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Hello and welcome. This new section hopes to present articles by many authors related to HotBasic and computing in general -- commentaries, tutorials, etc. Enjoy!

HotBasic Goes Head-to-Head With Its Competition: Console Application Math Benchmarks by Norm Kaiser

In console application math benchmark tests, HotBasic compiler performance was found to excel significantly compared to VB .Net, Borland CPP, Dev CPP and REALBasic, considering run-times, application size and ram usage. HotBasic defied conventional wisdom regarding which computer language and compiler produces the most efficient executables. Updated: Dec 23, 2006
Compiler Library Statistics by James J Keene

Find out what C language users and compiler makers themselves think of C as a computer language, not by words but by their deeds -- namely, to date, none have bothered to write a real compiler for any variation of C. Written for fun in the style of a research report. Updated: Apr 10, 2006
Linux for HotBasic application development by Philip Bister

Provides Bister's results and thoughts on using HotBasic on various Linux distributions. Updated: June 7, 2010
21st Century Computing Standards by James J Keene

Explores what best executables are, how software writers have been abandoned by compiler makers and why compiler makers in any computer language do not venture to touch these topics -- namely, if they did, they would have to rewrite their compilers from the ground up. Much related material is presented in the design section and in numerous HotBasic Yahoo! Group messages. Updated: Dec 1, 2006
Give Me Five Minutes and I'll Show You the Future of Software Development by Norm Kaiser

In the past, BASIC was superior to C as a programming language, but inferior in performance. Now, with HotBasic, BASIC is superior both as a language and in performance, compared to C.
Note: The site that had this article is off-line and the author does not have a copy. If you have a local copy of this fine article, please email it, so it can be posted here. Thanks.
Getting Started With HotBasic by Norm Kaiser

Revealing treatment of history and context in the ongoing theme: HotBasic -- The Revolution.
Where Is HotBasic On The New PC? by James J Keene

Team HotBasic takes on the personal computer crisis: email PC/notebook vendors if you cannot find HotBasic on your new computer. Updated: Jan 10, 2007
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What Went Wrong With Linux? Upcoming article

Why do various Linux OS releases remain a distant second to Microsoft Windows OS versions? Some typical explanations are debunked. Key improvements might boost Linux usage if implemented.

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