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Soul Sister Creation & Design

For Machine Embroidery Designs

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I have a few incredible machines that help me create the kindest designs

These designs are created on my Singer XL-100 Embroidery Machine

As you can see, my appliques are pretty detailed

With each applique I do, as time goes on, they get more amazing!

You judge for yourself:

I did this tree freehand, in the car, on the way to a summer festival

I get bored easy and always have to be doing a craft of some sort. It's the Virgo curse! I just can't sit still for long. If you see me vending at a show, I will most likely have a few bead boxes on hand...

From time to time you will even catch me with a sewing machine or two on tour!

~Now that's deadication!

I use batting on the back of every applique and embroidery design! This helps the fabric not to bunch up when washed among other things. I use fabric glue, and fray check, to insure that the fabric and thread binds. I sew my appliques together with the smallest zig zag stitch when doing detailed work. These appliques take hours to create, to draw, to cut, to place, to bond, and to sew together

Dancing Bear Applique

Jerry Applique on back of dress

I've been sewing and designing clothing for 18 years now


What A Long Strange ~* T R I P *~ It Has Been

I got online about 5 years ago, and created this website (with help from my phriend Andrea)

I didn't have a digital camera, so most of my appliques are not pictured from past years.

I can assure you that there are plenty of my creations out there

Some examples are: Frog~Elephant~Mushroom~Rasta Drumming~Lion~Turtle~Dancing Bears~Bear~Angel~

Clown~Tree~Dragon Fly~Butterfly~Stars~Moons~Fairy~Trees~Drummers~

Rainbow~Steal Your Face Bolt~Jerry Face~Trey Face (Phish)~Rasta Face~Steal Your Face~VW Bus~Drum~Sunsets~

I'll be adding more pictures, as I create them

If you have a question or idea, please ask!

I can pretty much do anything, and I am always up for a new idea


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This is an example of a hippie girl applique

Here's Some Fairy Appliques

This is an example of some butterfly appliques

This is an example of a flower applique

This is an example of some pocket applique designs

I have several different designs in appliques

If you have a design in mind, just ask

Dress up the bottom

Add cotton eyelet to dress up the bottom of your new threads

If you don't see it, it doesn't mean I don't have it!

~~~~~~Other Extras Include~~~~~~

Bells On Braided Hemp Draw String

Lining of Skirts, dresses, pants...


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