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UKC CH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams

Dreamer at 7 days of age.

A breeder's dream, showmanship, quality, flash!
We are very proud of Dreamer's first babies, and he is now offered at public stud to approved bitches. He offers Stallion-type presense, exquiste no-stop head-pieces, winning movement, soundness and total extreme elegance. Dreamer carries five generations of quintessential ZoSo blood with eleven crosses back to CH Coastwind Abraxas!

This was Dreamer's very first AKC point!
September, 2004 Young Justin Handling.

Here is a picture of "Dreamer" at the Lompoc speciality last Friday. He only got 3rd in open dog, even though it was a very large class--BUT--Dreamer did win the STUD-DOG class, because of his babies, Loki, Velvet and Renegade :-) Find win pic on UpcomingStars page.

Dreamer at 4 months old!

I'm about five months old here.

Me, over stacked? Who say's?

Dreamer in Movement - Need we say more?

The Dream of Dreams...

Lisa stacks Dreamer and shows off the ribbons he won at the UKC show.

Dreamer at the Borzoi speciality Halloween contest.


This is Dreamer's great great grandmother Goblin (left). Four generations later - Goblin still throws the look! I knew Goblin would be this important to the program even then.

This is my most favorite picture of Dreamer's face and expression. This is quintessential Dreamer! And I think he needs a big smooch on this exquisite face

Look at this proud bastard! Kay Finch's house was just behind Dreamer in the picture.

Dreamer with twin brother Christian standing on top of a cliff in Big Sur, California ~ The most beautiful place on Earth!
Notice the curvature of the earth behind the boys, we are up above the ocean about 2000 feet!

Dreamer in Big Sur standing on a BIG rock!, Dreamer is now about 3000 feet above the ocean, with a drop off that goes straight down to the wild crashing sea below.

OK here is Dreamer at Pheiffer Beach in Big Sur, is this a great picture or what!!!

Dreamer enjoying a glorious Big Sur sunset.

Dreamer and Christian - Afghan bookends! Buy us on Ebay for $10,000.00.

L- Alaska (Dreamers Mom), Middle Frauline (Dreamers daughter) R- Dreamer looks at his mom and daughter with love

Hey, got a smoke?

Dreamer looking very much like his beautiful grandfather, Alec here.

Me and my twin bro "Christian" share EVERYTHING! 'Cept he wears pink panties and I am a real man ~ Dreamer

I just got this pic of Dreamer and I thought I would share, because it's one of those pictures that shows just what the dog actually looks like. - My perfect dog - WooHoo! NOTE - this is a 100 % natural stack.

Another great picture of Dreamer.

Dreamer's Kids

Dreamer and his son "Loki" formally known as Breezy.

This my friends, is my daughter "Abby" ~ "ZoSo's Dream Come True" winning her first Best Opp. Sex in Sweepstakes-Match, class under breeder Robin Vasquez at just 4 months old. Her Momma is Candy! ~ Dreamer

Loki, ZoSo's Unstoppable Dream (Dreamer X Candy)

Dreamer daughter: "ZoSo's Echo The Dream"

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