<XMP><body> </xmp> Analipsi Village, North Crete
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Sunken boat at Analipsi. The beach of Analipsi. Rocks at the beach of Analipsi. View over Analipsi. View over Analipsi.
The beach and the village of Analipsi, North Crete.
Next door neighbour to big brother Chersonissos it's quite different place. Analipsi, only a stone throw away is like another world alltogether: much more quiet and cosy, with a few taverna's and a supermarket in the beachfront and a few more down in the village itself. It's got three beaches: two small ones and one big one, which are not completely covered in beachchairs and umbrella's (a little bit of rocks though in the sea here and there, so watch out where you get into the water). The people are friendly and it's a nice place to be. From time to time you can see a plane fly over in the distance. Analipsi together with Agia Pelagia would be my two favorite places to start my holiday in Crete. It's a perfect village to discover the east of the island and it has got that sense of friendlyness, and peace and quiet.

Hans Huisman 2007 <XMP></body></xmp>