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Myst Community Links

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I can't hope to list every Myst fan site in the community worth visiting, but I figured my current bookmarks would be a start?

Ages of the D'ni (Hannah)

Ages of Kehnith'Ra

Alyena's page

All Myst

Axel Toelke's page?

Benny D's renders (down?)

Calyxa's Cartography

Dar'nay: on Writing

D'niatry (Lehsa)

D'ni Desk Reference (Kehrin)

D'ni Page (theory)

D'ni Jazz Club(Tweek)

DPWR (Alahmnat, SR388)

EsD'ni (Spanish)

Fahrmboy's Donuts & Fries (pics)

Garternay (Je'uhl)

The Great Library

Guild of Healers

Jehon's page

Je'rahl's Journals (Polish)

Jonas' Myst Portal (German)

Kah'teh's Myst site

Klaamas' pages

Library of Myst

LinguistApprentice~ Journal of D'ni

Linker's Journal (phgreer)

Lionheart's Dni color theories

lonelyto25:Link at Your Own Risk

Lost Ages

Matteh's Journal

Myst:Animated series

Myst Hints, walkthroughs, & strategy

Mystiquenet (French)

Myst Journals (Areandal)

Myst Journey

Myst Library

Myst-Pagina (Netherlands)

Mysttimeline (Kodiak)


Myst & Riven Pyxis

Nitpicker's Guide to Riven

Prison on Myst3 (HiOJK)


Riven Easter Eggs Revealed

Riven Hints & Tips
( D'ni lang info)

Riven Illuminated


Riven, Myst & other

Riven Story (German)

Riven Unofficial homepage

realRiven (MariusZ)

RIUM+ renders

Sepdet's Myst Writings

Sitrin's D'ni News & more


Tales of the D'ni (Lisandra)

Tekra's Myst site

Telanis (?)


The Writing Project/Fantast Designs
SR388, Alahmnat)

Tribute to Rawa
rganized by Phil Wade)

Uru Obsession

Uru Universe (French)

Yohshee's place

Zandi page

Zardoz's Zandi facts

Zardoz realMyst eggs

   By the Fans for the Fans:: Resources

Fan Functions






Riven Unofficial homepage

Uru Obsession

D'niNewsDaily (very new)

Myst Online Magazine
(also very new)


DniDesk Reference
the BIG archive)


Matteh's Journal (Rawa replies)

D'ni Language sites

Tay's Dni Transalator IPDE
(tis ubercool!)

Jehon's fonts & info

Kh’reestrefah's Dictionary

Guild of Linguists (lessons)

Mushee's Dictionary

Fan Forums/webboards

TheLysts (email)

Myst Online (official but fan moderated)

DRC forums (IC discussion, Cyan Moderated)

Myst Community

Mystrealm forums

Uru Obsession

Dnipedia (for fanfics)

Dni Jazz club forums

Restored Community Pages



Riven Journals

Riven Wallpaper

Jig Interactive : Riven Elementary

Fanfic Myst Games/books

D'ni Legacy


Looriva (german ver)

Myst Reinterpreted (roleplay)

Avari (Eduardo)

Korfah okh Ahrotahn

The Lost Ages

Myst Inspired Music

Michael Penner

D'ni tools

D'ni Font

D'ni calculator

D'stn's D'ni clock

realMyst flying instructions

Riven Manipulator

Mysterium: Photos/Journals
2000, 2001, 2002


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