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All About Me

Hi, this is me, Alison, the owner of the website. Please look at my other pages, where you will find more pictures of my daughters, Clare and Heather, my partner, Allan and my two lovely granddaughters, Lily and Isla.
Also please feel free to visit my other website, 'Halloween'.

Grandma's first cuddle with Lily Grace, 6 November 2015

On Tuesday 5th December 2017 I became a grandma for the second time. Heather gave birth to Isla Rose, weighing in at a tiny 4lb 10oz

This is the only pic I have of me as a baby. My mum destroyed all her photos (apart from a few I already had) after she lost my dad, as she had already lost her sight a few years previously, so any old pics are very rare indeed.

My dad, who took this picture, had it exhibited in a photo exhibition.

I think I was 18 when this pic was taken. I'd gone on holiday for a week with my then boyfriend, my first holiday without my parents.

I have always loved this pic of me with actor Robin Ellis, who played Ross Poldark in the Poldark series of the 70's. This pic was taken in January 1988 at a book-signing. I even got a kiss from him, and he was so nice to everyone there. A real gentleman!!

Me with Folk Singer Rosie Hardman, taken in April(?) 1987. It was at one of her concerts and she gave us all a little quiz question to answer, and I won, so she bought me a drink, and kindly posed for a pic with me. A really nice lady.

Me at Chatsworth, 2010

On holiday in Blackpool, September 2019.

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