Paul Gamino's Parlor Rollers

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I named the below Almond cock “Sledgehammer” after performing him at the 2001 Great Western All Breed Pigeon Show held in Watsonville California.  Despite the fact, the course starts out flat it begins to slope down hill after eighty feet and it has some of the worst obstacles one of my Parlor Rollers ever had to contend with while performing a roll.  There were seventy-five Parlor Roller entries in this show and most of the competitors and spectators started giving names to parts of the course.  “The pit,” “The swamp trap,” “Quick sand” just to name a few, and let’s not for get the high grass.  Hence, the name “Sledgehammer” for the shear power of this Almond cock and his "will" to cut through all the obstacles and turn in a nice performance of 155’ 6”. 

Interesting tidbit, one of the eighty or more spectators is caught on tape saying, “I don’t known anything about Parlor Rollers, but this can’t be a good place to roll them.”  

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