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The Internet and Tajikistan

The Internet in Tajikistan Free Tajiki Fonts Free Websites and E-mail

The Internet in Tajikistan

E-mail and Internet in Tajikistan

On December 28, 1998 Telecomm Technology Ltd. became the first ISP in Tajikistan. It opened its office in Dushanbe and plans to extend services to Khujand, Chkalovsk, and Kurgen-Teppa. For more information about Telecomm Technology Ltd. visit their website at or contact Bakhtiyor Muminov, ISP manager, at

In addition, The Central Asian Development Agency (CADA) has plans to establish widespread Internet access in Tajikistan.

Since 1995 e-mail access has been available in Tajikistan thanks to the Central Asia Development Agency (CADA), a private U.S. aid organization. Free access to e-mail is available in Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulyab, Kurgen-Teppe, Khorog and Panjakent to users whose accounts total 200 kb a month. If a user goes beyond 200 kb/month a fee is imposed. Applications for free e-mail can be delivered to CADA's Dushanbe office on Rudaki, opposite the Ministry of Communications. In order to locate your friend's e-mail address on CADA's network contact the e-mail systems administrator at

In December of 1998 a new e-mail /Internet service, Telecomm Technology Ltd., established e-mail service in Tajikistan. Telecomm Technology Ltd. currently has services in Dushanbe and plans to open services in Khujand, Chkalovsk, and Kurgen-Teppa. For more information about Telecomm Technology Ltd. visit their website at or contact Bakhtiyor Muminov, ISP manager, at

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Internet in Tajikistan

Tajikistan: Email And Internet Make Headway
by Salimjon Aioubov (
(November 19, 1997)

Tajikistan will have access to Internet in February of 1999 Asia-Plus (No. 122/ 5 -7 August, 1998)
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List of email users in Tajikistan

The Internet in Tajikistan

Tajiki Fonts

Tajiki Fonts

For users of Macintosh computers there are Tajiki fonts for word-processing that can be downloaded off the Internet for free at the World Script Website. Please note that these fonts are NOT available for word-processing on PCs or for the Internet on either the Macintosh or PC.

Cyrillic Turkic Script allows users write in Tajiki, Azerbaijani, Bashqort, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Tatar, Turkmen, and Uzbek.

Download Cyrillic Turkic Script

Latin Turkic Script is also available and allows users to write Azerbaijani, Bashqort, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkmen, and Uzbek

Note that Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan have recently switched from Cyrillic to Latin Script.

Download Latin Turkic Script

Free Websites and E-mail

Free E-mail and Websites for Tajikistanis Abroad.

There is a thriving community of Tajikistanis living outside of Tajikistan that are connected to the Internet. There are many resources available on the Internet that allow Tajikistanis abroad to create free e-mail accounts and websites. You only need access to a Internet capable computer in order to reap the benefits of these free resources. If you are not connected to the Internet at home you can frequently access the Internet for free at work, school, or a public library.

Listed below are links to sites that provide free homepages and e-mail. The free homepages sites are suited for both beginner and advanced webmasters. The Tajikistan Update is housed at, one of the free homepage websites. The e-mail listed below can be used on any computer in the world that has Internet access. If you are from Tajikistan and you create a webiste or if your website is about Tajikistan please send the address to so that a link can be posted from the Tajikistan Update to your homepage. To view examples of homepages created by Tajikistanis go to the following link:

Tajikistani Homepages
Free Homepages:

Fortune City - 20 Free Megabytes

Geocities - 11 MB

Xoom - 11 MB

Angelfire - 5 MB

Free e-mail

Afghan Mail



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