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NEW!! Now one file hb_trial.zip has everything you need to try out HotBasic (HB). This Trial Version has tons of examples of HB code for CONSOLE programs to check out if you like it, find it useful and want to order the Registered Version which includes application types -- GUI, OBJ, DLL. The bas\trial sub-directory contains dozens of demo programs illustrating HB syntax. Just unzip hb_trial.zip into your c:\hotbasic directory, run HotIDE and off you go!
Since you can't compile GUI programs with the Trial Version, the \bas\toys sub-directory provides code examples and the .exe files that result from that code.

HotIDE 3.4 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Edit color-coded source code; compile and run programs. Handy keyword help and direct Manual lookup of text at edit cursor (F1) with HotFind. Design Mode (F9) provides view of application screen layout as code is edited. NEW! In Keywords window, instant help detail with Enter or DoubleClick on selected keyword. Updated: July 26, 2012
HotInclude 3.0 [Included in hb_trial.zip] GUI constants and useful include (.inc) files. Features Custom Object examples, such as httphelp, profile, RichEd2, ShellEx and Splitter. Statements and functions include ClassIco, FindFile, DirTree, DragFile, Format, MD5, SaveBMP, SBpanels, SHBrowse, ShowPage, SortList, SUBIcall, SUBIproc, TabStop, Unicode, UFT8, WinRect, etc. The .lst files enumerate HotBasic keywords. Updated: Jan 6, 2012
HotOptimize 1.0 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Optimize utility for Windows and Linux required for the -O compiler switch. Updated 9/12/08
HotBasic Manual Updater 1.2 Usage: hbmanual {pathname with trailing slash} updates help files in your Help Directory with any newer versions in the on-line manual with Windows and Linux executables. For Windows, HotIDE invokes hbmanual.exe from the Tools menu. Updated 8/15/09
Edit-to-HotBasic 1.1 Usage example for RapidQ: rq2hb {pathname} This package contains developing conversion programs (e.g., c2hb, dfm2hb) with databases and samples to port C, Delphi and RapidQ to HotBasic, perhaps saving lots of time and millions of keystrokes. The templates included may be used to convert any language to HotBasic. Updated 9/18/07

Please see LINKS below for other HotBasic IDE's, help and development tools.

Visual Basic to HotBasic 1.1 Updated: Aug 24, 2004
RapidQ Basic to HotBasic 1.0 Updated: Dec 28, 2004

Source code in almost all of the downloads extend HotBasic documentation. HotFind can be used to find working usage examples of HotBasic keywords.
Windows-Linux Cross-Platform GUI
These files include source and Windows and Linux executables and show a single source code file compiles and behaves similarly on Windows or Linux:
RadioButtons Template for character description for 3D thriller games. 10/7/07
ListBox 1/4/08

HTTP/SSL Connections to remote web servers using WinHTTP, by Cyril Gigez (source code and .exe). Note: may be used in any application type -- GUI, CONSOLE, DLL, OBJ, etc. 4/4/2014
GypsyProxy 1.4 Multi-port, multi-client compact server supporting http with CGI support, a chat server (for X-Press client), and multiple honeypots (pop, smtp, etc). 2/3/12
HotBasic GTK Linux GTK-mode GUI demos with source and executables. 12/16/07
HotBasic X11 Linux X11-mode GUI demos with source and executables. 1/4/08
HotDialog 1.4 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Common dialog demo. Uses CREATE-style coding of Windows objects. 9/19/05
HotDraw 1.8 Demo of drawing methods. 9/11/07
HotFind 2.3 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Finds text in directory; displays search-engine-style hit list for user selection of files to display. Used to search Manual and to interface HotIDE with the Manual during source code editing. Windows and Linux executables. 9/8/09
HotHook 1.1 hothook.dll is a generic system-wide hook tool for all hook types usable with any computer language that supports .dll calls and access to the application message queue. 6/24/05
HotSplitter 1.5 New HotBasic SPLITTER Object where user can resize neighboring window objects either horizontally or vertically. Shows HotBasic event-responsive custom object coding extending properties and methods of a FORM object. 1/28/06
HotStrip Browser 2.1. Script-free, anti-tracking browser. 8/26/12
HotStrip Browser source code. 8/26/12
HotStuff Compiler Tester 1.0e automates testing. Compiles and reports any errors for all source code files in a directory tree. May be used to test compilers and new versions in almost any computer language. 11/16/05
HotWin 3.1 A truly silly program showing common Windows' application objects, menu, multiple forms, etc. Uses DIM-style coding of Windows objects. 6/24/07
RayTrace 3D Engine A port of C++ code by Jacco Biko to HotBasic showing basic concepts. 1/26/08
World Order Trader 1.0 beta Learn trading with no financial risk; help beta test this new software. WOTrader uses the internet to connect with the international World Order Exchange, to get current quotes and bid/ask and to place your buy/sell orders. Can you make money in this practice phase of platform development? 12/24/11

The objects and features shown here can be used in GUI and other application types as well:
Linux Tutorials 1 27 executables with source code showing syntax for CONSOLE, FPU, and LIST Objects, arrays, functions, UDTs and more. 10/7/07
Linux Tutorials 2 27 executables with source code showing syntax for APPLICATION, DATE, FILE, SOCKET, TIMER and VERSION Objects, multi-threading, directories, creating and linking .o object files, creating and calling dll .so files, environment, shelling, syscalls and more. 10/7/07
Commander Keene 1.5 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Two-panel file management program featuring console LISTBOX Custom Object. Navigate drives/directories; view, edit, copy, rename, move, delete files/directories; launch programs; menu keeps log of launched programs. Download contains source and both Windows and Linux executables. 8/20/12
CPUID Object Returns CPU .VenderID, .Stepping, .Model, .Family, .Type, .ExtModel, .ExtFamily, .Brand and more! 6/30/08
DualCore Usage of CPUCOUNT, CREATETHREAD and WAITTHREAD keywords for multi-threading and/or multi-CPU applications. 1/18/07
Edith 1.1 Simple text editor for Linux or Windows platforms; might be good utility on a boot or rescue disk, along with Commander Keene; demo of simple HotBasic coding techniques. Download contains source and both Windows and Linux executables. 10/11/07
HotQuery 1.1 SQLDATA Object database tool uses Microsoft Windows "Data Sources Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to access data from a variety of database management systems." 7/7/12
HotReg 1.5 REGISTRY Object. 4/13/05
HotSpot (latest version of Binary Mechanics Lab Simulator) Simulates time development of Binary Mechanical states for physics experiments. 12/18/2020
HotTest 1.6 General compiler test program. 5/8/05
HotTypes 1.7 [Included in hb_trial.zip] Tool showing representation of numeric data types; useful to coders using any pentium-based computer language. Enter a number and see how each data type represents it. Download contains source and both Windows and Linux executables. 10/7/07
HotXLS 1.3 Direct read/write of Excel files without running Excel. Source shows HotBasic parsing of binary data files. 6/18/05
MD5 encoding HotBasic MD5 encoding demo. 10/22/07
PrintDev 1.1 Custom object extending the properties and methods of the PRINTER Object. 7/31/04

HotTrial [Included in hb_trial.zip] CONSOLE programs that compile and run with the HotBasic Trial version compiler. 4/10/12
HotThing [Included in hb_trial.zip] More tutorials by code examples; require Penthouse (registered) version or On-Line Compile to compile. 3/31/09
HotToys [Included in hb_trial.zip] More tutorials by code examples; require Penthouse (registered) version to compile. Demo .exe files included. 7/23/12

Direct3D Direct3D demo by Don. 5/12/07
DirectDraw7 DirectDraw demo by Don creates 3D effects of a race car by animating bitmap images. 2/07/07
HotGdi3D 1.1 Drawing methods demo. 10/07/04
HotGL 1.5a OpenGL demo. 3/29/09
HotGLkey 1.0 Another OpenGL demo. 3/29/09
.IIF Read Direct read of Quicken files demo. 3/21/04
JJ Keene's edit of ComHelper, Emmazle's "no-black-box" tools for COM and ActiveX programming, may be the best available in any computer language

FNOWare including must-have HotBasic Debugger

AlexandersHotBasicSite Hot API Viewer and many other HotBasic applications and tools by coding ace Alexander Hofer. In English or German!

RecursiveMedia HotPad-IDE with collapsible source code and freeware Windows and Linux programs coded in HotBasic including innovative GUI application code for Linux

Yahoo! Group hotbasic forum archives in text format prepared by James J Keene, hosted by AIR

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