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The goal of this game is to destroy your friends. By a lot of skill (and a little bit of luck), you can defeat your enemies in combat, win prize money to buy more weapons with, and take on harder foes.

This computer game is based on a chatroom, where you type the coordinates of your moves to the host.

9-8-02 Second challenge match! AquaTwister vs TyphoonRunner. Typhoon won with 21% health left. Also, at the gun store, the prices and stock have been updated. The guns with little availability are going up. The only gun going up like this is the Splashzooka, which is now selling for $35! If you don't want to pay that price, then buy the gun from someone else who has it.
9-7-02 Today was the first challenge match since the creation of this game. C'mon, guys, I know you're out there, just email me to get signed up, or if you're already in, just email me to challenge somebody on the list. Today's match was Splash Monster, a new warrior, and Typhoon Runner, an old veteran. However, Splash Monster won with the upset, with 19% health left, and he had the 1200 vs the Splashzooka! Well, I hope there are to be more challenge matches in the future, and BTW, today's winner bought an XP-270 with the prize money, so, watch out!
4-23-02 Well, we got our fourth player today. Challenges may start anytime, if ya wanna challenge somebody, email me with their name, and your best times to play. Then I'll work everything else out. By the way, the prices for the guns will go up and down over time!


Gun Price Availability
XP-215 $3.00 5
XP-220 $5.00 5
XP-240 $7.00 5
XP-270 $10.00 5
XP-310 $15.00 5
XP-TriplePlay $15.00 5
XP-BackFire $15.00 5
CPS-1200 $20.00 5
CPS-SplashZooka $35.00 3
CPS-1-3-5 $25.00 5
CPS-2700 $30.00 5
CPS-3200 $40.00 5
Monster $35.00 5
Monster X $40.00 5
Monster XL $50.00 5

Every player starts with $20. If you want to play, then you need to email me at with your starting purchases, codename, and what times you can play. The first few matches will be challenges, and will give the winner $10.

Player Codename Win/Loss Player Arsenal Player $$$
AquaTwister 0/1 CPS-SplashZooka $0
TyphoonRunner 1/1 CPS-SplashZooka $10
Delta5948 N/A CPS-SplashZooka $0
Commander Tornado N/A XP-310, XP-220 $0
Splash Monster 1/0 CPS-1200, XP-270 $0

Here are the money prizes you can win:

Contest 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Challenge $10 $0 $0
Free-For-All $15 $5 $0
Tournament (Not Available) $25 $10 $5
SoakFest (Not Available) $50 $20 $10

These contests will become available as the number of players increases.


Here are the maps you can download to play in the chatroom:

Map Name Map Description
Four Yards A small map divided into four sections with an easily accessible dual fillup station in the center.
Mixed Field A variety of trees, shrubs, and a dual fillup station in the center.

The key for these maps:

Color Terrain Type
Light Green Grass
Dark Green Bushes, impassible
Blue Fillup Station, must be on it to fill up
Brown Tree, provides good cover
Grey Concrete wall, provides excellent cover