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Diaper Cut PRR FABRICS Enough Fabric for One diaper

Corduroy ABC's.


Do you Need Just Enough Diaper Fabric for One diaper?

Painting Red Rhinos Fabrics are all new, first quality, cut fresh from the Bolt. Painting Red Rhinos is an upscale children's clothing manufacturer similar to Carter's or OshKosh. The prints are cute, and the fabric is so soft and cuddly, perfect for children or baby's clothes, accessories, or home decore!! These prints look lovely alone, or are noted for their wonderful ability to hold dye without disturbing the print itself at all!

Now offering a co-op to PUL the backside of some cute printed fabrics
contact Sarah for more info:

Construction is available in a soft pinwale Corduroy,
or in medium light to medium weight Canvas.
My son loves this print!

Baby Dinos also comes in soft pinwale Corduroy

Race Car is available in Soft Cotton Fleece, or cotton Knit.
The 100% cotton Fleece fabric from PRR is soft and warm, perfect for diapers I love
sewing with their fleece, it is not too thick or too stretchy, easy to sew and fun to wear!
The Knit is soft and stretchy, great for any and everything!

Girl/Dog is in a warm & cuddly 100% cotton Fleece.
Such a great print, Girl/Dog print is a classic cool looking print that girls will be proud to wear!

Monkey Print comes in Knit.
This is a soft stretchy knit, great for a boy or girl!

Diamond Flowers is available in cotton Fleece. Only 2 yds left.
This print is so beautiful, very difficult to see all the brilliant colors
on this online photo, must see in person!

Helicopter in twill Great for Diapers
This is a larger print than shows up, and truely hard to find a print like this anywhere in fabric stores.

Palid is a scrumptious Velour, matches perfectly with the RRHood. Plaid Velour a little bit of stretch for great diapers

Red Riding Hood is in a soft cozy baby Cordoroy.
I LOVE this print!
Little heart flowers for RRHood to pick.
You can see the wolf peeking out from behind the tree
a little birdy watches from a branch,
and the path to granny's house is in the background.

DIAPER FABRIC $3.45/per cut Enough Fabric for One Fitted diaper

DIAPER FABRIC, Waterproof PUL, flannel, Elastic, Aplix(velcro for diapers) and Pattern. Enough for 3 whole Pollywog all-in-one diapers! $38.95!

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