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A daughter is a blessing,
Sent from Heaven above,
To warm the soul with gladness,
And fill the heart with love.

Her smile can light up any room,
Her eyes twinkle and glow,
Her hugs can take you anywhere,
Your heart desires to go.

A mother will do anything,
For a daughter oh so dear,
For in their hearts, they always will,
Keep each other near.

In this world there'll never be,
A love more strong and true,
Than a mother's love for her children,
Which lasts her whole life through.

Daughters are more precious,
Than diamonds, gold and treasure,
Because, to have a daughter,
Is the greatest pleasure.

(c) 2006

My Wonderful Daughters

A beautiful sunset...
I think of you.
When Iím alone...
I think of you.
The wonder of nature...
I think of you.
My wonderful daughters...
I think of you.

You two are my world
My life, my reason
You light up my life
Iím so glad you're both mine.

No-one means more to me
No-oneís more loved
My life is worth living
Because you're both mine.

The music you love...
I think of you
The movies you watch...
I think of you
The games you have played...
I think of you
The gladness I feel...
Because of you.


My Fairy Place

Come into my fairy place
And put a smile upon your face
Come share the secret, here with me
Set your imagination free
My secret place, where you will find
Happiness and peace of mind

Journey down the fairy lane
Return to childhood once again
Where fairy folk and magic dwells
Silver streams and wishing wells
Remember a time, free of care
Your dreams can take you anywhere.



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