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Feb 2006 : Dum F*xettes :
Mo and Joni
- Now of "MOJO SIRENS"


1. Who are the F*xettes and how did you all get started with the Dum F*xs ?

Mo : Well, lets see..... I was in the car riding along with Miss Scarlett on one of many adventures and we were talking about how cool it would be if the Dum Fux had girls in it and that it would open them up for more songs. And then just as we were saying how awesome
it would be if we were asked her phone rang and it was Corey asking if we were intersted!!!
How weird is that!!!

Joni :
The F*xettes (pronounced f*ckettes)
are Scarlet, Mo, and myself.
The way I got started was
for the 2004-05 NYE set list
they had Kids in America planned on the set list.
I am not sure but I think
one of the male singers was supposed to sing it but they backed out.

Steve McGuire asked me if I would want to sing and I
said I would as long as it
was cool with the rest of the Dum F*x, so at the next practice he brought it up to them and they all were apparently cool with it. So I was in.


Valentines Day with
Dum F*xettes

Joni & Mo

The lovely
Mo (
Left) & Jonie (Right)
sing with the Dum F*xxs
and are working on some new things ..


2. Whats are some of your favorite Christmas/ Holiday season songs? (Artist / tune) What's your favorite "Christmas special ".

Joni : My favorite is Oh Holy Night. My favorite special is A Christmas Story.

2.(Mo) Whats are some of your favorite songs to perform live. (Artist / tune)

Mo : I really like to sing songs
that I can get into either by hamming it up or ones I can put my own emotion into... Example When my brother pasted away a few years ago I sang Amasing Grace lyrics to the music of House Of The Rising Sun. Two great songs that really compliment each other. I also like to sing anything from Pat Benitar and Lita Ford to Cher and Captian and Tenniel!



3. What's your favorite
holiday ?

Mo : ( mones St. Patricks Day or Halloween ) ? I love halloween
cuz i really get to express my self and go all out, but I like the 4th
of July as well 'cuz I go to Cornerstone Festival at that time every year. 2006 fest will be my 17th year there.


  4. So What would you like for Valentines Day : ( ok... origianlly this was Christmas .. I am bettin its pretty much the same )

Joni : What I want for Valentines Day … um… Money, clothes, money, jewelry, money, a new coat, money, new furniture, money, gift certificate to Boarders or Barne's and Noble's, money and money. OHH!! And some soundproofing for the basement so I can hear myself
think during Killpact practices

6. Any Advice for guys looking to impress thier ladys ?

Joni :
Be unpredictable at times. Surprise her and actually put some thought into any gift you get her for valentines day. Wanna buy her chocolates and roses?- fine- but if you are going to do that, make sure that you have it sent to where all of her friends or coworkers are gonna be around so they'll all jealous "cuz their man don't do stuff like that for them." Girls like that. We hate to admit it but we do. Otherwise, just pay attention throughout the rest of the year to pick up on gift ideas. Be romantic with your gifts too... don't go out and buy her a toaster, that's just not a good gift for any occasion.

5. Valentines Day ..what comes to mind ? ( History of ...Massacere ... anything) ...

Mo : Mo; Well lets see.....hmmmm.... I guess I do like Vday but am somewhat
jadded by it at the same time.
In school they did this thing
where you could buy carnations for friends and sweethearts and crushes, (I always had a crush
but was to shy to tell them ),
I was a git and always bought them a carnation and ones for my friends .... but if I got one it was just from my mom!!!!!!! I mean it was nice but it lead to sudden death by the teasing that
followed so I guess I would have to say I love Vday, but it still hurts


Is Donnie working on a
Killpact 80's Power ballad ?

7. Any Valentines songs Come to Mind ?

(Joni) .- Shoot- I'll always be a sucker for sappy 80's hair metal ballads... just about any will do. I suppose I'm old fashioned that way. If you have the talent though- (and this would ALSO make a VERY impressive gift as well), write a song for her-yourself. Shoot, do that whether
you have the talent or not. Simply putting your thoughts of her out on paper or in a song will totally impress her, unless of course your write something like
Guns N Roses's "I Used to Love Her".

8. Pat Benatar sang - "Love is a Battle Field" .. J Giels "Love Stinks" Van Halen " Ain't Talkin bout Love" ... what are some good Valentine day songs ...

Mo : I am rather particial to Tina Turners
"What's love got to do with it?"
I mean I love. Even if that means I get hurt... It's just who I am and since when did I have to have a holiday to show that!!!.... Look, I have loved and lost, I have give and recieved in this whole love game and won once in awhile too so I really see no need to pick one day a year just to show that. Ya know what I mean?


8. Given that you all have vocal/musical talents - how did you each get started singing / playing in bands?

Mo : I started in church childerns choir growing up and at one point I was a member of the P.M.E.C.I. (Professional Musicians and Entertainers of Iowa). Through them I had the chance to perform at the Iowa State Fair numberous times in the late '80's.

Joni : Ha Ha, well if I was to go way back I would say my first "on stage appearance" was when My mom would take me to local grocery store- ya know one of those one horse town stores that smell funny and have dirty wood floors and only one check out counter. Well, when I would go there the clerk would stand me up on the check out counter call all the shoppers in the store to gather round me and she would have me sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. From there it took off...lol. Professionally, I started singing country music at Rathbun Country Music Theatre and quickly tired of that. Then I started singing in rock cover bands in early nineties. (weeee those were some fun times.)

Mo in The Leetown Assembly
Church Choir

Mo Guest DJ's and sings Karaoke
@ House of Bricks -2006

Joni Belts out a tune with the Dum F*cks...
livin the childhood dream

9. Any Formal training ( if so on which instruments) ?

Mo : No I have never had formal training... I am planning on however taking some vocal training in the future. I used to be on radio and I did some video work with some bands. I started out on KDPS 88.1 FM '91-'92 school year and within two months of school starting iI had my own dayliy show every week. I featured christian rock and metal bands that were signed or if they weren't I had seen them at one point and got their info and gave them air time if I liked them... POD and Jars of Clay were on that list of up and comers. Most of my back ground is in the christian market for that was what was open to me and well lets face it... There are bands there that do rock. From KDPS I moved to KWKY 1150 AM in Norwalk and worked there for about a year doing weekend DJing and then went off to try college. I transported myself to South Bend, Indania. I was at school a year there and was on a local station WHME Harvest 103.3 FM doing over nights six days a week and also doing shortwave radio on their three stations that broadcasted to most of the world via satalites ANGEL 1, 2 and 3.

Joni : As far as Training goes, I had about 2 years of private voice lessons when I was a teenager, played clarinet for 8 years and oboe for 3 years in high school. I took some piano lessons off and on all throughout my early childhood, but more than anything I wanted to sing.


What other bands have you played / sang with ?

Mo : I have and am working with a band out of LA called Dead Artist Syndrom. I have worked with a few other projects but nothing that never took off .. but people should definately check him out. He was just got raves from the LA magazine
Rock City News
says " Brain Healy is a rock star "

I seriously have to answer this? Ok…. I sang country for a few years, then I was in a couple of rock cover band for years…wont mention the names, I did some blues projects that never really quite got off the ground, then after all that I and my now ex-husband started Mindsplice.

I quit that to go sing for Retrograde. Other than the Dum F*x I've not really done much more. I just haven't gotten into any project since Retrograde that has tricked my trigger, either that or things did seem to click fell apart before they even got started. My plate is pretty full anyway right now so I'm not in a huge hurry. Something right will come along sooner or later.

Dead Artist Syndrome ( Above)

Joni doing her thing

Mo - Steve and Joni 2005 - 2006 show
Look for somthing New in 2006

Can we look forward to other projects in the future?

(Mo) Why yes you can!!! Miss Joni Lawler and I are putting together a cover band that features She and I doing Lead Vocals and so far we have a kick ass list set up. We have also aquired the talents of Steve McGuire on bass of Dum Fux acclaim and Kelly Moriarity on drums who has been on many projects. The four of us have put together an awesome set list of songs and are now scouting out gutairists just right for our little family. And i do believe we now have accuired Donnie Steele of Killpact fame on lead gurair andpossibly another guitarist if we can get his commitment. Dirk of Dirk's Guitar's on rythem and background vocals.... I do believe this is going to totally rock your socks off!!!

Joni: We haven't yet decided on a name but will let y'all know when we do we will let you know ...

5. Who are your the artist that have most influenced your own musical styling?

Joni : UGH… ok um Ladies First… Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Benatar, Anne Wilson, Billy Holliday, Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin & various others. For the male influences I'd say-Mike Patton, Paul Stanley, Sammy Hagar, Sebastian Bach, David Coverdale, Paul Rogers, Chris Cornell, Burton Cummings, Roger Waters, Freddie Mercury and also many others I can't think of right off the top of my head.

Mo : Well ok first and for most the band that most influenced me as far back as I can remember is a band call Barnabas. They are no longer around but they are the ones who made me love to be around music all the time. I owe them so much and if i ever get the chance to find them again i want to thank them for being there for me and my mom when not many were. Plus I think that them having a female vocalist is a big part of who I am as a singer... I owe so much to Ms. Nancey Jo Mann. I love you lady!!!

Mike Patton - Faith No More
Ella Fitzgerald

Mo Sings the Gospel of the
New Year with Matt ( of Facecage - left)
& fellow F*xette Scarlet (right)

Band Barnabas visted
Mo in hopital as a kid
& Gave her the 1st copy of the Album

6.Any most memorable musical moments ( best Gigs & Worst gigs?

Joni : Best Gig: 2004 Dum F*x of course. However, besides that, I would say the best and worst gigs I've played were when Retrograde was on "tour" in 2002. At the beginning of the tour we got stranded in Kerney, NE and some random guy at the hotel we were staying at asked us to play a huge kegger in which there were about 1000 people attending. I felt like a "real rockstar" that night. However the worst gig was at the Bash on Ash in Tempe, AZ. We were supposed to have had a half hour set but when we got there they only let us play for about 8 minutes… we went all that way and only played 3 songs. Bummer… Oh well the whole trip was an amazing experience all in all, and I was happy that I partook in it.

Mo : The biggest one is,and it is also the thing most do not know about, I wrote a gospel song when I was in 7th grade that made it's way into a hymnel and is still sung to this day... Yes like Elvis and other greats I to had my start in gospel music. Oh and then there was the time I got my tonsiels out in 2nd grade and when I came to the whole band of Barnabas was in my room waiting for me to pull through and then they gave me the first copy of their new record!!! I still have it! The record not the tonseil! God, just ask me about something sometime if you ever see me out and about, I love talking about music!!!!

6. Looking back as we role into a New Year ..

a) What sucked the most in 2005?

Mo : Honestly the part that sucked most was my divorce, but that is now over and I can be free to be who ever I want!!! I can't believe that he actually thought music was a phase with me and that I would grow out of it...Like that happens..EVER!!!!

Joni : Um… Having to have a thyroidectomy, doctors couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't sever my vocal cords during the surgery but thank God the procedure went well and with much practice, my voice is in better shape than before. Also my Grandpa Delbert died and my Gramma Ginger died the weekend before christmas.

b) Name a few of the personal music highlights of the year ... what bands/artist caught your attention as noteworthy
( local or National ) ?

Joni : That's a toughie, I've not really experienced any new National bands this year that have made me sit up and take major notice if you truly want my honest answer. On a local level I should put the plug in for my significant other's band Killpact. They are so freakin' brutal I don't know how one could not take notice!

1.Dead Artist Syndrome from Hollywood,CA.
2.Leper from Chicago,ILL.
3.One Bad Pig from Austin, TX.
4.The Choir from Nashville, TN.
5.On A Pale Horse from Des Moines, IA.
6. The Dum Fux from Des Moines, IA.
7.Frankenstein from Las Angeles, CA.
8.The Coffin Draggers from Las Angeles,CA.
9.Saviour Machine from California
10.Turnbuckle from the UK



Your own musicial or Non - musical highlights of 2005?

Mo : I just got my own appartment all to my self and this year is the first time I have ever lived by myself....EVER!!!! I hate it but I am proud of myself for at least doing it. And I had my first solo in the Dum Fux and totally nailed it from what I hear. That was awesome!!!

Joni : Um lets see… When I was actually in the hospital the friends that either came and visited, called, or emailed me made me feel so loved. **warm fuzzies** I don't know if they comprehend or if I have ever expressed how much their caring and support truly meant and still does mean to me. Thank you guys! My daughter turned 1 and watching her grow and develop has been a trip! A walking talking little terror is what she has become. Any time I spend with any and all 3 of my kids is a continuous highlight throughout each and every year. They are the best! Working at GC has been a great experience as well. Hanging out with musicians all day, meeting and helping so many that come in. It's been a rush…soooo fun. That job is gonna be the hardest for me to have to quit. L

Joni 2005 Dum Fux Show
7. Any great New Years or Christmas Traditions you care to share? Any New Years Resolutions (did you have any last year - did you keep them) ?

Joni : New Years Tradition is the Dum F*x of course!!! My Christmas tradition is going home to Moulton and spending it with my family, the kids, my mom and dad, aunts and uncles…. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Mo : Other than the Dum Fux show, I am starting fresh with the whole tradition thing. All of the things I used to do I can't anymore so I take it as it goes.

8. Any New Years Resolutions (did you have any last year - did you keep them) ?

Mo : No i didn't set any just for new years, I am trying to just live each day to the best I can.

Joni : My New Years resolution was to get to the weight I was before I was pregnant with my daughter. I came close but didn't hit it. I'm not doing the whole resolution thing this year.



Mo with the Band Bride in 1997

Dum Fux
Left to Right
Steve - Cory - Denny -
Joey the Ratt hides behind the drums

9. Best thing and worst thing about living - playing - singing - and rocking out in Iowa?

Mo : I think the best thing is that there are so many great people to get together with and do what ever kind of music you want to...the only down side is you just have to look hard some times to find the ones that fit just right...

Joni: Best thing about living in Iowa is the ties and values we all seem to have for our families. That being said…sometimes that very thing can be a trap if your goal is to break free of Iowa and truly pursue your musical dreams; it would be most difficult sacrifice. If only Iowa were an epicenter for the music business then musicians perusing their dreams wouldn't have to go far, alas unless something drastic happens, those musicians will have to make drastic sacrifices. Not saying that isn't a hard decision to make for any musician outside of Iowa either but yah know Iowa does seem to be a black hole. Ps the winters suck.

10. What didn't we ask that you're dying to tell us?

Mo : I think I told you all just about everything, but I am way cooler to talk to in person. (We Agree)

Joni: Um, I don't know … I love Harry Potter and Dan Brown books.

11. What are you looking forward to most in 2006?

Mo : Everything!!!

Joni : I hope to finally get something going in my own musical career. A lot of ideas are in the air. If I can find the time to make for at least 1 or 2 of them and the time can be made by my prospective collaborates, t'will be a big year, should be fun!

Oh yeah …The Da Vinci Code is coming to theatres!!!!!
I can't WAIT!

Any predictions ?

Mo : I know this year is going to be the best one of my life thus far... and that if you believe it can happen.... IT WILL!!!!

A Big ThanXs to the F*xettes for doing this Interview !!
And a Big ThanX to all the Dum F*x 's for Given Des Moines A kick- Ass Tradition !!

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