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With a wide range of experience, we can take care of most tasks from pruning small fruit trees through to clearing large acreages. Often we are called in to remove large or dangerous trees in situations close to buildings, power lines or other difficult places. With a combination of professional climbers, modern techniques & the latest machinery, the work can be carried out safely & easily under all circumstances.

If you have concerns regarding the manner in which work will be carried out, please don't hesitate to ask. Staff will be happy to explain how the job will be done, what safety measures are in place & answer any other queries you may have.

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Large gum removed on fenceline

Trees are often located in awkward positions where using heavy machinery or straight felling are not options. In this case a professional climber, using a combination of traditional climbing equipment & specialised tools, can safely & easily carry out the required work.  

On the right, a car port had been built around a large gum which had become diseased - a combination of climber & crane where used to lift the heavy blocks safely over the buildings...... 

Treecrane1.jpg (24925 bytes)

towerpine.jpg (34420 bytes)

The large Pine on the left, was growing only fifty feet from the back of a house. Cracks where beginning to appear in the walls from the roots lifting the surrounding ground. A tower (EWP) was used to work on the tree -  due to the shear size & accessibility, this made the work far easier & safer than climbing...
... however, in situations where a tower can't be used, our team of experienced climbers & ground staff are available to carry out a safe & efficient job. At all times, safety of persons & property is a priority & staff will always be happy to answer customers' questions or advise on how best to deal with a situation.   

cedar2.jpg (57786 bytes)

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