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~Kind Hair Wraps~

These wraps will last you a lifetime, and they are full macrame, not just wrapped around a cord.

I charge a reasonable $20.00 for an 8 to 10 inch wrap, or 2 for $35.00

This does include the beads & bells.

If you want the wrap longer it will be $1.00 per inch after that

Well worth the money, and made with kind crafty hands, from a kind crafty mama!

You can trust your ~Sister Sunshine

I've been doing macrame since girl scouts in grade school.

When I jumped on the bus to go on tour with the Grateful Dead,

I was happy to see that I can continue my craft by braiding a piece of hair and doing macrame around it.

I started off my little business by doing hairwraps on Grateful Dead lots,

on curb sides, art & craft shows, swap meets, concerts, and by simply passing out fliers that said "HAIR WRAPS"

The big complaint about the hairwraps is that you have to leave them in and when you want it out,

you either have to cut the hair or carefully cut the hairwrap off without cutting the hair.

I found a way that you can have a hairwrap and put it on and take it off very easy.

These hairwraps are macramed around cord and is attached with the hair clip.

The hairwraps that I design and create are indeed very kind!

You'll be sure to get some positive feedback :O)

Choose your own colors and beads.

Let me know if you are looking for a specific bead or charm <>Fairy, Turtle, Butterfly<>

I can get just about any charm you are looking for.

Any Questions? Comments?

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I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service!

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