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California Streetlight Photos

Click on the following links to view the photos. Enjoy!

*Caution: Some of the pics are a little large, so they may take a little longer to download if you have a slower connection.

New additions are shown with *NEW* to make them easier for you to find!

Existing pages with new pics and/or info added are shown with *UPDATED* to keep you posted!

Upright street lights (acorns, globes, lanterns)

Street scene of historic (Route 66?) bridge in Pasadena with globe streetlights

An incandescent acorn street light in Pasadena, CA

An incandescent lamppost on concrete pole as part of bridge that was built in 1936, Felton, CA

Acorn lights converted to LPS at Mission Beach, San Diego, CA (Photo by Joe Hunter)

Another view of the acorn lights at Mission Beach, San Diego, CA (Photo by Joe Hunter)

A close up of one of the acorn lights vaguely showing the LPS lamp inside, somewhat out of position! (Photo by Joe Hunter)

Radial Wave Streetlights

A radial wave streetlight in Pasadena, CA

Another radial wave streetlight with nearly rust-free reflector

Another neat radial wave streetlight in Pasadena, CA

A radial wave streetlight hanging on a span wire, Pasadena, CA

A radial wave streetlight with gooseneck arm, Pasadena, CA

A somewhat beaten up radial wave with palm trees in background, Pasadena, CA

*NEW*Neat radial waves on long mastarms,town of Ross, Marin County, CA

*NEW*Neat radial waves on 6' S shaped upsweep arms, town of Ross, Marin County, CA

*NEW*Neat radial waves on real old long mastarms, town of Ross, Marin County, CA

*NEW*A radial wave hanging on a span wire, town of Ross, Marin County, CA

Gumballs and Teardrops

Real old large GE teardrop lights on double guy arms, Hayward, CA

A neat gumball pendant on ornate upsweep arm, possibly converted to mercury vapor, Los Angeles, CA

A neat teardrop pendant (converted to HPS) along Santa Cruz Blvd, Los Gatos, CA

A neat gumball pendant on span wire, San Jose, CA. Note the bar with twin insulators above the head. This was orginally a series incandescent, now multiple HPS.

Another neat pendant light on span wire, San Jose CA. Unlike the other that was converted to HPS, this one is now a mercury vapor.

A neat gumball, looks like a Line Materials Spherolite. La Jolla, CA. (Photo by Joe Hunter)

Close up of above luminaire (Photo by Joe Hunter)

*NEW*Mercury gumballs, Westinghouse AK-10s, Sacramento, CA

Remote-Ballasted (also called "bug fixtures" or "clamshells") Streetlights

GE Form 109, circa 1948-1955, Sacramento, CA

*NEW*GE Form 400, circa 1955-1960, West Sacramento, CA

Modifed GE Form 400, possibly a Form 402, that uses 700-1000 watt lamps. In a parking lot of a Grocery Outlet store, Felton, CA

*UPDATED*Westinghouse OV-10, 175 or 250 watt mercury vapor

Westinghouse OV-20 stamped aluminum, Burbank, CA

Westinghouse OV-20 cast aluminum with U-Bolt slipfitter, Burbank, CA

Westinghouse OV-35, 700 or 1000 watt mercury vapor, Beverly Hills, CA

Joslyn 175 watt remote ballasted mercury light, Pasadena, CA

Wheeler Fullerton 1000 watt remote ballasted, South San Francisco, CA

Cobrahead Mercury Vapor Streetlights

*UPDATED*American Electric's earliest small sized cobrahead, 100-175 watt mercury

*UPDATED*ITT/AE Series 13, 175 watt mercury, Los Gatos, CA

ITT/AE Series 25, 250 watt mercury, Watsonville, CA

*UPDATED*GE M-250 line, circa 1959-1970

*NEW*GE M-250R line, circa 1970-1985

Orginial GE M-250 PowrDoor, 175 watt mercury vapor, Pasadena, CA

Brand new GE M-250A2 PowrDoor (current model), 175 watt mercury vapor, Los Angeles, CA. Almost all of these luminaires are HPS!

*UPDATED*GE M-400 line, circa 1959-1971

GE M-1000 with silver finish and fin on top, 1000 watt mercury vapor. Florin, CA

Line Materials Unistyle 175, 175 watt mercury vapor

Westinghouse OV-12, precedessor to the OV-15. 250 watt mercury

*NEW*Westinghouse OV-15 Silverliner line, circa 1965-1982

Westinghouse OV-25 Silverliner line, circa 1957-1982

Westinghouse OV-50 with fin and lampshade, 700 watt mercury vapor

Small 175 watt mercury luminaire, unknown make

Cobrahead High Pressure Sodium Streetlights

American Electric Series 113, 70 watt HPS. Santa Cruz, CA

*NEW*American Electric Durastar 2000, 100w HPS, Sacramento, CA

Strange Crouse-Hinds L-150 that was rebuilt and done with a light grey finish. 70 watt HPS. Santa Cruz, CA

Cooper Lighting's smallest model, the OVZ. 70 watt HPS. Santa Cruz, CA

GE M-250R2 with glass refractor, 200 watt HPS. Santa Cruz, CA

Several photos of GE M-400A2 full cutoffs. Some pics contributed by Joe Hunter

Hubbell RLC-400 full cutoff, 200 watt HPS. Santa Cruz, CA.

Miscellenous Streetlights

GE "Mission Bell" luminaire, shaped like a bell used in mission towers. 400 watt HPS

*NEW*Historic GE M-2 luminaire with NA-9 sodium vapor lamp at Golden Gate Park Museum, San Francisco, CA (Photo by Marc Phillips)

Night Scenes of Streetlights in Service

A night scene of some HPS and LPS streetlights, Campbell, CA

A night scene of some HPS streetlights and glowing overcast night sky, Campbell, CA

A night scene of a string of mercury vapor streetlights interrupted by a HPS light in the string.

Another night scene of mercury vapor streetlights on a tree lined street

A night scene of a street totally lit with mercury vapor streetlights, how often do you see a street like this these days?

Street Scenes with Old Streetlights

*NEW*Historic I-Street Bridge with OV-10s, Sacramento, CA

California Traffic Signals

Vintage early 1960s traffic signal with double guy arms, along with orginial 400 watt mercury GE M-400 with lampshade. Sunnyvale, CA

Vintage late 1960s traffic signal with upsweep arms, along with orginial 400w merc Westinghouse OV-25 Silverliner, Florin, CA

Traffic signal with unusual "J" at the end that lowers the signal with arrow lights, Marina, CA. Most signal arms in California use plain curved arms like this one but without the J on the end.

Typical California signals with mercury AE 25s and neat dusk scenes, Watsonville, CA

Rare 4 Way traffic signal on span wire in Cupterino, CA. Span wire signals are rare in California, but finding a 4 Way one is even rarer! (UPDATE 12/02: Unfortunately, sometime after this photo was taken, this 4-way signal appears to have been taken down and replaced by a modern CA steel mastarm signal assembly. There goes another span wire signal in CA.)

A traffic signal with aluminum truss-arm mastarms, Palo Alto, CA. Many signals in Palo Alto use truss mast-arms, but relatively few are long with two heads on the arm like this one.

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