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Name: Draga
Species: Mali Uromastyx (Uromastyx maliensis)
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown/wild caught (In the future, I plan on adopting mainly captive bred herps in order to support this industry and not support black marketing, although I do realize that it is necessary to take some herps from the wild in order to establish a captive population.)
Size: 6" snout to vent; 10" total
Housing: 55 gallon long glass aquarium; one 150-watt bulb, one 150-watt ceramic heat emitter, and one ESU Desert 7% fluorescent bulb; 50 lbs. washed children's play sand; two digital thermometers/hygrometers. (Plus "furniture" & hide spots, of course.)
Occupation: Currently sitting on top of my head while I type and intermittently attempting to cause mischief by getting everywhere else (on the keyboard, in the ashtray, sliding down the back of my neck, etc.) -- and making it very difficult to type!

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