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Antiparos real estate - land, old and new houses for sale on Antiparos

To one day own a house on Antiparos in Greece and spend the winter there or live there permanently is something you can fantasize about. I also believe that this island is attractive enough to look around and maybe buy a second house. Thus I spend a lot of time looking at the pages of the agencies that offer real estate on Antiparos. It is just to get an idea of what is for sale on Antiparos and in Greece, though I have to ad that thanks to its popularity the prices on Antiparos island are a bit lower that on some of the other islands that surround it, and it is (still) possible to find a bargain if you look around.

To buy real estate, like a house, a villa or an apartment on Antiparos is the dream of many lovers of Antiparos. If you are looking for a second home, a holiday cottage or a piece of land on Samos, than maybe you can find something nice on this page or on the websites of the real estate agents of Antiparos. On Antiparos there are traditional houses for sale that have to be restored, but off course also big dreamvillas with a pool and all the other luxuery. Overlooking all aspects the price for a beautiful house on a super location is usually cheaper than the price you pay for an ordinairy house in some other countries. Since Greece is a member of the EU the same rules apply.

You really should take a good look around in Antiparos. regularly you will bump into a house with a sign on it saying that it is for sale. Sometimes the owner took some spraypaint and wrote his telephone number on the house to make clear that you can but it. There is a good choice in houses that are for sale.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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