Paul Gamino's Parlor RollersAlways a few good birds for sale
To a good home


Attention Buyer: 

If your not certain about purchasing etiquette please read, "How to Buy and Sell Pigeons" by Robert Roach

After reading the above article by all means give a call at 1-661-871-5751 or e-mail me at   I'll be glad to help those that wish to purchase Parlor Rollers that came from the best and are the best in the World. 

To borrow a statement from a famous Parlor Roller breeder, "Any bird that rolls 10 feet or more and is from a high performance family has the potential to become a breeder of long distance Rollers"  (See entire article by Robert Roach). 

Anyone tells you different from the above statement lacks total experience, any kind of knowledge of genetics, or of breeding pure performance breeds. 

Especially Parlor Rollers which are the...

Ultimate Breed in Performing Pigeons.

Please click on and read the two above articles before e-mailing or calling me about buying Parlor Rollers.  Include your name, phone number, and address if you desire a response.  List your experiences and your knowledge of the breed called Parlor Rollers.

Best regards,

Paul Gamino

The Parlor Rollers below were all sold in less than one week after running this page (that's why you don't see the photos anymore). 

Due to time constraints it's impossible to place pictures of every Parlor Roller for sale.


After placing an order I'll be more than willing to send photos of the Parlors for sale and some general information on their background and how far they rolled in competition.

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