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NEPAL            NEPAL II
From November 1999 through April 2000 I lived in Nepal and studied Tibetan Magick and Culture. While there I performed an exorcism, participated in a month long initiation ceremony, meditated on burning corpses, worked in a soup kitchen, photographed a riot and got arrested.

On March 10th 2000, Tibetan Uprising Day,  I was Photographing a Protest in Boudhanath. Someone threw a brick. The cops responded with batons. I was in the middle and photographed as much as I could. A week later I was brought in by the Secret Police and questioned about the Photos. Thankfully I got tipped that the police were looking for me and made it to the American Consulate first. If the Consulate hadn't called to say that I was turning myself in, I don't know whether I would have been let go so easily. Anyway these are the Photo's that they were so concerned with, 

While living in Philadelphia I helped found a Chapter of the OTO known as Thelesis Camp. Though I am no longer a member of the OTO, I am still a regular participant in Thelesis Camp's activities.

I lived in Philadelphia from June 1995 through July 1999. I spendt two years sharing an apartment in Society Hill with my best friend Matt Brownlee,  and another two with my fiance.

In fall of 1993 I left college, took the money that I was going to spend on the semester, and went backpacking through Europe.