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               The several hundred articles indexed in this section cover all of Central Asia including Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Xinjiang province in eastern China. In order to ease the search for articles concerning Tajikistan a new "Articles about Tajikistan" page has been created. Otherwise, the articles have been indexed according to author, organization, or publications that distribute the article. In order to find all of the articles linked at this site look in both the "Authors" and "Organizations and Publications" sections. If you have written an article you want posted at this page, found a link to an article you think should be posted here, want to report a dead link, or make any other comments please send them to:

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    Articles Indexed According to Author

    Specialist Database Najam Abbas Salimjon Aioubov
    Iskandar Aliev Iraj Bashiri Abbas Djavadi
    Stuart Horsman Gregory Gleason Patricia le Roy
    Nathan Light Farangis Najibullah H.B. Paksoy
    Vicheslav Pankratov Oliver Roy Barnett Rubin
    Farrukh Salihov Chris Schuepp Monika Sheperd
    Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh Ravshan Temirov Mike Thurman
    Additional Articles

    Articles Indexed According to Publications and Organizations

    Asiatic Quarterly Review AACAR Bulletin Asiaweek
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist Caspian Cross Roads CAESAR
    CPSS CSIS Central Asia & Caucasus Journal
    Central Asia Monitor Economist Eurasia Research Center
    Foreign Military Studies Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses Interactive Central Asia Resource Project
    IIAS Jamestown Foundation Kashmir Information Network
    Le Monde Diplomatique MERIA OMRI
    Open Society Institute Oriental Rug Review Oxus
    PBS Newshour PSMLP REECAS Newsletter
    Russian & Euro-Asian Bulletin The Tajikistan Update Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
    Additional Articles

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