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"What if." Two little words full of possibility. What if you had the power to open doors to other words, whole other realities? What if you could travel, at will, back and forth between these "Ages" as some call them with the simple power of the descriptive word? And what if you could write books that could literally take you to the worlds they describe?

Where would you go? What sort of worlds would you discover and what sort of adventures would you have? What would you do when you got there, how would you look at the people, and what great intrigues would you play with the other travelers around you? There is a people who has mastered and has been mastered by this great art; their world is called D'ni and this is their story.

In case you are wondering, Myst Reinterpreted is a Play by E-Mail game in which you can play either a D'ni or an inhabitant of an age. It is based on the D'ni civilization created by Cyan for the Myst series of games and novels. To find out more about Myst and the D'ni check out the links page.

While the D'ni civilization which this game is based on is modeled after the one created by Cyan, it takes place in an alternate D'ni with a slightly different timeline. It follows a parallel course to the one developed for the games but shortly after the building of the Great Library it goes off in a separate direction.

The game is taking place predominantly outside of D'ni currently. At present there are six active characters. The first is Alcazar; he is a D'ni who has a fondness for ages that are predominantly water. His personal library is filled with several of them. The second character is Renfatha; he is a librarian in one of the libraries in the D'ni system of Great Libraries. The third is Babalu, he is a political/religious leader in the age Alcazar and Renfatha are currently in. The fourth is Reminado, Babalu's right hand man. The fifth is Icen an "assassin" hired to sneak into a location to steal a link book; but once he finds the link book he is amazed at the linking window and touches it to see if it is real. This, of course instantly links him into the world (where everyone else happened to be). The sixth is Gwin, the person who hired Icen. When Icen failed to return she figured out another way to get the link book and linked through to confront him.

The basic plot up to this point without ruining anything is that Alcazar went to one of the libraries in the system looking for an "unusual" aquatic age. Renfatha showed him one of the ages in that library's "exotic age" room. Alcazar and Renfatha decided to visit the age. They brought a D'ni link book with them to ensure they could leave if the D'ni book in the age was not conveniently accessible. However, due to unexpected changes to the age, the book they brought was ruined.

Meanwhile Babalu was coming to pray and mourn for the dead and Icen found the link book to the age.

Babalu discovered Alcazar, Renfatha and Icen in the age. They were given lodging and subsequently began learning the language. Icen has fallen in with the "underbelly" of the society on this age. Alcazar and Renfatha are trying to get help from the natives to build an underwater chamber. And Gwin has followed Icen into the age but was discovered by guards for Babalu and was apprehended.

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