Probably not Complete Gas Huffer Discography

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Full Length Albums:

Janitors of Tomorrow, 1991 (Empty)
Intergerty, Technology and Service 1993 (Empty)
One Inch Masters, 1994 (Epitaph)
The Inhuman Ordeal of Special Agent Gas Huffer, 1996 (Epitaph)
Just Beautiful Music, 1998 (Epitaph)


Dope, Guns N' Fuckin' in the Streets 5-7, 1989, w/ before I kill you again "(AmRep)
Estrus Lunch Bucket, 1990, w/ Psycho Devil Girl (Estrus)
Teriyaki Asthma #1-5, 1991, w/ Hijaked (C/Z Records)
Puget Power #2, 1991, w/ Spinning Disc o' Fire (Regal Select)
Bobbing for Pavement, 1991, w/ Disgruntled Ex-Employee, Big Car Pile Up (rathouse/Broken Rekids)
Estrus Gearbox, 1992, w/ Road Runnah (Estrus Records)
Another Damned Seattle Compliation, 1992, w/ Suicide (dashboard hulagirl/empty)
Punk-o-Rama , 1994, w/ Crooked bBird (epitaph)
Twisted Wille, 1995, w/ Ooh Ooh Ooh (LanceRock)
Hype, 1996, w/ Hotcakes. (Sub Pop)
empTy Records Sampler 2, 1997, w/ ?. (empTy)
Punk-O-Rama 3, 1998, w/ Rotten Egg. (epitaph)
All Punk Rods, 1998, w/ Ouch. (lookout records)
Punk-O-Rama 4, 1999, w/ Don't Panic (epitaph)


The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp, EP, 1993, BMX/Bedtime for Freaky/Boot check/and Java Jet Pack. (eMpty) CD w/ 4 extra songs "King Of Hubcaps" (from the FASTBACKS split) "Spinning Discs O' Fire" (from the "Puget Power Act 2" comp.) "Psycho Devil Girl" (from "Estrus Lunch Bucket" on Estrus) "According To Hoyle"(unreleased anywhere else) and the CD is out on (Au Go Go)
Ethyl, 1990, 4 songs EP, (Black Label Records)
Firebug, 1989, Firebug/Jesus Was My Only Friend, (black label records)
Mole, 1992, Mole/Body Buzz, (Sympathy for the Record Industry) black green or white vinyl
Beer Drinking Cavemen from Mars, 1992, Hotcakes/Beer Drinking Cavemen from Mars, (Sub Pop)
Washtucan How-down 1993, Nite Train to Spokane/Bad Guy Reaction/Neanderthal (Hayseed Records)
Rotten Egg 200, Rotten Egg/Old Summertime, (au-go-go)

Split Singles

Split w/ Fastbacks, 1991, King of Hubcaps (Overgrown Records) pink vinyl
Split w/ Mudhoney, 1992, Kife Manual, (empty records)
Gearhead Split Single, w/ Supercharger, 1992
Split w/ Red Ants, 1994, Teach Me to Kill (sympathy for the record industry) picture disc


Wet Cement, a surf film, features a gas huffer song (gravity films)
Hype!, a movie bout the 'seattle scene', hotcakes live, 1996 (Sub Pop?)
Van Full of Videos, 1998?, (Epitaph)
What's Really Going WRONG, ?year?, a surf film with a Gas Huffer song (..lost enterprises)
For the Cash, 1999, (Sub Pop) The movie has a ton of Seattle locals, and Gas Huffer play the bad guys.

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