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POLLYWOG All-In-One Diaper Pattern. We are at a new location, please go to Pollywog Babies

The easy to use, easy to sew, easy on the pocket book and not to mention easy on the environment as well as baby's bottom. Daddy's No. 1 most favored diaper!!

The all-in-one diaper is as similar to a disposable diaper as you can get, it has the absorbant diaper and waterproof cover sewn together. This is a great way to start off newbies to cloth because it is so easy to use. This diaper is easy and fun to put togther, and has handy sewing tips for the beginning sewer. With the price of a ready made all-in-one ranging from $12-$30 or more, and the cost of disposables for 2 1/2 years diapeing time about $3,500, you can save hundreds of dollars with this pattern. My pattern is fun to sew and I include great links for high quality sewing materials. If you want to use what you have on hand, or what you can find at your local fabric store, I have tips for that as well! No special material, elastic or serger required!! Although you will need a waterproof layer for the outside. I give placement for velcro, as well as snaps for the front closure. Just press the "Add to Cart" Button to buy this pattern.

POLLYWOG All-In-One Diaper Pattern $10

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