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Amorgos naturist beaches map

On the island of Amorgos there are a good amount of beaches. The organized beach of Egiali is actually quite a nice one, long and sandy and shallow, with some trees on it for the people that want to lie in the shade. Facilities such as hotels, tavernas and mini-markets are all found near the beach of Egiali. Off course there are also parasols and beach-beds for rent.

At the end of the beach of Egiali you find the next beach which is called Fokiotrypa Beach. Here there are no facilities (no sunbeds, parasols), but there are some tavernas nearby. Fokiotrypa is a small sandy beach with some pebbles at the edges. The beach is more quiet than the beach of Egiali. Fokiotrypa Beach is surrounded by steep cliffs. The water is shallow and normally there is not much current, making it safe for small children.

There is also an (un)official nudist beach at a 20 minutes walking distance of Egiali. This naturistbeach is called Levressos. In the summermonths there are boats leaving from Egiali harbour to the beaches on the coast, including this naturistbeach. The beach is situated north of Egiali and it can be reached over a path from the village of Tholaria. Levressos is a long sandy beach surrounded by high clifs. The first meters of the sea are quite shallow so it's not too difficult to get into the water.

Just after Levressos there are two more beaches. The first one is called Psili Amos (meaning "fine sand"). It is accessible from Egiali on foot or by boat. Psili Amos is a small beach surrounded by high cliffs. There are some trees for shade, but there are no sunbeds or parasols for rent on the beach. Psili Amos is a quiet beach. The small cove is protected from the strong winds. Hohlakas is the next beach in the row. Like Psili Amos it is also situated in a small cove and surrounded by high cliffs. Hohkaklas is a sand and pebble beach. It is named after the flat pebbles that cover the beach (Halki is Greek for pebble). Hohlakas Beach is a rather small and secluded beach without any facilities. Maybe out off high season another opportunity for the naturists amongst us?

Also at the other port of the island, Katopola, there is a sandy beach with some parts where there are trees to lie in the shade. Nearby (into the direction of Kastro) remnants of the ancient site of Minoa can be seen. The beach of Katopola is long and not very wide. A better beach, Maltezi Beach, can be reached with a caique (wooden boat) from the port of Katopola or by a walk of 30 to 40 minutes (via the village of Xilokeratidi on the northwest of Katopola). The beach is located northwest of Katopola. Maltezi Beach is also seen as the most beautiful beach of Amorgos and it is one of the biggest attractions of the island. There is usually little wind even if the Meltemi wind blows across the island. At the beach you can see the picturesque church of Pandeleimonos after which the beach next to it, Agios Panteleimon Beach, is named. This beach is also accessible via the path that leads through the village of Xilokeratidi, and it is the first stop for the small boats that leave from the harbor of Katopola. There are sunbeds and parasols for rent on Maltezi Beach and there are facilities at the beach in high season. Just after Maltezi Beach you find the pebble beach of Plakes where there is room for naturism. There are some rocks in the sea and the waters are quite deep. Therefore Plakes Beach is not suitable for small children.

Just south of Katopola, not far from the harbor, lies the quiet Agioi Saranta (40 saints) Beach. The beach here descends quite steep into the sea. On the beach of Agioi Saranta are no beach beds and umbrellas for rent and there are no other facilities. The beach is not much visited and therefore maybe off season offers the possibility for naturism.

Amorgos Finikes naturist Beach South of Katopola, within walking distance of the town and reachable through a path is in the next bay the beach of Finikes. Naturists find their way to Finikes Beach which is located near the small village of Lefkes. Finikes Beach is secluded and quiet. It is located in a bay surrounded by cliffs. There are no facilities at the beach, so you have to bring your own food and water if you plan to lie down in the sunshine for a longer period of time.

The beach of Tirokomou is also located in this stretch of coast. All three beaches (Agioi Saranta, Finikes and Tirokomou) are sandy beaches. All three of them are also regularly in the wind coming from the north, which means that there are high waves and there can be quite some currents in the sea.

Agia Anna Beach is a beach on the east side of Amorgos, three kilometers away from the capital Chora, near the famous monastery Chozoviotissa that seems to be glued against the rocks. Agia Anna is a pebble beach with no facilities. There are some rocks in the sea and therefore it is not directly suitable for small children. Next to the textile beach of Agia Anna are a couple of coves and beaches that are used or partially used by naturists (Sirma Beach and Kambi or Ammoudi Beach - a beach with two names). Kambi (Ammoudi) Beach is a small beach surrounded by high cliffs. There are no facilities. On this beach there is regularly strong wind blowing. You can reach the beach through the beach of Agia Anna.

Amorgos Agios Pavlos Beach Agios Pavlos Beach is located on the west side of Amorgos, about 8 kilometers south of Egiali, opposite the islet of Nikouria. You can get there with your own transport, but the local bus also makes a stop here. Agios Pavlos is a pebble beach and it is situated not far from the road. The place itself, with the view of the bay and the island Nikouria is picturesque.

Because of the influence of the wind and the tide the beach looks like a finger going a 100 meters into the sea. The opposite islet of Nikouria protects the beach from strong winds. At the beach of Agios Pavlos there is a taverna.

After a ten to fifteen minute walk south of Agios Pavlos you will find a number of (mostly) deserted beaches in coves, where perhaps there is a place for you to enjoy the sun without your textiles on. In High season between 11:00 and 7:00 there are excursion boats from Agios Pavlos that go to Nikouria island, where three beautiful beaches can be found. The trip takes about fifteen minutes. For more information about Nikouria island and its beaches - click here.

Amorgos beaches Kalotaritissa Beach is a long sheltered beach which is located in the extreme southwest of Amorgos. It is a sandy beach with on some parts of it also some pebbles. You can drive by car to to Kalotaritissa Beach. On the beach are beach beds and umbrellas for rent and there is a beach bar. From Kalotaritissa Beach you look out over the small island of Gramvoussa. From Kalotaritissa there are boats boats going to this uninhabited island. The crossing takes ten minutes. On Gramvoussa there are two large beaches and a number of smaller, but since there are no facilities, you have to bring your own water if you go there.

A bit north of Kalotaritissa Beach is the beach of Paradisia. It lies under the church of Agia Paraskevi. It is a small sandy beach with one tree on it, but no facilities. Maybe you can find a bit of shade under the cliffs at the beach at some times of the day. Also from Paradisia Beach you look out on the islet of Gramvoussa.

Situated still a little bit more to the north, and reached by a path from the village Kalofana, lies the small and quiet sand- but mainly pebble beach of Kato Kambos. The beach is in a small cove and is a little remote. There are also no facilities. The water is shallow and there are some pebbles in the sand when you go into the sea. There are trees along the beach to sit in the shade. At the beach is the small white church of Agia Anna.

At Mouro Beach naturism takes place at the end of the beach, less so in highs season. The beach is located in the southeast of Amorgos and is accessible via the road that is leading throught the village Arkesini. You end up in a parking lot where there is a taverna, and the last 10 minutes you have to walk down a path to the beach. Mourou Beach is a not too large pebble beach with some rocks in the sea. People who love snorkeling will like it here, as there are two caves near the beach that you can go and explore. At the beach of Mourou are no beach beds and umbrellas for hire.

Whenever you go to a more remote beach there will not allways be a taverna, so be smart and bring your own water and snacks.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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