All edited pictures on this page are of my design unless otherwise noted. If you see any of these pics on other pages, tell me. I have found several commercial sites using my pics and claiming them as thier own.
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24 kiss 3
First try
Me Piss on 24
Its ME!
Rainbow Baby
Roush Park
Roush Park
3's Bitch
Strange Bedfellows
Lispy Fagola
Mike Dillon Aint Lake Speed
Blind in 1 eye, Can't see out of the other
Swashbuckler Ernie
Gordo happy sight
Gordo Exposed
Mr Excitement
Mr. Excitement
I always wondered what happened to Potsie
Kick Gordo
Kick the baby
Submitted by Barry Rudolf

Submitted by Barry Rudolph
I altered the top left pic to become Gordon in a Diaper
Get em while they last
While Quantities Last
Updated! July 1st.
Jeff Lewinski
Second Income
 24 Pride
24 Pride March
Jeff Kissing Ray
Good Pit Stop!
Nice Legs!
The Material Boy!
Dale, Bill, Jeff and Ray
Bill Learns Truth about all this "Rainbow" talk.
And Gordon Wonders Why He can't find a Drafting Partner.
Robert,Jimmy and Geoff
New Stooges
Village Dales
New From Hasbro
Jeff Simpson
Jeff Makes a appearance on The Simpsons.
I'll Tumble For Ya
Jeff And Tony Stewart in their old band, I believe Tony played drums and Jeff played the Male Organ
Dance, Sucker Dance!
Jeff Loves You, Jeff Loves Me, Wer'e a great big Family...
This is a real pic. I havent edited it. And they wonder why people think he's fancy!
Nascar Poo!
Mr Gordy the Nascar Poo!
Designed and Submitted by Barry Rudolf
Gordon and his talented brothers.
Ricky the dog!
Ricky, what is taking you so long to get back into the race car!
Funtime at Jeffs
OR another reason why Ray left.
American Gothic
You people wanted more Dale Jarrett, So I give you more Dale Jarrett
Rappy The Ultimate Jeff Gordon Fan
Fictional Rappy and his Hero
For the R.A.S.N. people (R.A.S.N.M people do not look at it, it is not official Nascar humor),
Pictures taken from TV GUIDE AD and a scan by Deliveryboy
Dale and Jeff
Earnhardt got caught beating himself and Jeff Gordon in a Taurus.
#3 and #24 Taurus's designed by Tyler Newton
Fairy Rainbow Warrior
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, Your Fairy is loose again
The Wedding
The partnership that worked so well
Kyle on Simpsons
I am Evil Kyle
Jeff Michael or George Gordon
Could I be any Prettier?
It's a big picture, wait for it.
Mighty Valvoline Man
Muscle Man Mark
Submitted and designed by Melvin Burks
Home Depot Animation
Tony Stewart in his element
Animated as a parody of Tony's attitude
Waaassssup! Just Chillin' havin' a bud
Little E's run in with a disgruntled fan

I keep forgeting to add this. Two of the above pictures were taken from  MotorSports Image Online Source . The Dale Earnhardt pic(which I added ythe Pee on 24) and Dick Trickle(which I turned into Superdick). This site has amazing high resolution pictures. Check them out!

I tried this new service. It actually works, they pay you to surf the web and all you have to do is put up with a banner(I put it at the top of the screen). It works out great especially when you are spending a lot of time reading at a web site. I use it when I'm playing online games or the stock market. If you want it off the screen, just minimize it (I disable it until the end of the month once I've gotten my limit in hours). They pay 50 cents an hour and currently there is a limit of 25 hours a month they'll pay but they are working on increasing the limit to 40 hours. Plus if you refer people, they give you a bonus for each user.


If you would like to use these pictures on your page, please just link back to this page . If you want to use the banner, I wont stop you. If you are a commercial site that wants to use my pics, Ask Permission and Use my Banner above each Photo Used. I have links to all the sites I got pics from except for the ones I got from EMAIL. If I have your picture, I will correct the problem! I give credit where it is due.

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