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The following webpage contains an Ishkashmi-English word list. Ishkashmi is a tongue spoken by roughly 2,000 inhabitants of the Gorno-Badakshan province of Tajikistan and the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. For a detailed description of the Ishkahmi people refer to the Ishkashmi section in the The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire. The Ishkashmi-English word list was compiled by Sir George A. Grierson and was published as the chapter titled "Ishkashmi-English Vocabulary" in Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami: An Account of Three Eranian Dialects (pp. 69-103; 1920, Royal Asiatic Society, London). This webpage contains an exact reproduction of Grierson's work with the exception that Grierson's transliteration scheme, which was based on Greek characters, has been replaced by R. B. Shaw's, a Latin character scheme that was published on p. 9 of Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami.

Throughout his Ishkashmi-English word list Grieson makes repeated reference to a translated-Ishkashmi story that was included in his work. A copy of Grierson's Ishkashi story can be found the Tajikistan Update at the following address:

Following the majority of the English translations in Grierson's work there are a series of numbers. These numbers are references to a corresponding sections in the Ishkashmi Story that contain usage of this word. For example, notice the numbers 13, 18, 19, and 33 in the following translation:

ambi, a cave, 13, 18, 19, 33 (bis); ambi-ba, , to the cave, 34 (W. bai; S. bui, garma).

These numbers refer to the usage of the word " ambi" in sections 13, 18, 19, and 33 of Ishkashmi Story . Now go to Ishkashmi Story , find sections 13, 18, 19, and 33 and you find the usage of the word ambi in the story.

Another reference used by Grier is a comparison of Ishkashmi words with words in related languages. For example, in the above translation, the phrase "W. bai" is reference towards the word bai in the Wakhi language. The Wakhi word bai and the Ishkashmi word ambi both are translated into English as "a cave." Below is complete listing, found on page 9 of Grierson's work, of the abbreviated language-references found in Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami.

Ar. = Arabic Sg. = Sanglici
Av. = Avesta. Skr. =Sanskrit.
Ish. = Ishkasmi S. = Sarikoli
Mj. = Mujani. W. = Wakhi.
O. Prs. = Old Persian Yd. = Ydgha.
Phl. = Pahlavi Yn. = Yaghnobi
Prs. = Persian Yz. = Yazghulami
R. = Roshani Zb. = Zebaki.
Sh. = Shugni

The following is the forward to "Ishkashmi-English Vocabulary" which appears on page 69 of Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami: An Account of Three Eranian Dialects (pp. 69-103; 1920, Royal Asiatic Society, London).


After each Ishkashmi word I give, so far as they are available, the corresponding, Wakhi and Yazghulami word in Sir Aurel Stein's collection, and also (within marks of parenthesis) a selection of coresponding words in all the Pamiri language, taken partly from Shaw's articles, partly from Biddulph's Yudgha Vocabulary, and partly from my own materials.
The order of words is that employed by me for other Eranian languages, and also for the Dardic languages, including Kashmiri. The words are arranged in the order of their consonants, without any regard to their vowels. Thus, dar, der, and dir all occupy contiguous places, the situation being determined by the d and the r, and by nothing else. Only in those cases in which several words have (like dar, der, and dir) all the same consonants, and differ only in their vocalization, is the order of the vowels taken into account. As regards words beginning with vowels, these are all grouped together at the beginning, the order within the group being determined by the consonants.
As regards the consonants, so far as alphabetical order is concerned, I have treated v and w as one letter. They are so often interchanged, that it would not be advisable to separate them. The following is the order of the consonants: b, c, d, dh, dz, f, g, gh, h, j, k, kh, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, sh (including skh and sch), t (including t), ts, v, (w), y, z, z. )
Whenever a word occurs in the Ishkashmi story, the number of the paragraph is noted in the vocabulary.
The stress-accent, when known, is indicated by ', as in ghad.

a prefix indicating motion into, as in a-toghd (Zb. a-toghd ), he went in, he entered, 34, 38 (cf. Yd. A, in a-vrah , to bring)
-a (Zb.), verbal suffix of the 3rd person singular. Not noted in Ish. (W. -ei ; Sh. -i , -e , not in S.) In Zb. it often has the force of the verb substantive, as in yu vin-a kata , his beard is large. It is also used to indicate the object, as in dedak-am-a , I have beaten him.
ai interj. O, used contemptuously, 17 18. (S. Sh. eh )
-ai, 1 (Zb.), a suffix with the force of the verb substantive, as in mal-ai , it is (my) husband. Cf. -a .
-ai, 2 (Zb.), see -at.
ao (Zb.), see wa.
-e, 1 (Zb.), see -an
-e, 2 (Zb.), the Prs. izafat, occasionally used in Zb.
-e, 3 (Zb.), suffix of indefinite article = Prs. -e.
e, interj, O, used respectfully, 23, 30, 31, 33, 35, 37 (Zb. eh; S. Sh. eh).
-e (Zb.) see -at
i, 1, or wi, possessive pronoun; i, his, 4, 18, 19, 20, 28, 38; her, 17, 27; its, 17, 27; wi, his, 13. The plural is wev, their, 8 (Zb. yu, pl. awenda; tsi, i.e. tsa-i, from this; S. Sh. wi, pl. wife). Cf. pi
i, 2, suffix indicating the accusative case (Zb. i).
i (Zb.), conj., and
-i (Zb.), see -at
u (Zb.), see wa
adam, a man, 1, 37; adam-an, man-they, 2 (Zb. adam). Ar.
udoghd W. dhagd, a daughter, 16, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 (W. dhaghd; Yd. lughdoh)
idawi (Zb.), it falleth; in tsizepke men ba idawi, whatever (share) falls to me.
idsgai, cheese (of sheep-milk); (W. lindic and panir, cheese).
ifc, W. tstr, a spindle.
afsus (Zb.), interj., alas! Prs.
agar, if, 17, 25. Prs.
aghad, he came, 14, 27, 32, 36; aghad, he came; 12; aghad-an, they came, 29, 36 (Zb. is, come thou (imp.); isum, I come; aghad, he came; isak, he has come; Yd. agoghah, to come).
ujirj, W. ckr, a partridge (W. ckr; S. zaredz; Yd. jrjoh.)
eh (Zb.), see e.
kab, W. bispr, an eagle (W. bispr; S. khtsvd).
akik, W. tukh-mury, an egg (W. falenz; S. kakk; Yd. orguh).
ikha, W. khi, a sister (Zb. ikha; W. khi; S. ykh; Sg. ikhva; Mj. yakhva; Yd. yikhoh).
uluk, W. yumj, flour (W. yumj; S. yogz; S. yavaj; Yd. yarah).
alakum as-salam, on you be the peace (answer to a greeting), 32, Ar.
alakh (Zb.), a hill
ulekh or parak, W. prs, a rib (W. prs; S. pal; Mj. alikha).
ilmek (Zb.), the moon, see ma.
lasha W. zankh, the lower jaw (W. zankh; S. zangan; Sh. zingu; Sg. alashah; Mj. alakhshah; Yd. zanakh).
aluzd, W. warok, Yz. afau, to-morrow (W. varok; S. pigah; Sh. vega; Yd. yuje). Cf. paruzd.
am (Zb.), this (sg. obl. ama). Cf. man, miv, and nakwa.
-am (Zb.), see im.
-im (35), -im (15), or -um (15), verbal suffix of the 1st person singular (Zb. am, em, im; W. S. Sh. -am; Yd. em, um). In Zb. also used for sg. dat., as in apnit-a wod-am, he was lost for me.
ambi, a cave, 13, 18, 19, 33 (bis); ambi-ba, , to the cave, 34 (W. bai; S. bui, garma).
ambol, W. shui, a place covered with stones, like a moraine (W. ghor; S. qurum).
an, W. yan, other (W.S. yan; Yd. dir).
-an, verbal suffix of the 3rd person plural, 2 (bis), 3, 7, 8, 29, 36 (bis), 38 (yan after i). In 2 the suffix is pleonastically repeated (adam-an, safar-an). (Zb. -en, -e; W. -av; Sh. -en; Yd. -et, -it. )
andervun, W. tsarz, an awl (W. tsarz; S. tsarz).
inga, then, 10.
ingituk, W. dig'r, a finger-nail (W. dgr; S. nashaur; Sg. narkhak).
aped or apnit (Zb.), lost (S. beid-ao, bis-am, beid-am, bedhj, to be lost).
apukht-an, they listened, 36.
iqa (Zb.) so many.
arca, W. yarz, the juniper (Shaw "cypress"); (W. yarz; S. imbars).
urk, W. shapt, a wolf, 14, 17, 36, 37, 38 (W. shapt; S. khithp; Yd. wury).
arman (Zb.) longing, desire, Prs.
ormozd (Zb.), the sun, see remuz.
urnaduk, W. vur, rain (W. wur; S. wareij; Sh baran; Sg. nok; Mj. neoda; Yd. novoh).
arvdak, both, 11 (W. har kifc; S. virt; Sh. warth; Yd. abeli).
urwes, (14 (bis), 15, 16), or rwesak (36), W. nakhcir, a fox (W. nakhcir; S. rapts; S. rupts; Yd. rusoh).
urwus, W. yirk, barley, oats, corn (W. yurk; S. cushj; Sh. custj, joshac; Sg. vurvuth; Mj. kasak; Yd. yershiyoh).
is (Zb.), see aghad.
usid, W. st, a baking-pan (W. st; S. sd; Prs. saghac).
isak (Zb.), see aghad.
asman, W. sman; Yz. asmin; the sky (W. sman, asman; S. smn; Sh. asman; Sg. asma; Yd. asminoh).
uspir, W. spundar, a plough (W. spundr; S. spur; Yd. sporoh).
usur, W. parg, ashes, cinders (W. parg; S. thier).
as-salam alakum, the peace be on you (a greeting), 32.
ussum, I shall take away, 35; wud, he took away, 13 (bis); (W. yond-ak, yond-am, yutt-am, yutk; S. yod-ao, yus-am, yud-am, yudhj, to take away; Sh. yassum, I shall take away; yd-e, he took away).
st, he is, 16, 17, 18 (bis), 26, 33 (ter); (Zb. ast; S. yost; Sh. yast; Yd. ast-et).
asti-a (Zb.), he may send (pres. subj.); asto or astud, he sent (W. sty-an, sty-am, statt-am, statk).
ush, W. wsh, grass (W. wush; S. wukh; Sh. woskht, vakhsh; Sg. osh; Yd. ush).
ashik, 1, W. yashk, a spring (of water); (W. zkk; S. kaug; Yd. psidroh).
ashik, 2., W. yashk a tear (from the eye); W. yashk; S. yukhk).
ushkuz, W. shik, a lock (W. Shik; S. acghu; Sh. skhidz, a key).
ushtur (Zb.), a camel, see shtur.
ushtevun, W. bun, a pitchfork (W. bun; S. skaun).
at, open; at kul, he opened, 37 (W. ht; S. hat; Sh. het; Yd. kushadah).
-at, verbal suffix of the 2nd person singular, 18 (be-fam-at). After a vowel, -t (tu-t) , 14, 18, 30; with force of 2nd person singular of the present of the verb substantive (tu-t, thou-art), 30 (W. S. Sh. -at; Yd. -et). In 18 it is pleonastically repeated. Zb. has -e, -i, or -ai, as in ned-e, thou tookest; dud-i, thou gravest; ast-ai, thou art.
t, W. hat; Yz. hosht, card., eight (Zb. ot; W. ht; S. wokht; Sh. washt; Sg. hat; Mj. ashka).
-et (Zb.), a suffix indicating the verb substantive, as in am tsiz saz raqqasi-et, what is this signing and dancing? fri-t (she) is beautiful.
ot (Zb.), see t.
a-toghd, Zb. ataghd, he entered, 34, 38; see toghd Cf. a.
atishuk, W. atishuk, lightning (for W. and S. Shaw give the Ar. barkh for barq; Yd. arunwoh).
uvd, W. hb; Yz. hovd, card., seven (Zb. uvd; W. hb; S. vd; Sh. wuvd; Sg. hoft; Mj. odh).
ivduk, wollen thread (W. ztr; S. vrgh; Sh. vudrash).
avul, he found, obtained, 34 (bis); viri (if) he finds, 17; viraw, find ye (impve.), 16 (Zb. awerum-bi, I shall find; awal-am, I found; S. vig-ao, vare-am, vg-am, vgj, to find; Sh. vare-am, I find).
awend, awenda (Zb.), see wa
awaz (Zb), a sound, noise. Prs.
avzuk, W. pazuw, the heart (Zb. auzak or auzen; W. pzv; S. zrd; Sh. zradh; Sg. uzdai; Mj. zil; Yd. zil).
az, I, 6, 10, 25, 30, 35; az-im; I-I, 35; az-im, I-I, 15; mum, me; mun, my (Zb. az, I; mak, me, for me; men; my, me; mox, we; moc, of us, us; W. wuz, I; sg. obl. ma, maz; pl. sak, sakisht; obl. sak; S. waz; sg. obl. mu; pl. mash; obl. mash; Yn. man; sg. obl. man; pl. makh; obl. makh; Yd. zoh; sg. obl. man; pl. makh; obl. makh). Cf. mum, mun.
auzak, auzen (Zb.), see avzuk.
uznul, W. stakh, a daughter-in-law (W. stakh; S. zanal).
azar (Zb.), card., a thousand. Prs. hazar.
izum, bring thou (impve.), 26; zum, bring thou (impve.), 33; izmuw, bring ye (impve.), 16, 28 (Zb. izemav, bring ye (impve.); W. wzm-an, wzm-am, wazmd-am, wzmetk, to bring).

-ba or (16) b, postposition of the dative, to, 5 (bis), 6, 9, 10, 16, 22 (bis), 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 35; for 33 (bis) 34 (Zb. b; W. -ar; S. -ar, -ir; Sh. -ar, -er, erd; Yd. -en).
bi (Zb.), particle used with the present to indicate the future. Its use is optional. Prs.
bibi, W. mum, a grandmother (W. mum; S. mm).
bobo, W. pup, a grandfather (W. pup; S. bb; Sg. bava; Yd. pap).
buc, W. yuksh, an ibex (W. yuksh; S. yakh).
bad, after; tsand roz bad, after some days, 32. Ar.
badmasti (Zb.), debauchery. Prs.
be-fam, adj., foolish, ignorant; be-fam-at, foolish-thou, 18 (Prs. be-fahm). Cf. nafam.
bah (Zb.), a kiss; bah kal, he kissed.
buk, W. buk, a hillock (W. boq; S. beaq).
bakhsh (Zb.), the portion of food or provision allotted (to an animal). Prs.
bale (Zb.), yes.
bun, bottom; pi-bun, below it, 18 (S. bun; below, pa-bunv; Sh. bon).
bar (Zb.), an embrace. Prs.
barg, W. palc, the leaf of a tree (W. palc; S. pork; Sh. parg; Yd. panuk). Prs.
bruj, W. furz, the birch-tree (W. furz; S. kaying; Sh. bruj).
brshum, silk (W. varshm; S. varekhm). Prs.
batuk, W. urt, a beetle (W. singurt; S. jisk).
baital (Zb.), a mare.
bazu, 1, W. barut, the elbow (W. bret; S. yorn; Yd. reze).
bazu, 2, W. arat, a cubit (Sh. cuv-gaz).
bazargan (Zb.), a merchant. Prs. bazargan.

ci (Zb.) in ci-pusht, behind, after. Cf. cposht.
cici, W. bap, the bosom (W. bap; S. tej; Sh. bash; Sg. ciji).
cudan, W. deg, a cooking-pot, cauldron (W. dig; S. deg).
cil or lta, a women's turban (W. cil; S. tsaul, coarse cotton cloth. Cf. lata).
ciliak (Zb.), a finger-ring.
cand, some, several, 8, 14. Cf. tsand. Prs.
cangal, W. cungl, a claw, a tolan (W. cang; S. cangl). Prs.
cen'r, a plane-tree, 18 (ter, cen'r. cenr, cenr), 20 (ter, cenr, cenr, cenr).
copan (Zb.), a shepard. Prs.
cposht, W. tor, the back of the head (W. tor; S. tur); with cposht, cf. ci-pusht, s.v. ci, above.
cara, W. cat, a herd of cattle, horned cattle (W. cat; S. cat; Sh. stor, pda).
curgi, horse-clothing (W. prigin; S. parwein).
ciragh, a candle, a light, 37 (bis) (W. sham; S. shm; Sh. tsirv).
cirak, W. rem, dirt (W. rim; S. kheidh).
carmaz, W. tor, a walnut (W. tor; S. ghauz; Yd. oghuzoh).
carana (Zb.), bi carana, he is grazing (cattle); carandani, for grazing (infin. of purpose). Borrowed from India.
carpa (Zb.), a quadruped; pl. carpa-hai, cattle. Prs.
cut (Zb.) small, young; a child (Indian). Cf. the next.
cutokok, W. dzakli, little, small (Zb. cut; W. dzaklai; S. dzl; Sh. dzlikik, ghada; Yd. rizah).
ciz, what? subst., 32; adj., 16 (Zb. tsiz, tsa-na; W. tsiz; S. tseiz; Sh. ka, ciz, tsiz; Yd. koyi, tsi, ces).

da (Zb.), see dak.
dai, give thou (imp.), 5, 9; dud, he gave, 30; dayum, I shall give, 6, 10, 25, 29 (Zb. dai, give thou; dud, he gave; dudak, he has given; W. radh-n, rand-am, ratt-am or dhett-am, ratk, to give; S. dhd-ao, dh-m, dhd-am, dhdj, to give; Sh. dhed-ao, dhi-am, dhad-am, dhdj, to give; Yd. liah, to give). Cf. du.
dau or (2) do, W. bui, Yz. dhau, card, two (Zb. do, dov; W. bui, bu; S. dhau, dha; Sh. dho; S. du; Mj. do; Yn. du; Yd. loh).
du, he may put, 18; ded, he put, 20 (Zb. deh, strike thou, put thou (imp.); dev, put ye (or (?) give ye); ded, he struck; dedak, he has struck; W. ding or diin, di-am, dikht-am, dietk, to strike, to put; S. dhd-ao, dhm, d-am, dhdhj, to strike, to put; Sh. dhed-ao, dhad-am, dhd-am, dhdj, to strike, to put; Yd. ziah, to beat). Cf. dai.
ded, dedak (Zb.), see du.
dud, see dai.
daf, W. dria, a cymbal, or similar musical instrument (W. doria; S. naghm).
digdan, W. duldung, a hearth, fireplace, chimney (W. dildong; S. katsur).
dah, W. dhas, Yz. dus, card, ten, 22 (Zb. dos; W. dhas; S. dhes; Sh. dhis; Sg. dhas; Mj. dah).
deh (Zb.), see du.
dehqan (Zb.), a cultivator. Ar. Prs.
dak or da (Zb.), postposition, on, in; ma-dak, here; wo-da or ta-da, there. Cf. Ish. wadak, there.
dokandar (Zb.), a shopkeeper. Prs.
dkosha, W. tukum, a stirrup (W. rekb; S. padh-bun).
dilasa (Zb.), consolation. Prs.
daulat (Zb.), wealth. Ar.
daulatdar (Zb.), wealthy. Ar. Prs.
dam (Zb.), the back (of an animal).
dumb, a tail; sg. acc. dmb-i, 13 (W. dmba; S. dmb; Yd. lum).
do-mas (Zb.), adv., again.
dana, W. jaoji, a horse's bit (W. jaoji; S. jaojao).
dnd, W. dnduk, a tooth (Zb. dndak; W. dndk; S. dhandn; Sh. dhendn; Yd. lud).
deqat (Zb.), worry. Ar.
dar, prep., in, 16. Prs.
der, W. dur, the belly, stomach, 48 (pl.), 38 (Zb. der; W. wanj, dur; S. kec; Sh. kic: Yd. uzut).
dir, 1, that (S. Sh. di, this (obl. sg.)).
dir, 2., W. dhor, a ravine, a gorge (W. dhor; S. der). Cf. kharaw.
dir-shluk, W. dhir, far, distant (Zb. dir; W. dir; S. dar; Yd. luroh).
durk, W. (shungwood, a stick (W. shung; S. khng; Mj. ishkavat; Yd. skut).
darakht (Zb.), a tree. Prs.
darun, postposition, within, into, 20; among, 17 (drun), 26 (darn); po . . . darun, in, within, 33 (S. darn). durr, pearls, 33 (bis). Ar.
dos (Zb.), card, ten, see dah.
dust, or (18, 20) dust, W. dast, the hand (Zb. dast; W. dhast; S. dhst; Sh. st; Sh. dast; Mj. last; Yd. last).
dit, W. dhit, Yz. dhad, smoke (W. dhit; S. dhd; Yd. lui). Cf. shu-dit.
dets, W. dtsk. a mussuk, a goatskin used for swimming. (W. dhotsk; S. ambn; Prs. sanac). Cf. kulvar.
dev (Zb.), see du.
dov (Zb.), see dau.
dayum, see dai.
duzd, W. ghudh (? ghud), a thief (W. ghudh; S. ziedh). Prs. duzd.
dz, a place, 33; dz-an, place-they; pdsh dz-an aghad, they came to the place of the king, they came near the king, 29; kum dz, in what place? where? 14; sar dz, in front of, 18 (Zb. ja).
dzubar, W. wad, a canal, watercourse (W. S. wdh; W. carm; Sq. stang; Sg. chodar; Prs. jub).
dzigdak, W. ksht all (Zb. juk; W. kkht; S. fk; Sh. fuk; Yd. amba).
dzistuk, W. rang, fast (of a horse) (W. ranjk; S. rindz).

fai, W. bsh; S. bakh).
fi, W. pi; a shovel (W. pei, bil; S. fei, beil).
fak, 1, self (W. khat, gen. kh; S. kh; Sh. khu, khubath; ; Yd. koyah). Cf. khe, khadak.
fak, 2 you, your honour; tsa fak tilpum, I ask from your honour, 23; similarly tsa fak, 33 (? Cf. S. fk; Sh. fuk, all). Cf. khe, khadak.
falakhmn, a sling (W. shkupn; S. vizdoc).
flla, W. pix, thick milk, given shortly after calving, beesting milk (W. pix; S. rathc.
fl'vuk, W. casht, the midday meal, breakfast (W. casht; S. tsukht).
fri, W. baf, good, 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 23, 24, 26, 30, 31, 32; fri-ba, to the good man, 30 (Zb. feri; W. baf; S. carj; Sh. bashand; Yd. ghashe).
farbi, W. pus, a sheep, full-grown and fat (W. pus; S. pies).
frin, he remained, 11 (W. warec-n or wara-in, waric-am, waregn-am, warekhg; S. reid-ao, ris-am, reid-am, reidhj, to remain; Sh. reid, he remained; Yd. uzaiyah, to remain).
frun, W. rn, a shelf, plank, wooken board (W. rn; S. run).
frinduk, W. warekhk, tired, weary (W. warekhk; S. warezdj).
fershun (Zb.), night, night-time.
frut, he asked, 14, 22 (Zb. ferat, he asked; W. prs-an, prs-am, prst-am, prstk; S. prst-ao, prs-am, prst-am, prstj; Sh. pekhst; Yd. pistah, to ask).
futs, W. ghash, the mouth (Zb. fots; W. ghash; S. ghov; Sh. ghaiv; Sg. fotsah; Mj. yurab; Yd. pukhor).

gakha (Zb.), thou makest, preparest; gakht, he prepared (W. gokh-an, gokh-am, gokht-am, khetk, to make).
gal (Zb.), postposition, near, with, together with.
g'la W. khoc, Sg. khsta, bread; gla, 5, 9 (Zb. gla, bread, food; W. khoc, S. khpik; Sh. gardha; Sg. khesta; Mj. naghan; Yd. naghan).
gola, W. woltuk, the liver (W. jigar; S. thud; Yd. ziger).
gul, all, entire, the whole of, 19, 33 (bis); ? corruption of Ar. qul.
gul, assembled; gul kul, he made assembled, he called together, 21 (W. ghrt; S. wakhtj). Cf. the preceding.
gulbaduk, W. mur, Yz. varm, a cloud (W. mur; S. varm; Yd. migh).
gulok, W. spray, a flower, sprout (W. spragh; S. gl; Sh., Yd. gul).
gan (Zb.), a suffix of the plural.
guna, a fault, 23.
gap, conversation; acc. sg. gap-i, 19 (Zb. gap, a word, speech; W. qsa; S. gap; Yd. gap dah, to coverse). Prs.
gre, a knot (W. zerakh; S. zere). Prs.
gosh-var, an ear-ring (W. gshwr, gishniz, ghish-prg; S. gcwar, gakhnez, ghaul-safs). Prs. Cf. murdik.
govaz, W. shinap, a quagmire, mud (W. ghot, shinap; Sg. ghat, yat-in).
guya-ke (Zb.), conj., as if, as though. Prs.
guzar, W. trt, a ford (W. trt; S. paug). Prs.

ghu, W. ghiu, a cow (Zb. ghui; W. cat gh; S. cat zau; Sh. jao, stor; Sg. yao; Mj. yaoda; Yd. yowoh).
ghob-naduk, W. ghob, green slime on standing water (W. ghob; S. lsh).
ghed (Zb.), he said, see ghezd.
ghdara, W. lut, a water-vessel (W. lut; S. liet).
ghudarga W. karau, dung (W. sigin; S. gharsh, srn).
ghufca, W. shpk, a stick, a rod (W. shpk; S. kheib; Sh. math).
ghai (Zb.), see ghol.
ghl, W. alk, the throat (W. alqum; S. alqm; Sg. ghar; Yd. ghr-daghoh).
ghol, W. ghragh, the collar of a garment (W. gharagh; S. zerej).
ghol, W. ghish, the ear (Zb. ghal; W. ghish; S. ghaul; Sh. ghokh; Sg. ghovar; Yd. ghu).
ghulak, W. sambanak, a bow (to shoot with). (W. kamnak; S. tsan).
ghulam (Zb.), a slave. Ar.
ghundum, W. yudim, wheat (W. yidim; S. zandam; Sh. zindam; Sg., Mj. ghandam; Yd. ghadam).
ghenuk, W. rip, hair on the body (Zb. seghund, hair; W. rip; S. reb).
ghar, a cave; ghar-ba, to the cave, 34. See ambi.
ghurik, W. ujirk, lucerne (W. wujerk; S. beda).
ghest (Zb.), he returned, he came back (Yd. ghostcah, to return).
ghuz (Zb.), run thou (imp.); ghuzd, he ran (W. gfs-an, to run; Sh. zezd, he ran; Yd. ghazdah, to run).
ghazab, anger, 16. Ar.
ghazd, W. rapuk, refuse (subst.). (W. repk; S. akhlat).
ghezd, he said, 5,6,9,10, 16 (ter), 18, 23 (bis), 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 (bis), 35, 37 (Zb. ghezum, I say; ghed, he said; W. khan-ak, khan-am, khatt-am, khanetk; S. levd-ao, lev-am, levd-am, levdj; Sh. levd-ao, lov-am, lovd-am, lovdj).
ghezak (Zb.), singing, to sing; ? lit. "to say".

he, any; he ciz nus, nothing, 34 (Zb., W., S. hec; Prs. hec).
hee (Zb.) , see he.
hukm, a command order, 24. Ar.
halka, a fowler's net (W. tor; S. tur).
ham-digar, each other; sg. acc. ham-digar-i; each other-they, ham-digari-yan, 38; see an. Prs.
hamrah (Zb.), a friend. Prs.
hush (Zb.), sense, consciousness. Prs.

ja (Zb.), a place, used as postposition, near, near to; see dz.
jbak, W. jbak, a pocket (W. yijib; S. yenjiek).
juk (Zb.), all, entire, the whole. Cf. dzigdak.
jam (Zb.), collected. Ar.. jam'.
just (Zb.), he fled, he ran away (? cf. Pres. jastan, to leap).

ka (Zb.), postposition, in, on, to, by means of.
kai (Zb.), inter. pron., who? Cf. kudum .
ke, 1 (Zb.), rel. pron., who? Cf. tse. Prs.
ke 2. (Zb.), conj., that. Prs.
keu, in keu kul-an, they made trouble, i.e. invited (so and so) to enter, 38. See Shaw, Sarikol, p. 181, note.
kabut, W. savz, blue, 17, 26, (W. savz; S. khoin, svz; Yd. akshin).
kuc (Zb.), a wife. Cf. zanj.
kud, W. shac, a dog, 12, 13 (Zb. ked; W. shac; S., Sh. kd; Sg. kod; Mj. ghalb; Yd. galv).
kudam (Zb.), any.
kudum, who? (Zb. kai; W. kui; S. coi; Sh. cai, ci; Mj. kad; Yd. kyum, who? W. kum-jai, where? S. cum, when?). Cf. kum.
kaf, W. pun, the hollow of the hand (W. pun). Cf. pu-kaf, s.v. pu.
kif, pierce thou (imp.), 10; kift, he pierced, 7 (S cafand-ao, cafan-am, cafand-am, cafandj, to pierce, to split; Sh. skhicef, pierce thou).
kfc, W. kapc, a spoon (W. kapc, kifcilaz; S. cib. kamic).
kofn, W. kp, a camel's hump (W. kap; S. kiep).
kk, W. wesk, dry (W wesk; S. ziakhtj; Sh. kk; Yd. ushk).
kal, W. kal, hornless (W., S. kal).
kel, 1, W. kz, a knife (W. kz; S. cog; Sh. ced; Sg. kirh; Yd. keroh).
kel, 2 (Zb.), consumption; kel kal, he consumed.
kul, he made, 37, 38 (bis); kul, he did, he made, 13, 21; kl-ut, thou madest, 25; kul-an; they, 38; kunum, I will make, 24, 25; kn, make thou, 6 (Zb. kanak, to do, to make; kunam or kenam, I make; kun, make thou (impve.); kal, he made, he did; W. khak or gokh-an, gokh-am, gokht-am, khetk; S. ceig-ao, kan-am, caug-am, caugj; Sh. cid-ao, kin-am, cud-am, cugj; Yd. kerah, to do, to make).
kul, 1, see kul.
kul, 2, a pool, 18 (ter), 20 (S. kaul). Turki.
kla, W. skidh, a tall sheepskin cap (W. skidh; S. khaudh, a skull-cap).
kullakh, W. tung, hard (W. tung; S. teng; Yd. sakt).
kalapo, W. past, low (W. past; S. karsi; Yd. pst).
kulvar, W. pitvar, a small mussuk or goatskin, see dets (W. pitvar; S. jagbist).
kum, what? (adj.); kum dz, where ?, 14, see kudum.
kimd (Zb.), he wished.
kamuk, W. dam, the back (of man or animal). (Zb. dam; W. part, dm; S. comj, dom; Sh. dam; Sg. kamik; Yd. pishcoh).
kni, W. kinei, bleached coarse cotton cloth (W. kinei; S. lel).
kn, kanak, kunum, etc., see kul.
kancani (Zb.), a harlot.
k'ndak, W. zakh, a thorn (W. zakh; S. shudh).
kandar, in kandar kul, he made (into) pieces, he tore into pieces, 38 (S. kond; Sh. qand, a piece).
kapal, W. kapal, the skull.
kur, blind, a blind man, 6, 11 (plur.), 16, 18, 19 (W. kur; S. kaur; Yd. yadhe). According to Shaw this is Turki.
kric, W. ktic, a hut on the Yailak, or summer grazing-ground (W. ktic; S. garma).
kurcin, W. krk, a fowl (Zb. kercun a cock; W. krk; S. tukhi; Yd. keryoh).
kurni, W. shnd, raven (W. shnd; S. khern).
kurust, or (17) korost, W. pist, a skin (W. pist; S. past; Yd. karass) . Cf. rasht.
kasa, W. kubun, a wooden dish (W. kudun; ; S. tothc).
ka'suk, W. dur, the funnel-shaped feeder of a mill (W. dur; S. skaun).
kash, W. pz, an armful (W. pz; S. maghaul).
kaush, (Zb.), a shoe. Prs. kafsh.
kashtgah, (Zb.), a field. Prs. kashtgah.
kash-vish, W. kalbun, the armpit (W. kal; S. bijel).
kshin, W. sakshin, the posteriors, podex (W. tamshin).
kata (Zb.), see katta.
ket (Zb.), cut (the participle).
kut, he flayed, he slaughtered, 27 (S. kokht-ao, kegh-am, kkht-am, kokhtj, to flay, slaughter; Sh. ksht-e, he slaughtered; Yn. kush-, slaughter.).
kutl, the act of leading; kutl-kul, he led, 13 (S. kutal ceig-ao, to lead; Sh. kutl-i cud, he led; Yn. kutli-sh, his leading).
katta, W. lup, great, big. katta is Turki (Zb. kata).
kovd, W. shshk, a kind of rough boot made of untanned leather (W. shshk; S. pekh).
kuwid, W. kibit, a pigeon, a dove (W. kibit; S. cabaud; Sh. capud; Yd. kowu).
kvzuk, W. karjps, a magpie (W. karjpc; S. kargopc; Sh. kshebts).
kayigh, W. spardhanj, a flea (W. spardhenj; S. brgah).
kaz, W. kard, crooked (W. kard; S cerd; Yd. cop; Prs. kaj).
kuzuk, W. druksh, a bull (Zb. kezuk; W. druksh S. khiej; Sh . sij; Yd. kyakh).

kh, (Zb.), see khn.
khe, own; (my) own, 29; (thine) own, 6; (his) own, 7, 16, (plur.) (bis), 18 (bis), 20 (bis), 21 (plur.), 30, 34; ts-khe, from thine own, 10 (Zb. khe; W., S. kh; Sh. khu). Cf. fak, 1; khadak.
khob, interj., well! good! all right, 23, 33. Prs.
khub (Zb.), adv., well, thoroughly.
khabar, news, 16, 28. Ar.
khuda, God, 35 (Zb. khudai). Prs.
khadak, (I my) self, 35 (S. kh-bath Sh. kh-bath). Cf. fak, 1; khe.
khudari, W. khudarg, a watermill (W. wadhorg; S. khadhorj; Yd. khirwoh).
khafa (Zb.), angry. Prs.
khafuk, W. khuf, foam (W. khuf; S. khef).
khofuk, W. kakh, a cough (W. kokh; S. kekh; Yd. kofah).
khug, W. khg, a wild pig (Zb. khug; W. wg; S. khaug). Prs.
khol, W. shad, Yz. shu, card, six (Zb. khal; W. shadh; S. khel; Sh. khauskh; Sg. khoar; Mj. akhshi; Yd. ukshoh).
khuluk, W. bac, a paternal uncle (W. bac; S. dudh; Yd. bai).
khum, W. zarz, milk (W. zarz; S. khevd; Sh. skhuvd; Sg. khatab; Mj. khshir; Yd. kshira).
khn, W. khun, a house; khan-um, house-I, 15 (Zb. khn or kh; W. khun; S. ced; Sh. cid; Sg. khan; Mj. kei; Yd. kye).
khnavar, (Zb.), a house.
khair, W. khai, perspiration, sweat (W. khil, araq; S. khaidh).
khir, W. kuryan, a nephew (W. khilian).
khur, W. khur, an ass, a donkey (Zb. khur; W. khur; S. sher; Sh . markab; Sg. khar; Mj. kara; Yd. khoroh).
kharc (Zb.), expenditure. Ar. kharj.
khrajik, W. khardz, a spark (W. gard; S. khrm).
khurjin, a sack, a saddle-bag, 33 (bis). (S. khurjin, a saddle-bag; Sh. khirjin; Yn. khurjin). Prs.
kharuk, food, the act of eating; kharuk-ba, for food, 34.
kharum, I will eat, 35 (Zb. khar-am, I eat; khar, eat thou (impve).; S. kheig-ao, khor-am, khg-am, khgj; Sh. khed-ao, . . ., khud-am, . . .; Sg. khvar-; Yn. khvar- (past, khort-); Yd. khurah; to eat).
khurs, W. nghordum, a bear, 14 (bis), 16, 18, 36, 37 (bis), 38 (W. nghordum; S. yrkh; Sh. yursh; Yd. yersh).
kharaw or dir W. jiraw or dhor, a ravine, a gorge with a stream (W. jirav, dhor; S. darh, dher; Sh . shervidj).
khush, W. khash, a mother-in-law (W. khash; S. khekh).
khesh, see mish-khesh.
kush-wakht, pleased, glad, 28, 29 (Zb. khashwakhti or khushwakhti, merriment).
khut, he arose, 19, 21, 34 (cf. Kashmiri khotu, he arose; Zb. khezum, I arise; khez stand up (impve); khet, he arose; W., S., and Sh. employ different roots).
khatir (Zb.), postposition, for, for the sake of. Ar.
khazina-i-ghaib, a hidden treasure, acc., -ghaib-i, 33. Prs.
khez, khezum (Zb.), see khut.
khizmat (Zb.), service. Ar. khidmat.
khazok, W. khuzg, sweet (W. khzg, ; S. khegh; Sh. khaish; Yd. kshunt).

leu , W. mug, blunt, stupid (W. muq; S. meak; Yd. mighioh). Cf. lev.
labad, W. pshin, a patch on a garment (W. pshin; S. psaun).
lajam, W. yikhan, a bridle (W. yikhn; S. vidhn; Yd. avlan).
lekin (Zb.), conj., but. Prs.
la'l, rubies, 33 (bis). Prs. la'l.
lip, W. tigi, complete, entire (W. drst; S. ptn).
lata, W. cl, coarse cotton cloth (W. cil; S. tsaul).
lta or cil, a woman's turban, see cil. Cf. lata.
lav, 1., W. lafc, a lip (W. lafc, lav; S. pauz; Sg. law; Yd. parshik). Cf. the next.
lav, 2, a piece (of bread), 5, 9 (S. ghov; Sh. ghew). Cf. the preceding.
lev, mad, 35 (W. liw; S. dhew). Cf. leu.
lew, a night-mare, a night-spectre that eats people, 36, i.q. vaghd, q.v. This word and the preceding have a common origin. Av. daeva-, a demon.
layiq (Zb.), worthy, fit. Ar.

ma, W. mui or zmak, Yz. mast, the moon (Zb. ilmek; W. jumak; S. ms; Sh. mest; Sg. dulmik; Mj. yomgha; Yd. moghoh).
mai, W. madhr, Yz. mithmad, noon, midday (W. madhr; S. madhor; Yd. mishen).
mi (Zb.), a day (Yz. mith). Cf. roz.
mabin, W. malng, the midst, middle (Zb. maden, between, among; W. malung; S. madhn; Sh. medhena; middle; Yd. do-malan, between). Ar.
moc (Zb.), see az.
med, W. mad, the waist, the middle of the body (Zb. med, the back; W. madh; S. medh; Sh. midh).
madak (Zb.), adv., here, see dak. Cf. wadak.
mudam (Zb.), adv., always, at all times. Ar.
mauj, W. rauj, flame (W. rauj; S. sauj).
mak (Zb.), see az.
muk, W. mak, the spinal cord (W. mak; S. mok).
mkuduk, W. mukht, a frog (W. mukht; S. kharbej; Sh. sher-bic).
mokh (Zb.), see az.
mal, 1. (Zb.), a property.
mal, 2. (Zb.), a husband.
ml, cattle, 17, 26 (W. mal; S. mul; Sh. ml).
mla (Zb.), a jingling repetition of gla, bread, q.v.; gla-mla, bread and the like, food generally.
m'la, W. namurzg, a bush-harrow, a rake (W. namurzg; S. namzg).
mel, W. mai, a female sheep, a ewe (W. mai; S. maul, mao).
mul, he died, 38; muluk, 1, W. murtai, a corpse (Zb. murum, I shall die; mul, dead; W. mara-in, mari-am, mrtt-am, mrtk; S. marg-ao, mir-am, maug-am, maugj; Sh. mid-ao, ?mir-am, mud-am, mughj; Yd. murah, to die; Yn. amir, he died. W. mardhah; S. murdhh; Sh. murdha; Yd. jassat, a corpse).
mlak (Zb.), see muluk.
mum, cf. az and mun; mum-ba, to me, 5, 9, 24, 26, 33 (bis). (Zb. mak, men; W. ma; S. mu; Sh. mu; Yn., Yd. man).
man, this (acc. sing.), 35 (Zb. am, this; sg. obl ama; W. yem; S., Sh. mi; Yn. ish; Yd. -man). Cf. miv and nakwa.
mun, my, 25 (Zb. men; W. zu; S., Sh. mu; Yn., Yd. man). Cf. az, mum.
mind, W. mr, an apple (W. mr; S. mn; Sh. man; Mj. aminga; Yd. amunoh).
munasib (Zb.), proper, fitting. Ar.
murdik, W. prg, a small ring (W. prg; S. safs; cf. marjn. Cf. Yd. pergushcoh, a ring). Cf. goshvar.
murghuk, W. mngas, a sparrow (W. wingas; S. wadhic).
murghavi (Zb.), a duck. Prs. murghabi.
marjn, W. satk, an ornament (on the person). (W. satk; S. safs. Cf. murdik).
murum (Zb.), see mul.
mus, clothes, 34 (W. bt; S., Sh. lel).
misuk, W. khaval, a pillow (W. khaval; S. bala).
mish-khes, W. khesh, a family (W. khesh; S. khekh).
mut, W. mst, the fist; mut, W. muc, a double handful, the hollow of both hands (W. mst; S. mut, a fist; W. mic; S. mut a handful; W. mic; S. ingrov, a double handful).
mutsuk, see po-mutsuk.
miv, of these, their, 23. Cf. am, man, and nakwa (W. yem; S. mef; Yd. a-maf).
muzdur (Zb.), a servent. Prs. muzdur.

na, adv., not, 34 (Zb. na). Cf. nus and no, ne.
-na, sufix indicating possession, as in pdsh-na wak udoghd, a daughter belonging to the king, i.e. one fo the king's daughters, 26 (W., S. -an; Sh. -and, -ind).
nao (Zb.), see naw.
no, ne (Zb.), adv., no. Cf. na.
ned, he seized, grasped, 13, 20; nasu, he may grasp, he may seize, 18 (Zb. nast, take (impve.); ned, he took, he bought; nadak, he has taken (as a wife), he has married; Yn. nas-; past stem, nat-, to take).
nid, sit thou down (impve.), 31; nedum, I will sit down, 35; nlust, 12, nulust, 31, he sat down; nulustuk, he has sat down, 37 (Zb. nid, sit thou down (impve.); nidai, he lives, dwells; nalast, he sat down; nalastak, he has sat down, he dwells; W. ndh-n, nazd-am, nen-am, niegn; S. nalist-ao, nith-am, nalst-am, nalstj; Sh. . . ., neth-am, nust, or nast-am, nustj or nastj, to sit; Yn. nid, sit thou; nidm I will sit; anid, he sat; Yd. niastah, to sit).
ndukwek, W. doghav, whey.
nedum, see nid.
naf, W. naf, the navel (W . nof; S. vanuj). Prs.
nafam, foolish, ignorant, 17. Cf. be-fam.
nigah (Zb.), keeping, guarding. Prs.
nek, adj., good, 5. Cf. fri.
naukar (Zb.), a servent. Prs.
nakwa (17, 19) or nakavi, this (cf. S. nak-yam, this very; nak-ds, thus; Sh. ikyam, this very; ikyuwi, that very). Cf. man and miv.
nul, W. mis, a point, tip; W. nck, a beak (W. mis; S. naul; Yd. sr, a point; W. nck; S. nsk, a beak).
nulust, nulustk, see nid.
nem (Zb.), a name (W. nung; S., Sh. nm; Yd. nam).
nim (Zb.), half. Prs.
nmulghak, W. nimak, salt (W. nimaf; S. namadhj; Sg. nomolgha; Mj. namalgha).
nn, W. nan, a mother (Zb., W. nn; S. an; Sh . mad, nan; Sg. nan; Yd. ninoh).
nuqra (Zb.), silver. Ar.
nar (Zb.), see nark.
ner, W. udhg, Yz. nur, to-day, 15, 22; ner-ba, to to-day, 22 (Zb. ner; W. wudhg; S. nr; Sh. nur; Yn. in-nur).
nark, 1, W. ghsh, male (Zb. nar; W. ghsh; S. nier; Sh. nir; Sg. narak; Yd. ner).
nark, 2, W. ghsh-kala, a male sheep, a ram (W. ghsh ma, war; S. nier maul, wiern; Sh. yirk, maghij; Yd. pleshyeh).
nirkhok, W. yangl, a finger (W. yangl; S. ingakht; Sh. angaskht; Sg. ingit; Mj. ankardia; Yd. ogushtcoh).
nasu, see nad.
nus, not, in he ciz nus, nothing, 34 (Zb. na, nas, not). Cf. na.
nast, 1 (Zb.), see nad.
nast, 2 (Zb.), is not; nast-am, I am not. Prs.
nesht (Zb.), he placed, he put.
nusht he went out, he emerged, 19 (Zb. nashet, he emerged; W. niuz-an, niuz-am, niesht-am, nieshk; S. na tig-ao, na ti-am, na tg-am, na tgj; Sh. nashtid-ao, nashti-am, nashtuid-am . . . ; Yd. kshiyah, to go out; Yn. niz-, past stem nisht-, to go out).
netsa, W. rashpk, a weaver's shuttle (W. rashpk; S. mki).
nits, W. mis, the nose (Zb. nits; W. mis; W. nz; Sh. nedz; Sg. fusik; Mj. foska; Yd. fiskoh).
naw, W. nao, Yz. nu, card, nine (Zb. nao; W. nau; S. neaw; Sh. nao; Sg., Mj. nao; Yn. nau; Yd. no).
n'wa W. pt-kharm, a trough (W. ptkhrm; S. khkh).
nawuk, W. shghd, new (W. shoghd; S. nj; Sh. nau; Yd. nue).
newar (Zb.), draw (water from a well) (impve.).
nvus, W. npus, a grandchild (m. or f.). (W. naps; S. nabs; Sh . nebos).

pa, prep., in, 19; into, 18 (Zb., W., S. pa). Cf. pi, po.
pi, prep., in it (for pa-i); in pi-bun, below it, 18 (cf. Sh. pis, on). Cf. pa, po.
po, prep., in, in po . . . darun; inside, 33. Cf. pa, pi.
poi, W. pai, curds (W. pai; S. poi; Sg. neduk; Mj. niya)
pu, W. pud, a foot (Zb. pud; pdh; S. pedh; Sh. pdh; Yd. pelloh); pu-kaf, W. kaf, the sole of the foot (W. psht; S. naburg; Sg. pudash).
pucun, W. wuc, an arrow (S. pudh; Sh. surb, pas; Yd. laspikh).
paid, manifest, hence, ready for use, 34. Prs.
pud (Zb.), see pu.
pudf, W. gosht, meat flesh (W. gusht; S. gkht; Sh. goft; Sg. pudaf; Mj. ghosh; Yd. ghush).
pedin, light thou, set thou alight (impve), 37 (Sh. pedhed-ao, to light (impve.), pedhin).
pdsh (15, 16 (bis), 21, 23 (bis), 24, 25, 27, 29, 30); p'dsha (17, 18, 21, 28, 31, 33), a king; p'dsh-ba (28, 35), to the king; p'dsh-na, of, or belonging to, the king, 16). Prs.
paghao (Zb.), a well.
pegham (Zb.), a message. Prs. paigham.
pok, W. puk, hump-backed (W. dwl S. ceng).
pakol, a woman's mantilla (W. cil; S. khdhbun).
pailing, W. pduna, a saddle (W. pdhn; S. bidhn; S. bidhan; Yd. palan).
plas, W. palas, a rug (W. palas; S. palus).
palu-var, W. dustak, a door plug (W. grj; S. gargh, a door socket).
pam, W. kshad, broad, wide (W. kshdh; S. khudh; Yd. ukwah).
pm, W. ghr, wool (W. ghr; S. wn; Sh. wun; Yd. pam).
po-mutsuk, to clothe (a person); po-mutsuk-ba, (he obtained clothes) for clothing (himself), 34 (Zb. pumetsav, clothe ye (impve.); W. pumetsiv-an; S. pamedznd-ao).
panjah (Zb.), card, fifty. Prs.
punz, W. panz, Yz. pindz; card, five (Zb. punz; W. pnz; S., Sh. pinz; Sg. panz; Mj. panc; Yd. pansh; Yn. panj).
parak or ulex, W. prs, a rib. See ulex.
pork, W. prk, a rat (W. prk; S. prg; Sh. purg; Mj. ?pargh; Yd. perkh).
parinda, (Zb.), a bird. Prs.
parparanuk, W. pilpilak, a butterfly (W. pilpilak; S. kpali; Yd. kotiah).
parra, W. paryan, Shina, parri, a precipice (W. parian; S. pariend, precipitous).
presht, W. par-sang, the wrist (W. parsang; S. pardhst).
paruzd, W. yaz, Yz. biyer, yesterday (W. yez; S. khieb; Sh. biyar; Yd. uzir). Cf. aluzd.
psah (Zb.), adv., now, at this time.
psuzan, W. prsits, the hem of a garment (W. parsits; S. parasits).
pasha, W. maks, a fly (W. maks; S. cingin; Sg. pashai; Mj. mogha). pasha is Turki. Cf. Prs. pashsha, a gnat.
pish, W. pish, a cat (Zb. push; W., S. pish; Sh. pash; Mj. khola; Yd. pishkoh).
peshbar, W. puz, the breast, the chest (W. pz; S. poz; Sh. sina; Sg. ?puz; Yd. fuz, iscinah).
poshk, W. bt, a cloak, clothes (W. bt; S. lel; Sg. vanjin). Prs.
pashna, W. pashna, the heel (W. posht, pshnah; S. naburg, pukhnh). Prs.
peshni, W. ruk,the forehead (W. ruk; S. rk; Sg. peshani; Yd. pishaneh). Prs.
peshr, W. lunj, the cheek (W. lunj; S. nurj; Sh. pes; Sg. peshur; Yd. kelikoh).
pusht, in ci-pusht (Zb.), behind, after.
put, W. pst, parched grain ground into meal. Hindi sattu (W. pst; W. pakht).
patik, W. patak, the eyelid.
petkhun, W. wajk, an adze (W. wajak; S. wajk).
putsuk, W. pric, a worm, a grub (W. pric; S. cerm).
pez (Zb.), prep., in.

qimat (Zb.), price, cost. Ar.
qarib (Zb.), adv., near. Ar.
qar'r, an agreement, promise, 22. Ar.
qslaq, a town, a village, 21 (Zb., Sh. qishlaq. Turki qishlaq).
qivd (Zb.), he called, he summoned (W., S., Sh. qiw, a call, a summons).
qazi (Zb.), a judge. Ar.

rui, W. trui, Yz. tsoi, card., three (Zb. rai or ra; W. trui; S. haroi; Sh arra; Sg. trai; Mj. sharai; Yd. shuroi).
rcik, W. shingar, entrails (W. shingr; S. raud).
reg, W. lewarc, sand (W. leiwrc; S. cush; Yd. sigioh). Prs.
reghn, W. roghuna, butter (W. rughn; S. raun; Yd. maskoh).
rah (Zb.), a road. Prs
rakibi, W. pil, a jar, a large cup (W. pil; S. cenk). Prs.
remuz, W. ir, Yz. khvor, the sun (Zb. ormozd; W. yir; S., Sh. kher; Sg. alman; Mj. mera; Yd, mira).
rang, manner, kind; tse-rang, whatever kind of, 18. Prs.
rupya (Zb.), a rupee.
raqqasi (Zb.), dancing. Ar.
raushan, W. rokhn, Yz. roshnahai, daylight (W. rukhn; S. yaul; Sh. rukh). Prs.
ro'shni, W. rakhng, Yz. yets, fire (Zb. roshni; W. rakhnig; S. yuts; Sh. yts; Sg. roshnai, shunai, Mj. yur; Yd. yur).
rusht, W. karast, a fur robe (W. karast; S. warbun). Cf. kurust.
rawn, going, moving; rawn shud, he started, 34. Prs.
roz, W. rawar, Yz. mith, a day, 8, 12, 22, 23, 32 (8, 22, and 32 are plural); rozan, days-they, 3; Ish. roz, W. rukhn, Yz. rokhnzit, dawn, morning (Zb. mi; W. rwr; S. math; Sh. meth; Sg. rusht; Yd. mish; mikh; Yn. ruz).
rez, W. raz, a platform (for sleeping) (W. raz; S. nokh).

si, W. si, a hare (W. si; S. khtm; Yd. sigh).
sabz, green, 18. Prs.
sad (Zb.), card, a hundred. Prs
sada, a sound, noise, 36. Ar.
saudai (Zb.), trade, trading. Prs.
saf (Zb.), all.
safed W. rukhn, white (Zb. surkhun; W. rukhn; S. sped; Sh. sufed; Sg. isped; Mj. supi; Yd. spi). Prs.
safaka (Zb.), husk (given as fodder).
safar, a journey; safar-an, journey-they, 2. Ar.
seghund (Zb.), hair. Cf. ghenuk.
sahar, adv., at dawn, 19, 28. Ar.
sihat, well, in good health, 27, 28 (Zb. sihat). Ar. Cf. siyat.
sal, W. sal, Yz. sauza, a year (Zb. sal, a year; W. sal; S. sl, a half-year; Yd. saloh, a year). Prs.
salla, W. salla, a turban (W. salla; S. dastur; Sg. latai).
smbu, he may smear, 18 (bis); smd or smbud, he smeared, 20 (W. skh-an, skh-am, sokht-am, skhetk; he smears; mlt-e, he smeared; Yn. fasst, he may smear; afass, he smeared).
sandq, a box, 33 (bis). Ar.
sung, W. ghar, Yz. ghrtsok, a stone, rock, cliff (W. ghar; ; S. zer; Sh. zir; Sg. song; Mj. koika; Yd. gher).
spul, W. shish, a louse (W. shish; S. spal).
sar, in sar dz, before, in front of; ambi sar dz, in front of the cave, 18 (Zb. sar, on, upon; cf. Yn. sri, in front of).
sr, the head; tskhe sr; from thine own head, 10 (Zb. sor). Cf. sur.
ser (Zb.), satisfied, full. Prs.
sor (Zb.), see sr, sur.
sur, W. sar, the head (Zb. sor; W. sar; S. kl; Sh. kal; Sg. sar; Mj. posar; Yd. pusir). Cf. sr. Prs.
sard, W. sr, cold (adj.); (W. sr; S. ish; Sh. shitagh; Yd. ykh). Prs.
surkh, W. skr, red (W. skr; S. rsht; Sh. risht; Yd. surkoh). Prs.
surkha, W. rish, Ovis Poli (W. vroksh; S. rus).
surkhun (Zb.), white. Cf. safed.
sutkhan-maghzuk, W. malung-yaic, the thigh (W. malung yaic; S. madhn khoj, bikhtun; Sh. bastun).
sitara (Zb.), see struck.
struk, W. star, Yz. shtarak, a star (Zb. sitara; W. star; S. khturj; Sh. skhtardz; Sg. usturak; Mj. astari; Yd. sittareh).
suvd, W. isp, the shoulder (W. fiak, tan; S. sevd, dl; Sh. sivdh, fiyak; Sg. syud; Yd. suvdoh).
siyat, whole, well, 18, i.q. sihat, q.v. (W. sihat).
saz (Zb.), singing. Prs.
suz, W. suz, flame, conflagration (W. rauj; S. sauz). Prs.

shu, 1, W. shu, black (W. shu; S. tar; Sh. ter; Sg. shoi; Mj. taravi; Yd. noroh). Cf. shu-dit.
shu, 2, it become, 33; it will become, 17, 18; (if) it become, it may become, 24, 34; go thou (impve.), 33; go ye (inpve.), 28; shui, wilt thou become? 29; shud, he went, 20, 21, 34; he or it became, 4, 8, 11, 12, 13, 20, 27, 28 (ter), 34, 36; shud-im, I became, 35; shud-an, they went, 2, 3; shuduk, she has become, 16 (Zb. shom, I go, I become, shuai, he goes, he becomes; shu, go, be (impve.); shud, he went, he became; S. set-ao, so-m, st-am, sedhj; Sh. sit-ao, sao-am, sut- or sat-am, sudhj, to go, to become; Sg. shoh, to go; Yd. shuah, to become; Prs. shudan to go, to become).
sab, W. naghd, Yz. shab, night, 12, 13, 36 (shab). (W. naghd; S. khb; Sh. shab; Sg. forshuk; Mj. ashawa; Yd. kshowoh).
shab-gah, W. yotr, a nest (W. yoth; S. roz). Prs.
shabrut, W. burut-shapar, a moustache (W. shapar; S. brt; Sh. burut).
shec (Zb.), see shts.
shud, 1, he heard, 19 (W. kshin, kshi-am, kshn-am, kshng; S. khd-ao, khan-am, khd-am, khiedhj; Sh. shid-ao, . . . , shud-am, . . . , to hear).
shud, 2, shud-im, shud-an, shuduk, see shu, 2.
shu-dit, W. shu-dhit, soot (W. kat-dhit; S. ceader). Cf. shu, 1, and dit.
shufn, W. nabsm a comb (W. napsan; S. wakherj).
shuhluk, W. khaic, wet, damp (W. khaic; S. khast; Yd. khust).
shak, 1, W. shak, bad, wicked, 1, 6, 10, 11, 32, 33, 35, 38; shak-ba, to the bad man, 5 (Zb. shak; W. shak).
shokhcuk, W. sholkh, the branch of a tree (W. sholkh; S. shokh).
shukht, (time) passed, 14 (Zb. shekht-am, I passed over; W. shkhs-n, shkhs-am, shkhst-am, shkhsetk).
shlg, W. shlg, a piece of brick, a clod of earth (W. shlg; S. khalg).
shilakh (Zb.), poor, needy.
shilavz, W. shilat, adj., soft (W. shilt; S. shilet).
shom (Zb.), see shu, 2.
shuen (Zb.), see shuwin.
shinj, W. shunj, the hip (W. shunj sr; S. khaun kl, the hip bone).
shepon (Zb.), iron (W. ishn; S. spin; Sh. spin, sapsan; Yd. rispin).
shurmok, W. tk, a willow (W. tuk; S. wanuj).
sharmindi (Zb.), ashamed.
shatu, W. wakhar, a ladder (W. wakhar; S. shatta) Turki.
shit, W. shit, earth, dust (W. shet; S. sit; Sg. shat; Mj. gharai; Yd. katter).
shtok, W. purcad, a young woman (Zb. shtk, shtkak, or sht, a daughter, a girl; W. prcodh; S. pcen).
shaitan (Zb.), the devil, Satan. Ar.
shutun, W. sits, a needle (W. sits; S. sits; Sh. saj).
shtunuk, W. cgh, a kid, a small goat (Zb. shatanak; W. cgh; S. gherv).
shtur, W. shtur, a camel (Zb. ushtur; W. ushtr; S. khtr; Sh. shtur; Yd. shturoh).
shutur, W. shtur, a calf (W. wushk; S. wishk; Sh. shik).
shts, W. strei, a female (Zb. shec; W. strei; S. stir; Sh. stredz; Sg. shish; Mj. meyah; Yd. shioh).
shwi, W. parhan, a women's shift (W. perhan; S. parhan).
shwal, a road, path, way, 3; sh'wal-an, road-they, 8 (W. vadhak; S. pnd; Sh. pond; Sg. panda; Yn. rt; Yd. padoh). Cf. shoval.
shoval, W. wadhuk, a road, way, i.q. shwal.
shawlak, W. shavalak, wide outer trousers (W. shawalak; S. shim; Sg. var; Mj. shoal). Prs.
shuwin, W. gaw'ru a cradle (Zb. shuen; W. gaura; S. prakht).

t, 1, prep., till until; t vuzer, till evening, 12 (S. c; Sh. t Yn. sa).
t, 2 (Zb.), see tat.
tu, thou, 6, 29, 32; thy 17, 26; tu-ba to thee, 6, 10, 25, 29, 33; tu-t, thou-thou, 14, 18; thou art, 30; tamukh, you, 22, tamukh-ba, to you, 22 (Zb. to, thou; ti, thy; sg. obl., to; tomokh, ye, your, and pl. obl.; W. tu, thou; ti, thy; tao, thee; saisht, ye; sav, you; S. tao, thou; t, thee; tamash, ye, you; Sh. tu thou, they, thee; tama, ye, you; Yn. tu, thou; tau, thee; shumakh, ye, you; Yd. tu, thou; toh, thee; maf, ye, you).
tabib, a physician, 16. Ar.
tab-larza, W. andaw, fever (W. andav; S. bazgak). Prs.
tada (Zb.), adv., there, in that place; see dak.
ted (Zb.), he was burnt (W. thau-ak, thau-am, thett-am, thetk; S. thid-ao, thau-am, thd-am, thedhj, to be burnt; Sh. tebd-ao, to burn).
tud (Zb.), he shaved.
tag (Zb.), postposition, pa . . . tag, in.
tegh (Zb.), a razor. Prs.
toghd, he walked, he went, 11, 21, 34; a-toghd, he entered 34, 38; toghd-an, they went, 7, 8, (Zb. ataghd, he entered; W. tukh-an, cau-am, taghd-am, takhk; S. tid-ao, tedz-am, tid-am, tidj; Sh. . . . , ti-am, tuid- ortoid-am . . . ; Yd. liah, to go).
teghm, W. taghm, a seed (of a plant); (W. taghm; S. tghm; Yd. tughum).
takhsim (Zb.), division, apportionment. Ar.
takht, a throne, 31 (bis). Prs.
tila (Zb.), gold (W. till; S. tilla; Yd. tilla). Prs.
tuld, W. lok, a rag (W. lok; S. tsaul).
talkha, bile, gall; sg. acc. talkha-i, 27 (W. talkhah; S. trac, talkha; Sh. talkha; Yn. talkha). Prs.
talapi, thou desirest, 32; talpum, I desire, 23; talpum, I desire, 33 (S. talibt-ao, talb-am, talibt-am, talibtj, to desire; Sh. tilbum, I desire).
talpak, W. pukl, a fur cap (W. S. tumagh).
tna, W. tarng, a saddle-girth (W. tarang; S.trong).
tanuk, W. sanar, thin, slender (W. sanar; S. tank; Yd. tanku).
tpak, W. pulk, a tassel (W. pulk; S. plk).
tar, prep., to (motion towards), 15, 21; into, 13; on to, 18 (bis), 20 (bis), 27, 31 (bis); (W. S. Sh. tar).
tar, a fold of cloth (W. t; S. tu).
tarikan, W. naghdin, adv., before daybreak, early in the morning (W. naghdin; S. pigan).
tras, fear; tras kul, he feared, 38.
trush, W. trc, bad tasting, bitter (W. trac; S. trc).
tat (30) or tot, W. tat, a father (Zb. tt, t; W. tat; S. pid; Sh. ped, dad; Sg. tat; Mj. tat; Yd. tatt; Yn. dd).
tuwur, W. tipar, an axe, a hatchet (Zb. tewar; W. tipar; S. baldah). Prs. tabar.
taza (24, 25); tza (20) or tza (17), fresh, (of lost sight) renewed, restored, 17, 20, 24, 25. Prs.
tez, W. taghd, sharp (W. taghd; S. teid; Yd. turghod).
taziana (Zb.), a scourge, last, whip. Prs.
tsa, prep. from, 14, 18 (bis), 19, 21, 22, 23, 33, 34, 36. The final a is sometimes dropped, as in ts-khe, from thine own, 10; tsa wadak, 21, 22, 34, or ts-wdak, 7, from there (Zb. tsa; W. tsa, sa; Yn. ci). Cf. Zb. tsu, from him, etc.
tse (18) or tse (19, 24), rel. pronoun, who, 19; used to form a conditional, practically equivalent to "if"; tse wuni, he may be, or (if) he be, 18; hukm tse shu, (if) there be an order, 24; tse-rang, whatever kind of, 18 (Zb. ke; W. sa; S. Sh. tsa cond. particle). Cf. za, 2.
tsi (Zb.), from this, see i, 1.
tsafur, W. tsabur, Yz. cer, card., four (Zb. tsafur; W. tsabr; S. tsavur; Sh. tsavor; Sg. safor; Mj. cafir, tifar).
tskhe, see tsa.
tsm, W. czm, the eye, 6, 7, 10, 11, 17, 18 (bis), 20 (bis), 24, 25, 27 (bis), 28; in these (except 6, 7, 10) the word is plural, but governs a verb in the singular (Zb. tsm; W. czm; S. tsem; Sh. tsem; Sg. sam; Mj. cam; Yd. cam).
tsumnd, how much? how many? some (Zb. tsamend; W. tsum, sum; ; S. tsund (how much? how many?); Yd. cand (how much? how many?).
tsa-na (Zb.), what? see ciz.
tsand, some, several, 3, 32. Cf. cand.
tsrik, W. yst, a shed, a macan (W. yost; S. kap, alajk).
tsiw-ling, W. lng, a leg (W. lng; S. lang; Sh. ling; an animal's leg).
tswdak, see tsa.
tswend, W. cuwan, an apricot (W. ciwn; S. nosh; Sh. nash; Mj. ceri; Yd. cire).
tsiz, (Zb.), what? see ciz.
tsize, (Zb.), whatever.

wa, he, 18, 20, 27; that (adj), 33; i or wi, his see i 1; wan, him, 13 (bis); it (acc.), 18; that (acc. subst.), 33; wev, of them, their, see i 1 (Zb. ao, sg. obl. yu, u, wu, wo, pl. awend, obl. awenda; W. yao, sg. ob. yao, pl. yasht, obl. yav; S. y, sg. obl. wi, pl. wo, obl. wief, wiv; Sh. y or yid, obl. sg. wi or wum, pl. wa, obl. wief; Mj. wo, sg. obl. wan, pl. wai, obl. waf; Yd. huroh, sg. obl. -wan, pl. hureh, obl. -of; Yn. au, sg. obl. awi, pl. ?auitit, obl. auti).
wo, 1 (Zb.), conj., and. Cf. za, 1.
wo, 2, wu (Zb.), see wa.
wuc, W. wic, a cloth-eating moth, a wood-worm (W. wic; S. kuwh).
woda (Zb.), there, see wadak.
wud, he took away, 13 (bis), see ussum.
vud, he, it, or there was, 19, 22, 34; vud-um (-im) , I was, 15; vud-at, thou wast, 14; vuduk-at, thou hast become, 18; tse-vuni, he may be, 18 (Zb. wod, he was; S. vd, he was; vedhj, he has been; vid, he may be; Sh. vod, he was; vudhj, he has been; ved, he may be; Mj. via, he was; Yd. bioh, he was; Yn. avu, he was).
wadak, there, 34; tsa wadak, from there, thence, 19, 21; ts-wdak-an from there they, 7. Cf. tsa (Zb. woda; W. dra; S. m; Sh. yum-ande; Yd. hure). Cf. dak.
vaghd, a night-spectre that eats people, a nightmare, 14. Cf. lew (W. vaghd; S. vod).
vajab, W. avart, a span (measure); (W. avart; S. wardhord).
wujinjk (Zb.), a woman (Yd. zinkoh).
vajer, W. prz, Yz. sham, evening (W. prz; S. biurn, khum; Yd. sham). Cf. vuzer.
wak or (37, bis) wok, W. ui, Yz. wogh, card., one, 1 (bis), 12, 23; a (indefinite article), a certain, 5, 9, 10, 12, 14 (quarter), 16 (bis), 17, 18 (bis), 26, 33 (ter), 37 (bis); (Zb. wok; W. iv, i; S. iv, i; Sh. yiw, yi, I; Sg. vak; Mj. Yd. yu; Yn. i).
wek or (18) vek, W. yupk, , water, 18; wek-togdok, W. cal, a well, pool, marsh (Zb. wek, we; W. yupk; S. khts; Sh. shats; Sg. vik; Mj. yaogha; Yd. yaugh, water; Zb. paghao; W. cal, a well).
wok, see wak.
voks, W. fuks, a serpent, a snake (W. fuks; S. tafsk; Mj. yaz; Yd. iz).
vekh, W. zakh, a twig (W. yakh; S. ptq).
wakht, a time, a period of time, 14 (Zb. wakht). Ar.
wula (Zb.), postposition, before, in front of.
wlvush, W. prmeyung, a trouser-band (Sg. valvush).
wan, see wa.
wen, W. wukhun, blood (W. wukhan; S. wukhin; Sh. wikhin; Sg. vain; Yd. inoh).
vin, W. reghis, a beard (Zb. vin; W. reghish; S. bun; Sh. bon; Mj. yarzah; Yd. yarzoh).
wnd (Zb.), see vust.
vind (Zb.), he saw; vinum, I see (W. wing, win-am, wind-am, winetk; S. wand-ao, wein-am, wand-am, wandj; Sh. wint-ao, win-am, wind-am, windj).
vnji, Sg. vanjin, a robe, a cloak (Zb. wanji; W. bt; S. lel; Sg. vanjin).
wnits, W. raghum, a female calf.
wanuw, call ye, summon ye (impve.) 28.
vru, W. yurm, the forearm (W. yurm; S. cerost, Sg. qaqi).
var, W. bar, a door, 37; var, W. vic, outside; tsa var, from the door, from inside, 36 (Zb. war; W. bar; S. divir; Sh. dive; Mj. labra; Yd. luvor; Yn divar, a door; W. vic; S. vac; Sh. vaj, outside).
vur, W. vr, a load (W. vr; S. wez; Sh. wiz).
vrud, W. vrt, a brother (Zb. warud; W. vrt; S. vrod; S. vrod; Sg. vurd; Mj. werai Yd. vrai).
varf, W. zam, Roshani, ziniz, snow (W. zam; S. zamn; Sh. zinij; Sg. varf; Mj. varfa; Yd. werfoh). Prs.
wrok, W. yash, a horse (Zb. verak; W. yash; S. vurj; Sh. vorj; Sg. vorak; Mj yasap; Yd. yasap). ? Av. aurvat(-aka), see 17.
waruk, W. wurk, a lamb (W. wurk; S. barq; Sh. warg).
vrits, W. vrao, the eyebrow (W. varao; S. varao; Sh. vrugh; Sg. vuric (?)).
worts, W. wolc, a quail (W. wolc; S. badanah).
weraz (Zb.), adj., high, tall; adv., up. Cf. the next.
vraza, W. vorz, a mountain height (W. wuc; S. ter; Sg. vraz; Mj. valgha, up). Cf. the preceding and wuzduk.
vse, W. sai, cotton thread (W. wase; S. padets). Cf. wash and vush.
vasin, W. pisun, a whetstone (W. S. pasn).
vust, he bound, he tied, 27 (Zb. wnd, bind thou (impve.); W. vand-ak, vand-am, vast-am, vandetk; S. vist-ao, vind-am, vst-am, vstj; Sh. vist-ao, l l l , vust-am, . . .).
wastuk, W. yaic, a bone (W. yaic; S. ustkhn; Sh. sitkhan; Sg. astak; Mj. pasti; Yd. yestoh).
wash (Zb.), a rope (S. vkh). Cf. vse and vush.
vish, 1, W. pip, a bed (W. pip; S. baber; Sh. birej).
vish, 2, postposition, below, 20 (Zb. vish, down, below).
vush, a rope (Zb. wash; W. shivan; S. vkh; Sh. kamand; Yd. tanau).
wisht (Zb.), card, twenty (W. wist; S. vist; Yd. wistoh).
watik, W. tui, a feast.
vuts (Zb.), an uncle.
wev, see i 1.
vuz, W. tugh or (male) buc, a goat, 17 (bis), 26; acc. sg., vuz-i 27 (Zb. wuz; W. tugh, buc; S. vaz, reidz; Sh. vaz; Sg. vuz; Mj. vorah; Yd. vizoh).
wazir, viziers, 16; wazira-ba, to the viziers, 16; wazirw, viziers (acc. pl.), 21; tsa wazirw, from the viziers, 22.
wuzwusak, W. dhus, a wasp (W. dhos; S. hari).
wuzduk, W. wuc, high; W. vorz, long (W. wuc; S. biliq, biland; Yd. biland, high; W. vorz; Yd. van, long). Cf. vraza.
vuzer, evening, 12; see vajer.

yau, W. zau, provisions, supplies, cereals (W. zau; S. zau).
yu (Zb.), see wa.
yaf (Zb.), found (Prs. yaftan).
yogh, W. sanvar, a yoke (W. sivar; S. ygh).
yargh, W. pshk, animal's droppings (W. pshk; S. bukn).
yetik, W. skord, a bridge (W. skord; S. yeid; Yd. yeyah).
yatim (Zb.), a servant. Ar.
yuz, W. ghuz, fuel (W. ghuz; S. zez; Sh. ziz; Sg. yu; Mj. ezma).
yazda, W. dhas-iw, card, eleven (W. dhas iv; S. dhes-at-i; Sh. dhis-et-yiw; Yd. lass-yu). Prs.

za, 1, and 13 (Zb. wo; W. S. at; Sh. et; Yd. u).
za, 2, rel. pron. subst., which, 34. Cf. tse.
ziad (Zb.), superfluity, abundance. Ar.-Prs.
zodund (Zb.), so much (Z. dund).
zaghcuk, W. svats, a chough (W. swts; S. ghogh).
zaghd (Zb.), see znz.
zoghd, see znz.
zl, W. drst, thee sleeve of a garment (W. drst; S. zl).
zul, W. zol, a bell (W. zul; S. ghul).
zalul (Zb.), necessary. Ar. zarur.
zaman, W. zah, a child, infant (Zb. zaman; W. zah, zaman; S. bach).
zamin (Zb.), land. Prs.
zin (Zb.), a saddle. Prs.
zinda (Zb.), alive. Prs.
zung, W. brin, the knee (W. brin; S. zun; Sh. zn; Sg. zong; Yd. zik).
znz (if) he takes, 17; take thou (impve.), 33; znzu, he may take, 18 (bis); zoghd, he took, 27, 37; zoghd aghad, he took (and) came, he brought, 27 (Zb. zaghd, he took; S. zokht-ao, zoz-am, zukht-am, zukhtj, to take; Sh. zkht, he took).
zas or (30, 31) zus. W. ptr, a son (Zb. zat; W. ptr; S. pts; Sh. puts; Sg. zamanak; Mj. pur; Yd. puser; Yn. zuta).
zat (Zb.) see zas.
zivuk, W. zik, the tongue (Zb. zevuk; W. zik; S. ziv; Sh. zev; Sg. zuluk; Yd. zevir).
zandaki (Zb.), famine.
zunduk, or (4) zunduk, or (8) znduk, W. marz, hungary (W. marz; S. marznj; Sh. gunshna; Yd. ushia; Yn. diwaz).
zanj, W. knd, a wife (Zb. kuc; W. knd; S. ghin; Sh. ghin, zin; Mj. zinga; Yd. uloh).
zanum, I will kill, 22 (S. zed-ao, zn-am, zed-am, zdhj; Sh. zid-ao, zin-am, zid-am, . . . ).
zuwak (Zb.), a deer.

This word list was create by David Straub and posted at the Tajikistan Update on February 28, 1999