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ParaChat Powered

NOTE (added July 11, 2002):
I have been informed that there are a few problems with the new UZ chat room, which surprised me since I had logged in on several occasions without a problem. I looked into information from Parachat (the service from which I got the chat room) and basically discovered that if you are using a Mac, if your browser is Netscape or AOL (and definitely WebTV), or if you do not have the latest version of Java downloaded, you are likely to have problems. You may also have problems if you are behind a firewall.

Click here to read Parachat's breakdown of which types of computers need which types of browsers, along with links to download the latest version of Java for Mac or PC.

Or click here to read their full FAQ section.

For now, I am leaving the chat room open, but I am also going to explore other services in hopes of finding one that is compatible for more people. (If you would like to recommend one, let me know! ) I apologise to those of you who have been inconvienced.