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This Months Victim - Tommmy Haring

1. Who is Cruciful?

Tommy : Cruciful is a Hard rock/Heavy metal band out of Dsm..We refer to our noise as "Metalodic".

2. Where is the band going from here? (what's your next move?)

Tommy : Now that the CD is out,we plan on expanding our playing area,getting our press kit done and sent out,and Fine tune our live show to make it the best possible.

3. Who did you work with on the recently released CD "That which does not kill us" and where can I get a copy ?

Tommy : We worked with(and probably put through hell)Matt Sepanic (To My Surprise, Murder Dolls, Envy Corps)at Sound Farm Studio and Corey Taylor on one of the songs. It can be purchased at the southside CD Warehouse,at one of our shows,or at Cruciful.com.

Tommmy Haring


Jeff Stone
Dave Montgomery Bronson Konopasek Tommy Haring Chris Pardekooper

4. Tell us one interesting fact about Cruciful and each of it's members.

Tommy: When you listen to some bands,right away you can tell who their influences are,or they may sound EXACTLY like their favorite band.I think we have a "unique"sound,whether that be good or bad.Each of the band members has a different taste in music.Interesting Facts...Hmm...I would have to say that We are 5 Very different people,and even though we don't always agree on things,once we get on stage, IT'S ON...

5. Who are your influences?

Tommy: I have alot of different influences.Everything from country to bad pop to 80's music to heavy metal.As long as it's a good song, does it really matter what it is?But my fav's are The Crue, Kiss, Vai, Union Underground, Ozzy/ Zakk,
Pantera, Slipknot(Can I say that?),SS, M. Dolls, and I.D.

6. How about the rest of the guys in the band ? What are their influneces ?

Dave would be Incubus, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater
Chris would be Pantera, Led Zep, Dave Matthews
Jeff would be Mr. Bungle, Soundgarden, Primus
Bronson would be Mudvayne, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage

7. What's in your CD player right now?

Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown ( I Liked the 1st one better), Stones, John 5..

8. What is your guitar rig made up of ( effects - head - amp) What's your favorite thing about your rig ?

8.I use a Triple rec. Head,2 marshall cabs,and various "noise"pedals(Morley Wah,L3 Delay, MXR Phase 90,Boss N.Gate,+*)I would have to say my favorite thing about my rig is that when it's running right it sounds pretty Fkn' good.

9. Whats the best live show you have seen in the last year?

9.Motley Crue in Minn.

John 5
10. Tell us a gig horror story (worst gig Ever) ?

I was playing a show(old band)in the Quad Cities,packed house,halfway thru the night,The singer got drunk,decided that he couldn't sing anymore,and sat behind the P.a.,he eventually passed out...


11. Other bands you have been in ?
Can you give us all the Bands you've been in?

Tommy: Old bands I was in... Strutter(Not that 1),Shyster,
Black Chicken, Grudge, I know that I'm forgetting some...

13. What's your favorite saying?

Either, we all get what we deserve or that which doesn' kill us....

House of Bricks :
L to R ( Front) Jimmy - Leah - Matt - Lewis
(Back) - Patrick - Tommy -Troy - OGRE


DuM F*xx's - Denny - Moe -
Joey the Ratt ... and Tommy

12. What was your 1st Guitar and what kind? and do you Still have it? Number of Guitars owned?

Tommy: My first guitar was a Kramer/Sriker Rhoads V,Yes I still have it somewhere.I have 10 guitars.

15.What would you do if you were President?
~~~~~~~~Ha-Ha: Lewis = Make Monopoly money real for one day.

Tommy: If I were President....I would throw a huge party that would cover the whole state of Iowa with Bands, Free Beer, Strippers...hmmm.... ( off to a good start)


16. When did you begin Playing Guitar? 16.I started when I was maybe

Tommy: I didn't take it serious til last week though.

17. Have you lived in Des Moines Iowa your whole life?

Tommy: No, I moved out here a 7 years ago,I'm originally from Ill.

18. Any Real Musical Training?
Have you Study with anybody we know.. thats Famous?

Tommy: I took Lessons for a couple of months when I was younger,but that is about it.(Nobody Famous)

Bronson - Vocals for Cruciful : ( Mouce Photograpahy)

19. Whats your Favorite song to do Live?

Tommy: My Favorite song to play live varies,but it is usually either 7 layers,Listen,or 10.

20. Last time somebody asked you for a Autograph ? Did they know your going to be President of Iowa ?

Tommy: At the last show, I'm not sure why tho....

Dave ( left ) -- Jeff ( right ) --Cruciful
Anything else we need to know? something we fogot? Also Tommy Do you want to Thank anybody, any HOB fans, myspace.com friends, just think of this like it was the on the back of the CD cover.

Tommy: I would like to thank all the fans who come out to support us and other local bands. There is ALOT of local talent !!!!

Thanks to Crystal and Family, Trent from Professional Music, All at H.O.B, Randy at RH69, Matt TCD, and Denny, Joey the Ratt, Mo , Mandatory Management and I cant forget Lewis and Pat over at Stars4iowa.com , again thanks bro's....oh and all the Bands we played with.. BTW our next local show is @ House of Bricks Fri.24th, 9:30PM..


Cruciful .com

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