Christmas With Calous :
Joe Corigliano ( Drums)

( aka Joey the Ratt on KGGO)

1. What's up with the band !
Any Christmas traditions yet.. ?

We're keeping pretty busy right now promoting our new CD "Two Betrayals" and writing some new songs. We're also getting out of town more. Been playing Minneapolis and Omaha, and are getting things lined up for Chicago, KC, and Lincoln. We had a pretty successful label showcase in Minneapolis recently. So, we are really focused on getting signed and getting some touring going in February. ... Any Christmas traditions yet.. ? Not really. Unless you call the Dum Fux taking over our practice space every December.

2.What are you getting the guys in the band for Christmas ?

Nothing. I bought the CDs. lol.

Corigliano of Calous
aka KGGO's "Joey the Ratt "

3. Who's is in the band now ?
How did it all come together ?

Norm Miller (vocs),
Steve McGuire (bass),
Harold Waits (guitar),
and myself (drums).

Calous was started in '94 by Norm.
In February 2003 I ran into Guitarlos in a southside bar. We wanted to do something together for something like 4 years but couldn't make it happen.
He asked me if i wanted to come try out for Calous and i said yes.

Four weeks after i joined, I saw Harold at Hairy Mary's and asked him if he wanted to play with us. A week later we had our first show with Calous. There were 7 people in the band at that time. For various reasons, people left and we are now a four piece.

4. Why the name Calous ?

Norm named the band. We as a people have grown so calous. We can sit there and eat dinner while watching people die on the news and not feel anything. It's a mean weird world and if it's not happening in your backyard, it doesn't seem real to you.

5. What happen with Guitarlos ?
Well, to put it simply, things changed and he wasn't fitting anymore and was asked to leave. Like the old Italian saying goes, it's not personal, it's business.

6.What is your favorite thing about Christmas / Holidays ( besides presents and food ) ?

The presents and the food... No, really it's the whole atmosphere of the holiday. I love the old Christmas movies and music. I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to Christmas.

7. Who (besides the little drummer boy) do you see as your influences past and present ?

My #1 drummer ever is John Bonham.
End of story.
Some other influential drummers are Neil Peart, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Matt Cameron, Mike Portinoy and Charlie Benante.

8. What's the best Christmas present you ever got ?

I've gotten a lot of great gifts over the years. It's hard to pick just one..............I don't remember any of them.

9. How long have you been a drummer/ percussionist ,what other bands have played in ( not including marching) ?

I hate so say this...32 years. Been playing in bands for 21. I've played in a bunch of bands. let's see, Quadrant, Roze, Lance Harrison Group are some of the cover bands I've been in. The original bands have been Smilin' Jack, Dementia, godkillgod, and now Calous. I didn't have space to put 21 years worth of bands here. lol.

10. OK ...Back to the Future ...How long from start to finish on "The Two Betrayals" Any good stories around the recording of "Two Betrayals" ?

4 days. 2 days recording and 2 days mixing. We did it up at Junior's Motel. It's a great place to record. As little time as we had, we just got down to business this time. We still had a great time, as usual, at Junior's.

11. Is working as a KGGO DJ a good gig ?

I love working there. Not much pay but a bunch of perks.

What don't they want us to know?

The one thing they don't want us to know is how little we get paid. I guess that's out of the bag now. lol. By the way, if I told you who it was, it wouldn't be much of a secret now would it? haha.

12- How did the D*m F*Xs come about ?

The Dum Fux (no need for stars. We're adults here.) first show was 8 years ago. they were billed as the greatest worst band ever. Just a few friends getting together for fun. 7 years later was show number 2. Cory and Denny called me up and asked if we had plans. We asked Steve to join when the original bassist bailed. Can't forget Dizzy. One time gig ? Nope. We're doing it again this year. 2 shows. New year eve and New year's day. Both at The House of Bricks.

13. What are your plans for this New Years Eve bash ? are you guys playing anywhere?
See question 10.

Cory Taylor : Dum Fuxs -
New Years Party
House of Bricks 2004
14. Des Moines own Kiss Tribute band Deuce,
how did this happen ?

Any chance of a repeat performance ?

I think the main catalyst was Josh Brainard from On a Pale Horse. The biggest kiss freak I know, and I know several. lol. he and I had talked about it after the last time 'strutter' played the HOB.

One day he called me and said Erich Tran from Only was on board for 'Ace', all we needed was a 'Gene'.

I called the one guy born to be 'Gene', brother Jim, singer for odium, and 'deuce' was complete. all of us who saw 'strutter' thought we could do better. JC and Nancy both said we blew 'strutter' away. \m/\m/

We are actually playing the all ages 'hangover' show, at HOB, on new year's day with the Dum Fux. We plan on doing this once in awhile.

Joey The Cat ?

15. Word Association time :

all the stuff I hated in the 80's that I like now. lol.
- an excuse for ugly people to get to kiss pretty people.
Grinch - Steve
Rock Christmas Tune -
I don't want to fight on Christmas - the Ramones
Steve -
Metal -
Norm -
Vikings -

Des Moines Music Scene :
KGGO - the only rock worth listening to.
Grays Lake -
love what they did to it.
Loop -
waste of time. boring.
Keystone -
great cover band. russ used to let me play a couple tunes whenever I saw them.
White hott -
that's MISTER chumbly.

16. Who should give it up and call it a day ?

Metallica. Creed already did.(sort of)

Steve - Calous:
Norm Belts it out in the background

Harold - Guitar

Lazerfest 2003
17. What kind of Drum Kit do you use?

I have 2 kits. The red one is an '86 pearl export. The other is an old tama I bought off nick from on a pale horse. Double bass or double bass pedal ? double pedal. got tired of lugging both drums around.

18. Favorite Gig to date ?

Ihave a lot but I'd have to say the first DOTFEST when I was in smilin' jack.
Why ?
how often does an unsigned band get to play in front of 16,000 receptive people?

19. Worst Gig to date ?

There are plenty to mention. The most recent was this summer at the red sea in Minneapolis.
Why ?
all that driving and gas to not get paid. This place was such a shit hole it made hairy mary's look like Hilton coliseum.

20. Favorite local Classic or Cover rock act?

That would have to be Cold Filtered or Roadshow.
Favorite locals Acts ( Props too?) ?
On A Pale Horse,
Soul Sick,
21. Mix drinks or beer?

Captain and coke with shots of ice cold Jager.

22. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10.

Lars Ulrich - 5
Rikki Rockett - 2
Tommy Lee - 8
Neil Peart - 10
Joey Kramer - 7
Alex Van Halen - 9
Randy Castillo - 8
Blas Elias - 7

How can you forget the greatest ever?
John Bonham!!!

Great Drummers Wear Fishing Hats ?
23. What CD is in your CD player Right now?

The Best of Rainbow
24. Last movie you saw in the theatre ?

25. Favorite cover song to played ?

Toss up between
"Run to the Hills" - Iron Maiden,
"Crazy Train" - Ozzy
"Carry on Wayward Son" - Kansas.

Be Sure to Catch Joe @ :

Roadhouse 69 - Ankeny, IA January 21st 21+ 9pm With: On a Pale Horse and TBA

Hairy Mary's - Des Moines, IA January 29th 21+ 9pm With: Soul Sick and TBA

Get " The Two Betrayals" HERE

You have to be one of the busiest men in the local Music Scene -
Thanks For taking the Time to do an Interview !

Special thanks to Mouce : - I don't know how many of your photo's we may have used ?
( Covers for Sure)

Have a Happy Axe-mas and a Merry New year !!

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