Experience Doug and Gordon's Experience

Gordon and Doug at Cyan

In late spring, Gordon Currie and Doug McBride (RivenGuild's Webmasters) embarked on an incredible journey to the very source of the Myst/Riven phenomenon: Cyan headquarters in Spokane, Washington. One of the objectives of our visit was to be able to share the experience with the rest of the fan community once we returned home. To accomplish this, we introduce to you: "E.D.G.E." Unlike the familiar acronym which stands for the Cyan disc-golf game, our acronym stands for "Experience Doug and Gordon's Experience."

Join us as we take you through the 9 "holes" (or will it be 18? ....you will have to wait and see.) Pay particular attention to the photos and the descriptions included within. As we discovered, there is more going on at Cyan than meets the eye...

RAWA's Card

Hole #1 - The Arrival

Hole #2 - The Building - Part I

Hole #3- The Building - Part II

Hole #4- The Sights Outside

Hole #5- E.D.G.E. - Cyan's Game

Hole #6- The Artifacts

Hole #7- The People of CYAN

Hole #8- The Elevator

Hole #9- The D'ni Archives

All photos Doug McBride.

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