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Mike (Owner/President)

Mike, as Walkers' president, bears overall responsibility for all aspects of the company's planning and operations. Mike is a student at cedarview middle school in his second year. Besides school mike is concentrating on the growing of the business as well as assuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Besides his human family and his 13 year old heniz 57 Mike helps out with the day-to-day activities here at Walkers.

Christopher (Partner)

Cristopher has been working for Walkers for 6 months now working on the grand opening of our bussiness Besides loving animals, Chris has a busy "other life." As a musician, Chris plays in the school band as well as the jazz band and plays regularly in concerts and jam sessions. Chris a natural braniac, who studys hard in school and achives his goals he is our small dog walker.

Christopher (Partner)

Tyler has been working for Walkers since October, 2002. He has a full schedule during the mornings because of his school commentments. Tyler, is quite the hockey player, he is currently playing hockey here in Nepean. His love for animals is shown in his dedication to his (human and non-human) clients.

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