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Volume Two, Issue Two
January 2002

Welcome to a new year!!

Firstly, I must express our excitement over the new site, moving it page by page to the new server...OUR OWN SPACE!! No more pop ups. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. So much thanks to all who contributed financially to make this a possibility.

We are going to try to bring you a new feature to Astarot Monthly, A Q & A Dear Abby style of section. If you have astrological questions, charts you need help with, or defintions and so on, send the questions our way. For now, please email to as with the new server comes a downtime for our email.

This month we have articles covering the Beatles, Vedic Astrology, Astronomical Skywatch, Pluto's Effect on Generations and so much more.

Thank you for your continued support and have a great new year.

Tia Starr takes us through the composite make up of the Beatles, how they played an integral role in the successes and failures of one anothers' lives.
Beatles' Synastry

The twelve dimensions of life are represented by the twelve houses of the Zodiac. G. Kumar offers a lesson in
Vedic Astrology

Dr. Louis Turi explains Pluto's Impact On Generations, an astrological look at the generations past, present and future.

This month's Astarot Chart Disection querent is
Walt Disney.