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A bit about us : Walkers is a small business in Nepean that specializes in dog walking. The business was founded on october 13 2002 being run by members of your community.
Our Goals Our goals at Walkers is to bring you convent and affordable way to give you dog the exercise it needs.
Our promise Our promise here at walkers is your dog a healthy walk around your neighbourhood with pick up and drop off by our staff.
The tipical walk We first pick up your dog at your house we then take your dog for either a 25 min 45 min or 1hr walk in your neighbourhood (are staff are all very fimilary with nepean having lived their for a minimum of 8 1/2 years) We also give your dog a 1.7 liter half way thru and at the end of every walk. If you have any question e-mail me at

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