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Reprinted with Permission

Dr. Louis Turi
Pluto's Impact On Generations
Past ~ Present ~ Future

As long as man rejects, either by ignorance or fear of ridicule, the deep message of the Creator, no real progress will ever be made in the understanding of what it means to be human. Over 5,000 children are committing suicide in the U.S. every year, and this number is growing drastically with more and more tens of thousands committing serious crimes. Our society tries to fix the problem by building more prisons or hiring more policemen. This did not and will not work. This is also a sure indication of the miserably failing psychological and educational fields. Children and adults alike must regenerate their spirit or simply die trying.
Pluto, the planet of life and death (regeneration principle), is in charge of each generation. The awareness of its Universal jolt must be understood by all, especially the teachers. If we are to save many of our “death wish generation” children and stop them killing themselves in schools, something must be done soon.

Pluto in Gemini: “Persuasive Generation”
Indeed, Pluto is a dramatic planet and its impact on generations is obvious for those blessed with the knowledge of the stars. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and Pluto (power) was located in the sign of Gemini (communication) from 1883 until 1913. Wherever the powerful planet Pluto is located by sign and house in your chart has a very dramatic impact on the subject’s life. There, a sense of power and regeneration will be offered to you. Thus, using his well-known, inborn "hypnotic sound power," it was easy for Hitler, in his numerous "Plutonic" speeches, to persuade the wise German population to go to war against the rest of the world. Especially knowing that Germany is an Aries country ruled and controlled by Mars, “The Lord of War.”

Pluto in Cancer: “Wasted Baby Generation”
The immediate generation to suffer his manipulation were the young German soldiers and everybody else around the world born between 1913 and 1937. This generation was born with Pluto (death) in Cancer (family) and produced WWI. Thus, all of the war's victims were the result of an awful Pluto disturbing the basic security principle, homes, families and indeed can be associated with the First and Second World Wars. This produced what I call the “Wasted Baby Generation.” The entire world and its basic security (Cancer) was shattered with the entrance of the deadly planet Pluto (decay), in the sign of Cancer (homes). Thus, millions of children met with their dramatic fate because the entire world was at war. Sad enough, Pluto does not only further death through wars, but also with diseases.
The world experienced also the “Doomsday Flu of 1918”. Over 5000 US soldiers died of this disease, while forty four thousands more were taken by the deadly virus on the front lines. The killer illness took thirty million people in the US as 80% of the population was infected. Children became fatherless, motherless and many of those unattended children died of starvation. One thousand and twenty six people died in a single day in San Francisco and two thousand, nine hundred and nineteen died in terrifying numbers in one week alone. The highest deaths recorded in the US history. Many famous people died before they could make their contribution to the world as scientists worked over time to stop the plague. Death everywhere to the point of not having enough room in the cemeteries and no enough grave diggers available to get rid of the corpses. That is Pluto (death) in Cancer (home/families/food) at work and resulted in many unborn children.

Pluto in Leo: “The Baby Boom Generation”
When Pluto moved from Cancer (security/home) to Leo (love/life/children) from 1938 to 1957, the world experienced WWII. As Leo rules children, thousands of young souls, between the age of 18 and 25 years of age were killing each other, in many places of the world. Then, just after the war, the world finally was at peace and experienced a re-birth of its population. Responding subconsciously to the power of the stars, the unaware US masses called the phenomenon "The Baby Boom Generation." Leo (Sun) rules love, romance, children, the arts, and freedom. The 50's and 60's were good examples of the love and freedom-oriented attitudes; with hippie music and drugs (Wood stock) that plagued this generation. Pluto rules sex, and Leo children became a free, sexually oriented generation. Jimmy Hendrix's fate (sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll) is a good example of his natal Pluto in Leo, that ultimately got the best of him.

Pluto in Virgo: “Baby Buster Generation”
Pluto, then moved into the puritanical sign of Virgo (health) from 1957 to 1971. This generation is the next to take governmental power. This age group is fanatic about nature, perfection, work, and health. Smokers have already suffered the impact of this “Baby Buster Generation”; as this generation must upgrade health and perfection in our society. Unlike Leo (life), Virgo is dry and sterile thus, fewer babies were produced during this era. Since Pluto entered the sign of Virgo, facilities for health programs and exercises boomed to satisfy a crowd that craved fitness. The health businesses (body/mind/tools) have started and are still booming with Pluto in Virgo. They are banning smokers from restaurants and public places; and voted the .40 cent tobacco tax increase in California, twice.
On a more positive note, this age group will fight hard to preserve nature, animals and the remainder of the rain forest. Computers and microchips were developed by this generation and their “electronic war/Patriot Missiles” as seen in Operation Desert Storm, was deadly accurate. Their ideal is very pure in thought and action, but this generation must guard against Pluto's (fanaticism) subtle power for “perfection.” If the power of Pluto in Virgo is exaggerated, it becomes as deadly as the poison, they try so hard to avoid.
Many of these souls will lose their lives by being too concerned with health (anorexia, hypochondria); turning rapidly to vegetarian diets thus, upsetting their naturally weak digestive tracts. They must understand that cats and dogs were born with strong claws and long sharp teeth to tear apart raw flesh and crush bones, as intended by nature. While cows, horses, lambs, etc. are herbivores and were designed by God with flat teeth and three stomachs to eat only “salad” as ruminants. We are none of those, we are Omnivorous and must eat meat in moderation. A good friend of mine’s daughter, has turned her dog into a vegetarian. The poor animal is now forced into a vegetarian diet and shows the extreme power of Pluto (fanaticism) in Virgo (health).
We must eat meat as a vigilant balance for our sensitive metabolism. Some souls who are overwhelmed by Pluto are too crazy for carbohydrates; they are also protein paranoid. Some starve themselves after 6:00 p.m. Others take their heart rates much too seriously. Some have a penchant for pain, and more are victims of the fat-burning syndrome. Worst of all for women is the weight lifting dilemma. It is, genetically speaking, impossible for a woman to take on a man's physical power, and no matter how hard they try, they will never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because of the inborn critical attitude and a strong desire for health and perfection, those natural “puritans” won't find someone good enough for them, and many will end up alone, in the game of love.

Pluto in Libra: “Gang Members Generation”
From October 5, 1971 until November 6, 1983, dramatic Pluto (death) moved into the sign of Libra (partnerships). Traditionally, Libra rules the 7th house. This house deals with the law, marriage, business partners, associations sealed with contracts, open enemies, and the day-to-day people entering your life. The combination of Libra (the law) and Pluto (death) has created the infamous, daily, drive-by shootings. Born with Pluto (drama) in Libra (groups/law), those children are willing to die for their inner Plutonic sense of justice (scales) imposed by their partners (gang members). Constantly influenced (bullied) by Pluto or more ferocious souls, they must give in to their high sense of justice for the group.
This righteous “die for you/die for me” attitude is now in full operation in our present society and has created “The Unbalanced, Aggressive Gang Generation.” Survival, money, respect, power, and commitment to each other’s belong to the group, no matter what. Pluto is the subtle force behind gang activity. The Plutonic rough initiation principle (beating) is a form of love/hate/submission, participation, and respect found within the sign of Libra in the declaration of peace or war. Then, Pluto (rebirth) has established the ruthless test for security, love, hate, respect, and deadly commitment to others (Libra) in the group (gang). Contrary to what is commonly believed, and to the amazement of psychologists, many children of the gang generation have had perfect upbringings and many are from middle and upper class families.
Early environment plays an important part in how these souls will react to others. If the upbringing happens to be rough and difficult, these Plutonic souls may become the imposing bullies creating and promoting (graffiti) their own group (gang). Negative members of this generation are in constant need for drama as the regeneration principle takes place within the group at war with others. To those born with Pluto in Libra, it is also a sure indication of a strong inner sense of justice (Libra) owed to the group until death (Pluto). This generation in Libra will savagely fight both, their enemy and the authorities, (police). They will fight other gangs without any fear or regard for the deadly consequences. Unless the knowledge of the stars is brought to all generations of the future, those problems will make parts of the cities unsafe for the common citizen. In the future, this sad situation will continue swelling to a dangerous size and will force the government to take drastic measures. The government (police) and the local residents will have to work harder to avoid the breaking down of our society. Until then, many Pluto in Libra children and numerous police officers' lives will be wasted.

Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation”
Pluto then inhabited, from 1983 until 1995, his own daredevil sign of Scorpio. Those very young and wild children have already made dramatic news by executing each other and murdering adults for any reason. Such as in Rachula, Missouri on December 28, 1994, an off-duty police officer had been shot to death by his girlfriend’s 9-year-old grandson. The child was born with Pluto in Scorpio on his Dragon's Tail (negative). Many of those “kids” have been reported killing adults for money to buy drugs and guns at the tender age of 10 years. Again in May 1997, a brutal slaying follows a beer drinking in Central Park, New York. Two teen-agers stabbed a real estate agent at least 30 times and tried to chop off his hands so police couldn't use fingerprints to identify him, before dumping him in a lake in Central Park. Both 15-year-old perpetrators, Daphne Abdela and her boyfriend Christopher Vasquez, “gutted the body so it would sink.” These young souls are from the dramatic Pluto “Death Wish Generation.” More than previous degrading generations, these children need constant spiritual regeneration and a good reason to be alive. The upcoming facts will help you to understand more about my work.

Pluto in Sagittarius: “The Reforming Generation”
Pluto entered Sagittarius in November 1995 and will remain in this sign until, January 2008. This generation was born to restructure the established religious system. However, young souls will suffer the negative aspect of a fanatic Pluto (death), in Sagittarius (religions). These people will fight to death their specific belief system and will refuse any form of growth. While, more advanced souls will pass the limitation of dogmatic codification of thought, based upon old teachings. They will travel far and fast to finally realize that the truth they were so desperately looking for, was right above their heads in the stars. This new crowd of teachers will finally perceive, learn and teach the true message of the Universe. Doing so, will allow people on this earth to reach balance, harmony and peace of mind. There can only be one truth to this generation born with Pluto (reawakening) in Sagittarius (higher learning). Many of them will undergo a complete, even dramatic, rebirth of their religious nature and both advanced or young souls will fight to death, their perception of the truth. In time, the karmic work imposed upon man kind and it’s relationship to god and the Universe will successfully and dramatically be established. The old must die; as the new light brought to the world by this generation will benefit future generations. On a more practical level, foreign government will melt in the understanding of their differences brought by the new consciousness of the stars. This process of rebirthing man’s cosmic consciousness will take time and many will lose their precious life in the proceeding. No more classification and wrong teachings of god will bring finally, the awareness of all mankind’s direct relationship with the Universe.

Note: December 1, 1997; WEST PADUCAH, Kentucky – A 14-year-old boy opened fire on an informal prayer, gathering in the lobby of a Western Kentucky High School Monday, killing two girls and wounding six other students. The community is in shock over the shooting of eight students, three of them fatally, by 14-year-old Freshman, Michael Carneal. Witnesses said Carneal, an unexceptional student with no known discipline problems, “fired at least 10 shots from a handgun in the crowded school lobby minutes before classes started on Monday.” “The shots rang out just after about 35 students in an informal prayer group, led by student.”
A motive also was unclear but, parents who rushed to the school said the boy had made threats in the past. Principal Bill Bond said the gunman apparently had been warning other students of something big happening" since Friday. Ben Heady, a student, said the shooter had been watching the prayer group for several days. The youth, wearing earplugs, pulled out a .22-caliber Lugar handgun at about 7:45 a.m., just before the start of classes. According to the principal, the boy emptied an 11-shot clip into a group of about 35 students but afterward, calmly dropped the weapon and surrendered, saying he was sorry. Eight students -- six girls and two boys between the ages of 14 and 16 -- were taken to hospitals in nearby Paducah. Two of the girls died later.
Regional Medical Center in Jonesboro. Kim Candace Porter, who several students described as the boy’s former girlfriend, was among the wounded. Gov. Mike Huckabee offered sympathy for the victims of school shooting and lamented on a culture that would breed such a tragedy.
The dead students were identified as: Natalie Brooks, 12; Paige Ann Herring, 12; Stephanie Johnson, 12; Brittheny R. Varner, 11.
Breakup may have been motive - Students described the older suspect as a troubled boy who had recently begun bragging about involvement with a gang and was upset over a breakup with Porter. Students said he made numerous threats Monday. “He told us that tomorrow you will find out if you live or die,” seventh-grader Melinda Henson, who described herself as a good friend of the boy, said in an interview with The Jonesboro Sun newspaper. “He told me ... that all the people who broke up with him, you know, he’s going to come to school... and shoot them,” said 12-year-old Charles Vanoven, another seventh-grader. “I thought he was just kidding around.”

Dr. Turi rebuttal: No he wasn’t, he meant business to the deepest part of his soul! Yes, you the parents, teachers, schools Master, psychologists, psychiatrists, ecclesiastics, law makers, are directly involved and in some ways, responsible for with this deadly motivated young generation. You are witnessing the lethal planet Pluto, in his own murderous sign of Scorpio at work. But what does all this “nonsense” means to you? May be you need to go back to college and learn something new, something real about those kids psyches. Hopefully, you will get my message by reading this book and may decide to do something about this dilemma. Start by opening you mind to what you thought to be impractical, shameful, or evil and cast aside the ridicule, all this in the name of your own children. Let a new crowd of advanced spiritual teachers take over the failing established institutions for if you don’t you own archaic, spiritual, therapeutic and legal” institutions will send your own kids to jail or witness more and more murders.

Note Continued -Vanoven said the 13-year-old also had pulled a knife on another student Monday. Other students said the boy was specifically targeting one of the girls wounded. “He said he was definitely going to shoot Candace because she had broken up with him,” sixth-grader Kara Tate, 11, told the Sun. The two boys, wearing camouflage shirts, pants and hats, were caught near the school with handguns and rifles. Investigators said the boys were running in the direction of a white van found about a half-mile away from the school with more guns and ammunition in it. Police impounded the van. Classmate Erica Swindle, 12, said the younger boy owned a gun and went deer hunting often.

Dr. Turi rebuttal: Again, young age doesn’t matter, and make the situation even more dangerous. The young soul hasn’t yet learn to control such intensity in his desire and powerful destructive emotions. The incredible passionate and deep desires generated by Pluto in Scorpio are somehow unbearable for the soul who inherited such a celestial legacy. Sending the kids to jail and praying for the souls of the poor victims will not stop future dramas. I seriously hope to be heard before it become too late for all the people, now and in the future, directly concerned. As imposed by the most powerful planet in Divine Astrology, Pluto (The Lord of Death and Decay) this unaware “Death Wish Generation” regenerate with blood, passion, sex, drama, weapons and murdering others. Let’s hope and confederate with me to pass on a message to those children, their teachers, the Educational system and the Government. No one had to die, but they did, and many more will, in the name of ignorance.

Sad enough, again and again I can see my premonition about the “Death Wish generation” taking place. On January 8, 1999 CNN reported that “Girl dies, boyfriend wounded in school shooting”.
Carrolton, Georgia -- A student was killed and her boyfriend was wounded in a shooting Friday at Central High School that may have been an attempted murder-suicide or double suicide. The Associated Press reported that Andrea Garrett, 15, died at Tanner Medical Center, while Jeff Miller, 17, was airlifted to Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, about 50 miles away. The extent of his injuries was unclear. The shooting in a rest room of the science wing of the high school happened 15 minutes after classes started. The victims were discovered by a teacher, authorities said. Police said a .22-caliber pistol was used. "It's a boyfriend-girlfriend situation," said Carroll County Sheriff Tony Reeves. "Apparently there were problems between them." School was closed for the day, and students were sent home by bus or waited for their parents to pick them up. Many were still at the school two hours after the incident. The school has an enrollment of about 900.
Slowly but surely, in the name of ignorance, we are witnessing the slow and painful suffocating end of many young members of a generation. Hopefully, our scientists will cast the “ridicule” aside. I hope for a solid investigation of the therapeutic values of Astropsychology. I am so committed to the children’s future, that I really think I should solicit some of my wealthy readers. Those souls could participate and help me financially to bring back to the children what was stolen from them, centuries ago. At this point in my life I am so aware of the ignorance around me that I would, in a heart beat, invest more of my own time and efforts to teach a few advanced souls to create my own schools. Only then, those dispirited souls will begin to heal and regenerate their deadly psyche.
Thus, our society is witnessing "The Dramatic Death Wish Generation" in action. They are strong-willed, unwavering in thought and action, immensely emotional and totally fearless in front of death. Pluto (sex) is making them very active sexually at an early age, and they will also look for a mixture of sex, crime and drugs to survive their harsh young lives. At the tender age of 12 years many of those children have already experienced the use of drugs and sex and some others have committed repellent murders.
The passion for self-discovery is extreme and if left without legitimate spiritual food, the worst can only happen to many of these children. They will not react to dogma and common religious teachings as they "naturally" understand the motivation behind the manifestation. The miserably failing psychological field won't be of any help in the understanding and motivation behind the upcoming killer generation. Unless the old science of Astrology is reinstated, (Astropsychology) in our colleges and universities, there will be either no understanding or therapeutic healing measures available for these children. A few years from now, once in power, indeed, this unyielding generation has the awful potential to destroy the world with the use of irreversible atomic weapons. God's implacable Universal Rules have been broken and ignored for too long and a serious penalty is awaiting mankind. There is no room for ignorance at any level of consciousness or any other worlds above or below us.
All the sympathy in the world for the victims of the school shooting won’t stop this ugly problem. The people of the world laments on the American culture that would breed such a tragedy. That is NOT the problem or the answer, and it will happen again and again. The educational, psychological, police and governmental system and the church are all loosing the battle. Soon you will soon watch the breaking down of our young society if nothing is done to help this generation of killers. Scientists from all levels out there are mesmerized and baffled by the awful event that took place on March 25th, 1998 in JONESBORO, Arkansas. Unless those educated “mental snobs” cast aside their fear of the ridicule (fueling their academically oriented ignorance and their mental snoopiness) they will not be able to even get closer to fix the problem. If you are one of them, you might have to challenge your precious books, pass the limitation of your rational mind and realize that the higher truths were never been printed by your kind. Time to look above your head, in the Universal Mind with a different attitude if you have any hope, what’s so ever, to provide serious help to this “ Death Wish Generation.”

Next month, Dr. Turi continues this astrological look at a generation, with focus on School Shootings.

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