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The Ela Messa restaurant is situated on the beach-boulevard of Analipsi. The cappuccino comes with whipped cream instead of milk, and there is no cookie or glass of water to accompany it. It tastes good and strong though and the service is superfriendly.
Our verdict: a 7,5 out of 10

A restaurant with many names where we have had dinner a lot of times. They probably don't know themselves anymore what they are called, but it is a good one! The rosť is served in a nice earhtenware decanter and the wine glasses are beautiful. The girl working there even pours the first rosť into our glasses and she offers to take our picture. The bread is warm from the oven and it is served with tomato tapenade and garlic butter. I order a plate with a bit of everything, the Greek plate: cheap and lots to choose from. It tastes very good. The restaurant turns out to be classy (damast table cloths instead of plastic), with the best of service, and actually it is quite cheap. We have eaten here a lot of times and we never had any complaints. Also nice for a breakfast.
Our verdict: a 9 out of 10

Hans Huisman 2007 <XMP></body></xmp>