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This All-In-One (AIO) is made with a cotton robot print on the outside of the waterproof PUL it has a microfleece inner with a fold out soaker that is topped with microfleece.
The microfleece when washed properly helps to keep baby feeling dry, by allowing the wetness to seep thru into the hemp soaker, and keep it from wicking back out. I like the soaker as a fold out because it washes thouroughly, and dries fast!

Microfleece inner layer

PUL outer All-In-One

This is the same style diaper that is seen on the front page. It is designed with the outer PUL layer, an inner hemp layer, and an attached flap soaker. These diapers never wick wetness, and if used at naptime, you can add extra layers of absorbency by laying in a doubler, a washcloth or two, or even a small sized prefold diaper. These diapers are so easy and fun to sew, I have other diapers with snaps that I like as well.

This is my squeeky baby wearing
a size large PUL outer AIO.
A 5 month 22 lb baby.


This diaper is made just like the Robot dipe, but without the microfleece layer on the inside. The outer cotton print is so fun and looks so cute on, the baby. It fits great and even has enough room to put in doublers for extra absorbency at nap, or night time!

Here is Jordan wearing a white PUL outer AIO

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