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GE M-250 Cobrahead, circa 1959-1970

Early silver (bare aluminum) M-250 without thumb latch

The GE M-250 was introduced in 1959 as a smaller sized luminaires designed expressly for use on residental streets and other roadways where lower light levels are desired, and 100, 175, and 250 watt versions were available. For major roadways the larger M-400 was used, which 250 and 400 watt lamps were used. The orginial M-250, with a couple of updates, continued in production until appromixately 1970, when the M-250R replaced the M-250. Enjoy the pics!

A slightly updated luminaire with a silver coating finish and thumb latch for easier access to inside of luminaire.

A late 1960s M-250 175 watt mercury with light grey paint finish and thumb door latch, Sacramento, CA

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