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Family etc

A very early pic of Clare (left) and Heather, when Heather was just a young baby

Clare greeting her new baby sister, Heather

Heather's first Christmas, 1989, Clare nearly 3

1st January 2000, on the Snake Pass between Sheffield and Glossop and below are some more pics of the girls when they were very young

This is me with my lovely girls at Disneyland, Paris

At bowling, 2007. Pic not taken by me.

Around Christmastime 2007 when a German Market came to Sheffield. Again, this wasn't taken by me.

At Alton Towers, 2009

After a lovely carvery meal at The Three Merry Lads, nice country pub, 6th September 2009

This pic of the girls was taken in Cleethorpes, 24th July 2010, my birthday.

This pic is also from Cleethorpes, this time was 23rd April 2011

Clare on her 30th birthday 1st March 2017

Heather with her gorgeous daughters, Lily at 2, Isla at 1 day old, 6th December 2017, two days before Heather's 28th birthday.

My daughters, Heather (left) and Clare in Cleethorpes on my birthday, 2010.

Clare (left) and Heather on a steam train at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

This is my partner, Allan. We met in 2003.

This is Clare and Heather with Jason Karl (formerly from Living TV's Most Haunted). This pic was taken at Derby Gaol in 2003 when we went to see the Paranormal Show.

With Tony Robinson, after his one-man show, many years ago (so long ago it also features Heather's ex boyfriend)

This pic of my daughters and me was taken at Alton Towers, many years ago, when we were all a lot younger, lol.

Here is Allan and me, also taken at Alton Towers, but this was in 2009.

Here we are again, this time in Cleethorpes in 2011

This is me with my two lovely daughters 6th September 2009, just after a lovely carvery meal at a pub on the outskirts of Sheffield, called The Three Merry Lads.

With my lovely daughters again, on my birthday on our day trip to Cleethorpes, 2010

The two newest members of the family, my lovely granddaughters, (Heather's daughters) Lily Grace, born 6th November 2015 and Isla Rose, born 5th December 2017.

Above, Lily with a pumpkin, and below, Isla, when they came for a visit just before Halloween, on 30 October 2019

On April 3rd 2020 Heather's 3rd daughter, my 3rd granddaughter, Ava Mae was born, being a lockdown baby I didn't get to meet her until we were allowed to meet outdoors

My three beautiful granddaughters

Allan on our holiday in Blackpool, September 2019

My beautiful granddaughters, at their house, Easter 2023


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