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The Recycler is capable of turning most forms of organic waste into useable, high quality mulch. With a conveyor belt feed system powered by a 55hp diesel motor, multiple trailer loads of waste can be turned into mulch for  far less effort & cost than traditional methods of rubbish removal.






It also works effectively on vines, dead wood, blackberries & just about anything else you can imagine that be chipped!












The recycler is capable of producing approximately 15 cubic metres of mulch per hour or 2 tonnes, depending on density & thickness of material being processed. The material is turned into mulch using a series of 'hammers'. This allows for items such as fence palings & packaging to be processed, unlike traditional wood chippers which use blades that blunt quickly & can be dangerous if coming into contact with nails, etc.



If you have no use for the mulch, we can just as easily organise for it to be removed, leaving a spotless clean-up every time! For further details of our rates & to discuss this service, go to the contact page

*Please note that if you wish to hire the machine for extended periods of time, ie; per day or longer, this can be done by arrangement & price will be negotiable according to nature of work & duration of hire.

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