Paul Gamino's Parlor Rollers 

New World Record
662 feet 1 inch (201. 8 Meters)

Almond Parlor Roller cock band number 300 is on his way to a 662 feet 1 inch performance

Rodney Burrell is just about to save the day for Paul Gamino's Parlor Roller Almond cock

That Almond Parlor Roller cock was strong, but that trash can could have been disastrous

That was close! Thanks Rodney...

Note the embankment to keep soccer balls from rolling off the field... now it's going to keep a Parlor Roller from rolling any longer than 662' 1"

After rolling 662 feet 1 inch the high grass on the embankment was too much for any Parlor Roller to endure

The measurement process of a Parlor Roller's performance. Javier looks back to the starting point...The Next photo gives you an idea of how far!

Way in the background are Rodey Burrell and Javier Gonzalez... After this performance, itís safe to say Iíll be investing in a telephoto lens.

Your looking at one happy Parlor Roller guy and one tired Parlor Roller Pigeon

Note the beak is still wide-open on this Almond cock Parlor Roller

A better shot of one tired Parlor Roller

Almond cock band number 300 just put on what can onl be described as an awesome performance

Rodney Burrell motioning to Paul Gamino you better get over here and see this for yourself... Your not going to believe this!!!!

Oh my Lord! 662 feet 1 inch (201. 8 Meters)

Have Parlor Roller breeders hit the limits of distances to be rolled? ? No way folks the distances will only get longer! One things for sure...This Almond cock was still rolling when he tried to roll up the embankment... Will this record stand for a long time? ? Gosh I hope not! That's what keeps me going... 700 feet... 800 feet... 900 feet... 1,000 feet... And beyond...

From Left to right:

Paul Gamino, Lennie Medfferd, Joe Brackens, John Valencia, Rodney Burrell, and Javier Gonzalez

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