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HotBabe clears undead software tools from a computer installation in New York City.

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C# zombies As entities that are unaware they are dead, C# zombies are compilers seeking "life after death" by little more than adding one or more plus signs after the C name. As documented in Articles, C is obsolete software technology which can no longer compete in either syntax or performance, a fate that adding a few plus signs to the C version name cannot remedy.

clearing Armed with "uninstall" in Add/Remove software in Control Panel and with HotBasic Setup, HotBabe "clears" a computer installation of undead software. When a facility is cleared, human workers may recover lost intelligence and discernment, usually with the help of "uncontaminated" personnel who know how to use HotBasic technology.
The "uninstall" procedure (see References) reflects a basic fact in almost every undead movie: Zombies will go down and stay down only if they are shot in the head.
Please note that no installation is clear-proof. Even if the hardware is under a granite mountain, HotBabe will find it and clear it. That is the nature of technology advances -- they relentlessly replace the obsolete. Suggest listening for rumors at your workplace -- "HotBabe is coming" and getting up to speed with HotBasic in anticipation of the inevitable.

eating brains Unlike their movie zombie breathren, undead software does not leave highly visible bloody wounds on human victims. The subtle "eating brains" process occurs where undead software is used and results in decreased intelligence and discernment. An example of reduced discernment is undue importance attached to something trivial like "the HotBasic web site does not look like those of other compilers". Of course, the truth is that this site intentionally strives to look different so the message is consistent -- namely, HotBasic is in a class by itself among compilers. HotBasic shouldn't look the same, taste the same, feel the same, etc.

The infection enters the nervous system through the retina and fingers. Wear goggles and gloves when clearing an infected computer facility.

Some infected workers may not recover after clearing, "We can use inferior tools to make inferior application products at much higher production costs and still compete." In short, the severely infected have little rational thought and may unwittingly promote failure of the company that pays them.

gold standard of compilers
1. In the years where Microsoft moved into Windows operating systems and users moved from 16 to 32 bit computers, "true compilers" producing efficient executables (such as 16-bit QuickBasic) mark the end of an era. In this period, it appears that all compiler makers (Microsoft, Borland, etc) decided to completely abandon professional software developers and target the "kiddie", amateur market. Whether this was by coincidence, conspiracy or just plain copy-catting, the result was the same. By the time HotBasic was born in the early 21st Century (2003), there was not a single compiler in any computer language that met even minimal standards for professional software development and computing. Not even one!
2. HotBasic alone targeted the professional developer market for excellence in computing in business, science and play. As the only "gold standard" of compilers, it has no competition.
3. Since nobody likes a braggart, let us clarify that this web site is only the messenger -- the "gold standard" and "best executables" message arises from third-party testing and conclusions establishing the superiority of HotBasic. Which should be no surprise, since HotBasic was designed based on modern computing concepts, not the obsolete practices inherent in 20th century compilers regardless of language.

HotBabe HotBabe is a cartoon character representing that HotBasic is well-built and highly desirable.

new compiler Perhaps the most stunning fact about compilers as a software category, is that there is one and only one new compiler written in well over a decade -- HotBasic. All the other so-called "new compilers" released, regardless of the computer language implemented, are in fact not new, but rather wrappers for existing, obsolete, most-often-C libraries. About five years ago, HotBasic stopped looking for any other "new compiler" that might exist -- there simply were none. If you know of another truly new compiler, please advise so we can add it to our list (Table 1).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg which consists of the tens of thousands of applications written using stone-age software technology and in an astounding act of cognitive dissonance, using the latest 21st Century hardware technology.

penthouse version Penthouse (the top-most, best unit in a tall bulding) is HotBasic's P-word for "professional". There is no unprofessional (or "home") version of HotBasic -- all are professional.

stone-age technology Our parents and grand-parents devised the first computer languages replacing directly writing binary code, making software production much easier. This victory generated a number of practices or conventions (e.g., how procedures are called) which in most cases have not changed until the present day -- except in HotBasic. Therefore, "stone-age technology" refers to this 20th century software technology and helps explain why HotBasic has no competition -- other compilers would require a very substantial if not complete rewrite to bring them into the 21st century.

toy compilers Also known as "kiddie" or "trainer-wheel" compilers, these are the obsolete, "stone-age" remains of a by-gone age, geared for amateurs only.
Note to parents: Start your kids with HotBasic; protect your children from the insideous "eating brain" process of toy compilers, so by the time they go to college, they will have some comprehension of how software works and is made.

undead software The entire body of software development tools such as compilers and the executables produced with them -- all based on antiquated, 20th century software technology. Make no mistake, even if the latest version is dated 2008, undead software is still "back to the past", inefficient and ill-designed to the core. These are the 5 meg downloads of a program that should be 50k (1 percent or less in size), the ones that assault your operating system with Registry entries permanently reducing your computer performance for all applications, the ones that can't even run for a few minutes without crashing or corrupting your system, the ones -- sad to say -- written by amateurs with toy compilers.

zombie plague The prevalence of out-dated, inefficient software tools may fairly be said to be of "plague" proportions. Until HotBasic was released, professional developers were intentionally ignored, left out in the cold, without a single tool meeting even minimal professional standards.
This zombie plague in the last two decades is a remarkable phenomenon. It is a testament to the strength of the relentless "eating brains" process that the zombie plague could last about two full decades before a vaccine (HotBasic) became available.
The good news is: "HotBabe is coming to a computer near you".
Technical references: The "undead" theme movies establish basic definitions and phenomena.
Copyright © 2008 James J Keene PhD
HotBasic™ is a trademark of James J Keene
Original Publication: Jan 4, 2008

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