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Antiparos naturist beaches - The town beaches of Antiparos town - Coves near Agios Georgios
camping beach

Antiparos is also a populair destination for some people because it has so many naturist beaches. Some people, like me, prefer to sunbathe and swim without any clothes, and they just hate the feeling of a wet, sticky swimsuit or outfit. Around the village of Antiparos there are a couple of beaches where you can take all your clothes off and feel one with the planet. Somehow you seem to be more connected to the earth if you look at it and feel it without any clothes on. There are the small naturist beach and the camping beach just around the corner outside the village. Other beaches, like sunset beach or the main town beaches don't have that option, so you can choose whatever you prefer. Apandima Beach in the southeast is a clothes on beach, but just a little more down south at Soros Beach clothing is optional, and the coves in the south at Agios Georgios are also used by the naturists on a basis of first come first do what you want. About Livadia beach in the west I have not a clue, but it's quiet. It is not a beach I would recommend though, because it can be in the wind a lot and in that case you find tons of seaweeds and rubble in the sand and the water.

Antiparos naturist beaches - beaches in Antiparos Town - Soros Beach - Agios Georgios
Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos Antiparos
Antiparos Soros Beach in the southwest of Antiparos Soros Beach Soros Beach Antiparos

Hans Huisman, 2014
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