to Antiparos town, to visit the town and the castle. You can also hire a car here.
• 3rd day, morning: walk to Monastiria and swimming at the Monastiria beach. Afternoon: free or you can swim at the beaches of St.Georgio.
• 4th day, free to visit Paros Island or make a trip to Dilos - Mikonos island or you can go for a special mountain experience collecting honey from bees (in this case you have to inform us if you are allergic to bee stings) and after we can watch the local people make cheese. Afternoon: free.
• 5th day, morning: walk to Faneromeni chapel with its magnificent scenery. Swimming at Sostis beach. Afternoon: free or you can enjoy a fishing trip.
• 6th day, morning: we will drive you to visit the Cave, then to Soros beach and back to hotel by foot. Afternoon: free.
• 7th day, morning: visit the archeological treasures in Despotiko island and walk around the island. Afternoon: free time at the town, and if you rented a car you can return it. Later we will pick you up to and bring you back to the Dolphin Hotel for the BBQ dinner.
• 8th day, departure, we will drive you to Antiparos port.

Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos

At your free time you can walk (20 min walking) to visit the virgin beaches of St Georgio. The days of the program could change due to conditions.

How to arrive at Hotel Dolphin. We are ready to organize your arrival in the best way to our hotel. Please let us know the name of the airport, date and time of arrival and the air line company that you will use. we can book the boat tickets - Blue star and high speed - for you.

Usefull information:
• From Athens airport to Piraeus port: there is a bus every 20 min at a cost of 3 euros per person.
• We can book a taxi to drive you from the Athens airport to Piraeus port at a cost of 50 euros.
• You can take the high speed boat from Piraeus port to Paros island, a 3-hour trip at a cost of 45 euros per person.
• You can take the Blue Star ferry boat to Paros island, a 4-hour 15min trip at a cost of 33 euros per person or 29 euros per person on the deck.

How you will pass from Paros port to Antiparos port:
• You can take the bus every hour. The bus station is very close to Paros port (usually the bus waits for the Blue Star boat or the high speed boat). The bus will drive you to Punta in the south of Paros. Here there is a small ferry boat - a 5 minutes trip to cross you to Antiparos port. The bus will cost you 1,50 euros per person. The small ferry boat will cost you 1,50 euros per person.
• You can take the direct boat from Paros port to Antiparos port at a cost of 4 euros per person.
• We can book a taxi to wait for you at Paros port to drive you to Punta at a cost of 12 euros.

From Santorini airport to Paros port:
• Every afternoon a boat named Blue Star ferry leaves from Santorini to Paros port. A 3 hour trip at a cost of 19 euros per person or 16,50 euros per person on the deck.
• In case you have no time to catch the boat to Paros you have to stay one night in Santorini. You can make reservations here.
The taxi from the Santorini airport to the hotel varies from 10-15 euros depending on baggage. From the hotel to the port is the same cost.

Information provided by the Hotel Dolphin in Antiparos.

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