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Happy New Year! A new feature for this website, Articles! The first article is The Truth About Sniping. Go check it out. And I would really like to know what everybody thinks about the Saga! Thanks ahead of time for any feedback, it's what keeps this site running!


Merry Christmas to everyone! As my present to all of you, and a recompense for not doing much here...I've finished the Saga! Part One of the Saga is all there, chapters 1-10, and Part Two just might not even decide to exist. Email me if you really want a Part Two, and I might consider it for next Christmas....if you're a good kid all year.


Just to explain the silence around here...One day, I was working on this site, when, all of the sudden...

Let's just say that something very, very bad happened to my computer. After about a month of being in the shop, I got my computer back, but I had lost most of my site-creating tools. I'm still in the process of fixing everything. As for update's, you'll notice that the reviews are gone. Why? I've been working on other parts of the site, and this site is not focused on reviews anyway. So I decided to remove it. I'll probably get around to getting some good, quality reviews up in the distant future.



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