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The following webpage contains an English-Pamir word list. The word list contains English vocabulary translated into Ishkashmi, Zebaki, Wakhi, and Yazghulami. For a detailed description of the Pamiri people see the following sections of the The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire.




(Sorry, there is no Zebaki section)

The Ishkashmi-English word list was compiled by Sir George A. Grierson and was published as the chapter titled "English-Ishkashmi-Zebaki-Wakhi-Yazghulami Vocabulary" in Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami: An Account of Three Eranian Dialects (pp. 105-126; 1920, Royal Asiatic Society, London). This webpage contains an exact reproduction of Grierson's work with the exception that Grierson's transliteration scheme, which was based on Greek characters, has been replaced by R. B. Shaw's, a Latin character scheme that was published on p. 9 of Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami.

Below is a list of the abbreviated language-references found in the following work. A complete listing is found on page 9 of Grierson's work, Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami.

Ish. = Ishkasmi W. = Wakhi.
Yz. = Yazghulami Zb. = Zebaki.

The following is the forward to "English-Ishkashmi-Zebaki- Wakhi-Yazghulami Vocabulary" which appears on page 105 of Ishkashmi, Zebaki, and Yazghulami: An Account of Three Eranian Dialects (pp. 105-126; 1920, Royal Asiatic Society, London).

Wakhi-Yazghulami Vocabulary

(Including a few words from other Pamir languages.)

So far as has been possible, the particular English words selected to illustrate the meanings of the words quoted are the same as those used by Shaw in his vocabularies of Wakhi and Sariqoli in JASB. xlv (1876), pt. I, pp. 192 ff. This has been done in order to facilitate comparison with these languages.

a Ish. wak, wok; Zb. wok, -e.
adze, Ish. petkhun; W. wajk..
after, Zb. ci-pusht.
again, Zb. do-mas.
alas, Zb. afsus.
alive, Zb. zinda.
all, entire, Ish. dzigdak, gul; W. kskht; Zb. juk, saf. Cf. "complete".
always, Zb. mudam.
amongst, Ish. drun, darn; Zb. ka . . . gal, tsa . . . maben. Cf. "midst.
and, Ish. za; Zb. i, wo.
anger, Ish. ghazab.
angry, Zb. khafa. .
animal's droppings, Ish. yarkh; W. pshk.
any: at any time, Zb. hec wakht, kudam wakht; anyone, Zb. hec-ka; anything, Ish. he ciz.
apple, Ish. mind; W. mr.
apricot, Ish. tswend; W. cuwan.
arise: he arose, Ish. khut; I arise, Zb. khezum; stand thou up (impve.), khez; he arose, Zb. khet
armful, Ish. kash; W. pz.
armpit, Ish. kash-vish; W. kalbun.
arrow, Ish. pucun; W. wuc.
as, as if, as though, Zb. guya-ke.
ashamed, Zb. sharmindi
ashes, Ish. usur; W. parg.
ask, he asked, Ish. frut; Zb. ferat.
ass, donkey, Ish. khur; W. Zb. khur.
assembled, Ish. gul.
awl, Ish. andervun; W. tsarz.
axe, Ish. tuwur; W. tipar; Zb. tewar.

back (of a man or woman), Ish. kamuk; W. dam; Zb. dam, med.
bad, wicked, Ish. W. Zb. shak.
bad tasting, bitter, Ish. trush; W. trc.
baking-pan, Ish. usid; W. st.
barley, Ish. urwuz; W. yirk.
be: Ish. thou art, -at; is, st; he may be, wuni; I was, vud-im (or ? -um); thou wast, vud-at; he, she, or it was, vud; thou hast become, vuduk-at; Zb. thou art, astai; is, ast, -a, -ai, -et, -t; he was, wod-a; he was for me, wod-am-a.
beak, Ish. nul; W. nck.
bear (subst.), Ish. khurs; W. nghordum.
beard, Ish. Zb. vin; W. reghish.
beat, see "strike".
because, Zb. khe, tsiz-ba ke.
become: Ish. it becomes, shu; wilt thou become, shui; it will become, shu; (if) it become, shu; it may become, shu; I became, shud-im; he became, shud; she has become, shuduk; thou hast become, shuduk-at; Zb. I became, shom; it become, shuai, become (impve.), shu; I became, shud-em (or -im); he became, shud. See also "be". Cf. "go, move to".
bed, Ish. vish; W. pip.
beetle, Ish. batuk; W. urt.
before (place), in front of, Ish. sar dz; Zb. tsa . . . wula, ja.
behind, Zb. ci-pusht, ka . . . ci-pusht.
bell, Ish. zul; W. zol.
belly, stomach, Ish. Zb. der; W. dur.
below, Ish. vish; below it, pi bun; Zb. pa . . . vish. Cf. "down".
big, see "great".
bile, gall, Ish. talkha.
bind, tie: Ish. he bound, vust; Zb. impve., wnd.
birch, Ish. bruj; W. furz.
bird, Zb. parinda.
bit (horse's), Ish. dana; W. jaoji.
bitter, see "bad tasting."
black, Ish. shu; W. shu.
blind, a blind man, Ish. kur.
blood, Ish. wen; W. wukhan.
blue, Ish. kabut; W. savz.
blunt, stupid, Ish. leu, W. mug.
body, Ish. W. tna.
body, middle of the, see "waist".
bone, Ish. wastuk; W. yaic.
boot (rough, of untanned leather), Ish. kovd; W. shshk.
bosom, Ish. cci; W. bap.
both, Ish. arvdak.
bottom, Ish. bun, in pi bun, below it.
bow (to shoot with), Ish. ghulak; W. sambanak.
box, Ish. sandq.
boy, Zb. zaman.
branch (of a tree), Ish. shokhcuk; W. sholkh.
bread, Ish. Zb. g'la; W. khoc; Sg. khsta. Cf. "food.
breakfast, see "midday meal".
breast, Ish. peshbar; W. puz; Zb. bar. Cf. "embrace. .
breathing-difficulty, see "height-sickness".
brick (piece of), clod (of earth), Ish. W. shlg.
bridge, Ish. yetik; W. skord.
bridle, Ish. lajam; W. yikhan.
bring: Ish. bring thou (impve.), izum; bring ye, izmuw; he took and came, i.e. he brought, zoghd aghad; Zb. bring ye (impve.), izemav.
broad, wide, Ish. pam; W. kshad.
brother, Ish. vrud; W. vrt; Zb. warud.
bull, Ish. kuzuk; W. druksh; Zb. kezuk.
burnt, be: Zb. he was burnt, ted.
bush-harrow, rake, Ish. m'la; W. namarzg.
but, Zb. lekin.
butter, Ish. reghg; W. roghuna.
butterfly, Ish. parparanuk; W. pilpilak.
buy: thou boughtest, Zb. ned-e; see "grasp".

calf, Ish. shutur; W. shtur.
calf (female), Ish. wnits; W. raghum.
call, summon: Ish. call ye (impve.), wanuw; Zb. he called, qivd.
camel, Ish. W. kofn; W. kp.
camel's hump, Ish. kofn; W. kp.
canal, watercourse, Ish. dzubar; W. wad.
cap (tall, of sheepskin; Shaw, a skull-cap), Ish. kla; W. skidh.
cat, Ish. W. pish; Zb. push.
cattle, Ish. ml; Zb. carpahai. Cf. the next.
cattle (herd of), Ish. cara; W. cat. Cf. the preceding.
cave, Ish. ambi, yar.
cereals, see "provisions".
certainly, Zb. zalul.
cheek, Ish. peshr; W. lunj.
cheese, Ish. idzgai (of sheep-milk); W. lindic, panir.
child, infant, Ish. Zb. zaman; W. zah; Zb. cut.
chimney, see "hearth".
chough, Ish. zaghcuk; W. svats.
claw, talon, Ish. cangal; W. cungl.
cliff, see "stone".
cloak, clothes, Ish. poshk; W. bt.
cloak, robe, Ish. vnji; Sg. vanjin; Zb. wanji.
clod, see "brick (piece of)".
cloth (coarse cotton), Ish. lata; W. cl.
cloth (bleached, coarse cotton), Ish. kni; W. kinei.
clothe (another person): Ish. clothing (verbal noun), pomutsuk; Zb. clothe ye, pumetsav.
cloud, Ish. gulbaduk; W. mur; Yz. varm.
cock, Zb. kercun Cf. "fowl".
cold (adj.), Ish. sard; W. sr.
collar (of a garment), Ish. ghol; W. ghragh.
collect: he collected, Zb. jam kal.
comb, Ish. shufn; W. nabsm.
come: Ish. he came, aghad, ghad; they came, aghad-an; Zb. I come, isum; come thou (impve.), is; he came, aghad; he has come, isak.
come back, see "return."
command (subst.), Ish. hukm.
complete, Ish. lip; W. tigi. Cf. "all".
conflagration, see "flame".
consoling, entreaty, Zb. dilasa.
consume: he consumed, Zb. kel kal.
conversation, Ish. gap.
cooking-pot, cauldron, Ish. cudan; W. deg.
corpse, Ish. muluk; W. murtai. Cf. "die".
cough, Ish. khofuk; W. kakh.
country, Zb. mulk.
cow, Ish. ghu; W. ghiu; Zb. ghui.
cradle, Ish. shuwin; W. gaw'ra; Zb. shuen.
crooked, Ish. kaz; W. kard.
cubit, Ish. bazu; W. arat.
cultivator, Zb. dehqan.
curds, Ish. poi; W. pai.
cut (past part.), Zb. ket.
cymbal, see "musical instrument".
cypress, see "juniper".

dancing, Zb raqqasi.
daughter, Ish. udoghd; W. dhagd; Zb. shtk, shtkak, sht.
daughter-in-law, Ish. uznul; W. stakh.
dawn, morning, Ish. roz; W. rukhn; Yz. rokhnizit; at dawn, Ish. sahar.
dawn, daylight, Ish. raushan; W. rokhn; Yz. roshnahai.
day, Ish. roz; W. rawar; Yz. mith; Zb. mi.
daybreak, see "mourning".
debauchery, Zb. badmasti.
deer, Zb. zuwak.
desire: Ish. I desire, talpum, tilpum; thou desirest, talapi.
devil, Zb. shaitan.
die: Ish. he died, mul; Zb. I die, murum; die thou (impve.), mur; dead, mul.
dirt, Ish. cirk; W. rem.
dish (wooden), Ish. kasa; W. kubun.
distant, see "far".
divide: he divided, Zb. takhsim kal.
do, see "make".
dog, Ish. kud; W. shac; Zb. ked.
donkey, see "ass".
door, Ish. var W. bar; Zb. war.
door-plug, Ish. palu-var; W. dustak.
dove, see "pigeon".
down, Zb. vish. Cf. "below".
draw (water from a well): Zb. (impve. sg. 2), newar.
dry, Ish. kk; W. wesk.
duck, Zb. murghavi.
dung, Ish. ghudarga; W. karau.
dust, see "earth".
dwell, see "sit".

each-other, Ish. ham-digar.
eagle, Ish. kab; W. bispr.
ear, Ish. ghol; W. ghish; Zb. ghal.
earring, Ish. gosh-var.
earth, dust, Ish. shit; W. shit.
eat: Ish. eating, food (verbal noun), kharuk; I will eat, kharum; Zb. kharam, I eat; kharen, we eat; kharen, they eat; eat thou (impve.), khar.
egg, Ish. akik; W. tukh-murgh.
eight, Ish. t; W. hat; Yz. hosht; Zb. ot.
elbow, Ish. bazu; W. barut.
eldest (of a family), Zb. kata.
eleven, Ish. yazda; W. dhas-iw.
embrace, bar. Cf. "breast".
emerge, see "go out".
enter: Ish. he entered, a-toghd; Zb. he entered, a-taghd.
entrails, Ish. rcik; W. shngar.
evening, Ish. vajer, vuzer; W. prz; Yz. sham.
expenditure, Zb. kharc.
eye, Ish. Zb. tsm; W. czm.
eyebrow, Ish, vrits; W. vrao.
eyelid, Ish. patik; W. patak.

fall: Zb. it falleth (a share falling to a person), idawi.
family, Ish. mish-khesh; W. kesh.
famine, Zb. zandaki. Cf. "hungry".
far, distant, Ish. dir-shluk; W. dhir; Zb. dir.
fast (of a horse), Ish. dzistuk; W. rang.
father, Ish. tot, tat; W. tat; Zb. tt, t.
fault, Ish. guna.
fear (subst.): Ish. he feared, tras kul.
feast, Ish. watik; W. tui.
female, Ish. shts; W. strei; Zb. shec.
fever, Ish. tab-larza; W. andaw.
few, a, Zb. kashtgah.
fifty, Zb. panjah.
find, obtain: Ish. (if) he find, viri; find ye (impve.), viraw; avul, he obtained; Zb. I find, awerum; I found, awal-am. Cf. "found".
finger, Ish. nirkhok; W. yangl.
finger-nail, Ish. ingituk; W. dig'r.
fire, Ish. rshni; W. rakhng; Yz. yets; Zb. roshni.
fireplace, see "hearth".
fist, Ish. mut; W. mst.
fit, worthy, suitable, Zb. layiq.
fitting, proper, Zb. munasib.
five, Ish. Zb. punz; W. panz; Yz. pindz.
flame, Ish. mauj; W. rauj.
flame, conflagration, Ish. W. suz.
flay, kill: Ish. he flayed, kut.
flea, Ish. kayigh; W. spardhanj.
flee: Zb. he fled, just.
flour, Ish. uluk; W. yumj.
flower, sprout, Ish. gulok; W. spragh.
fly (subst.), Ish. pasha; W. maks.
foam, Ish. khafuk; W. khuf.
fold (of cloth), Ish. tar.
food, Zb. gla, gla-mla. See "bread".
foolish, Ish. be-fam, nafam.
foot, Ish. pu; W. Zb. pud.
for, Ish. Zb. ba; Zb. khatir.
ford, Ish. guzar; W. trt.
forearm, Ish. vru; W. yurm.
forehead, Ish. peshni; W. ruk.
found, Zb. yaf.
four, Ish. tsafur; W. tsabur; Yz. cer; Zb. tsafur.
fowl, Ish. kurcin; W. krk; Zb. kercun.
fox, Ish. urwes, rwesak; W. nakhcir.
friend, Zb. hamrah.
frog, Ish. mkuduk; W. mukht.
from, Ish. Zb. tsa; Zb. from amoung (two), tsa . . . maben; from this, tsi; from him, tsu; from them, tsawend.
front, Ish. in front of, sar dz. Cf. "before".
frost (white), see "white frost".
fuel, Ish. yuz; W. ghuz.
full, replete, see "satisfied".
fur cap, Ish. talpak; W. pukl.
fur robe, Ish. rusht; W. karast.

girl, Zb. shtk. Cf. "daughter".
girth (of a saddle), Ish. tangish; W. tarng.
give: Ish. I will give, dayum; give thou (impve.), dai; he gave, dud; Zb. give thou (impve.), dai; thou gavest, dud-i; he gave, dud; he has given, dudak.
go, move to: Ish. go thou (impve.), shu.; he went, shud; they went, shud-an; Zb. I go, shom; he may go, shuai; walk thou (impve.), shu; he went, shud. Cf. "became".
go, walk, depart: Ish. he departed, toghd; they went, toghd-an.
go in, see "enter".
go out, emerge: Ish. he went out, nusht; Zb. he emerged, nashet.
goat, Ish. vuz; W. tugh (male, buc); Zb. wuz.
goat (small), see "kid".
God, Ish. khuda; Zb. khudai.
gold, Zb. tila.
good, Ish. fri, nek; W. baf; Zb. feri.
gorge, see "ravine".
grandchild (m. r f.), Ish. nvus; W. npus.
grandfather, Ish. bobo; W. pup.
grandmother, Ish. bibi; W. mum.
grasp, seize: Ish. he may grasp, nasu; he grasped, nad; Zb. take thou (impve.), nast; he took, he bought, ned; he has married (so and so), nadak.
grass, Ish. ush; W. wush.
graze: Zb. he is grazing (cattle), bi-carana; for grazing (infin. of purpose), carandani.
great, big, Ish. katta; W. lup; Zb. kata.
green, Ish. sabz.

hair (on the body), Ish. ghenuk; W. rip; Zb. seghund.
half, Zb. nim.
hand, Ish. dust, dust; W. Zb. dast.
hand, hollow of, see "hollow" and "handful".
handful (double), hollow of both hands, Ish. mut; W. muc.
handsome, beautiful, Zb. feri. Cf. "good".
hard, Ish. kullakh; W. tung.
hare, Ish. si; W. si.
harlot, Zb. kancani.
hatchet, see "axe".
he, she, it, that: Ish. he, wa; that, wa, dir; his, wi, i; her, i; its, i; him, wan; it (acc.), wan; that (acc. subst.), wan; their, wev; they, -an; Zb. he she, it, that, ao, -a; him, her, it, yu, u, wo, wu, -a; his, her, its, yu; gen. abs. sg. yunan, yunen; they, awend; their awenda; theirs, awenden.
head, Ish. sur, sr; W. sar; Zb. sor.
head (back of), Ish. cposht; W. tor.
hear: Ish. he heard, shud.
heart, Ish. avzuk; W. pazuw; Zb. auzuk, auzen.
hearth, fireplace, chimney, Ish. digdan; W. duldung.
heat, Ish. grmi; W. tw.
heel, Ish. W. pashna.
height (of a mountain), a mountain height, Ish. vraza; W. vorz.
height-sickness (from rarefaction of air), W. sudhgha; Turki, ttak.
hem (of a garment), Ish. psuzan; W. prsits.
here, Zb. madak, see dak.
hidden treasure, Ish. khazina-i-ghaib.
high, Ish. wuzduk; W. wuc; Zb. weraz.
hill, Zb. alakh.
hillock, Ish. W. buk.
hip, Ish. shinj; W. shunj.
hoar frost, see "white frost".
hollow of te hand, Ish. kaf; W. pun.
hornless, Ish. W. kal.
horse, Ish. wrok; W. yash; Zb. verak.
horse-clothing, Ish. curgi.
hot, Yz. kash.
house, Ish. khn; W. khun; Zb. khn, kh, khnavar.
how many? how much?, some, Ish. tsumnd; Zb. tsamend.
hump-backed, Ish. pok; W. puk.
hundred, Zb. sad.
hunger, Zb. zankaki. Cf. "famine".
hungry, Ish. zunduk, zunduk. Cf. "famine".
husband, Zb. mal.
husks (fodder), Zb. safaka.
hut (on the summer grazing-ground), Ish. kric; W. ktic.

I, Ish. az, -im, -um; to me, mum-ba; my, mun; Zb. I, az, -am, -em, -im; me, for me, mak, -am; to me, men-ba; my, men; mine, menen; we, mokh; us, our, moc; ours, mocen.
ibex, Ish. buc; W. yuksh.
if, Ish. agar, tse; Zb. ke.
in, Ish. dar, pa, po; ; in it, pi; Zb. in, ka, pa, pez; inside, pa . . . tag.
into, Ish. darun; Zb. ka, pa.
iron, Zb. shepon.
it, see "he".

jar, large cup, Ish. rakibi; W. pil.
jaw, Ish. lasha; W. zankh.
journey, Ish. safar.
judge, Zb. qazi.
juniper (Shaw's cypress), Ish. arca; W. yarz.

keep thou (impve.), Zb. nigah kun.
kid, small goat, Ish. shtunuk; W. cgh; Zb. shatanak.
kill: Ish. I will kill, zanum.
kind: of whatever kind, Ish. tse rang.
king, Ish. pdsh, p'dsh; of, or belonging to, a king, Ish. p'dsh-na.
kiss, Zb. bah.
knee, Ish. zung; W. brin.
knife, Ish. kel; W. kz.
knot, Ish. gre.

lad (strong), see "man".
ladder, Ish. shatu; W. vakhar.
lamb, Ish. waruk; W. wurk.
land, Zb. zamin.
large, see "great".
last: last year, Yz. par-wes.
leading (the act of), Ish. kutl.
leaf (of a tree), Ish. barg; W. palc.
lean, see "thin".
leg, Ish. tsiw-ling; W. lng.
light, lamp, candle, Ish. ciragh.
light: Ish. Light thou, set thou alight (impve.), pedin.
lighting, Ish. W. atishuk.
lip, Ish. lav; W. lafc.
listen, give ear: Ish. they listened, apukht-an.
little, small, Ish. cutokok; W. dzakli; Zb. cut.
live, abide, see "sit".
liver, Ish. gola; W. woltuk.
load, Ish. vur; W. vr.
lock, Ish. ushkuz; W. shik.
long, Ish. wuzduk; W. vorz.
longing, Zb. arman.
lose: Zb. he lost, apnit, aped.
louse, Ish. spul; W. shish.
low, not elevated, Ish. kalapo; W. past.
lucerne, Ish. ghurik; W. ujirk.

"macan," see "shed".
mad, Ish. lev.
magpie, Ish. kvzuk; W. karjps.
make, do: Ish. I will make, kunum; make thou (impve.), kn; he made, he did, kul, kul; thou madest, kl-ut; they made, kul-an; Zb. to do, to make (infin.), kanak; I make, I do, kenam, kunam; we make, kunen; make thou (impve.), kun; I did, kal-im; he did, kal; they made, kal-en.
male, Ish. nark; W. ghsh; Zb. nar.
man, Ish. adam; men, adam; Zb. adam.
man, vir, a strong lad, Ish. muluk; W. dhai; Zb. mlak.
manifest, ready for use, Ish. paid.
mantilla (woman's), Ish. pakol.
many, Zb. fai.
mare, Zb. baital.
marry, see "grasp".
marsh, see "well".
me, see "I".
meat, flesh, Ish. pudf; W. gosht.
merchant, Zb. bazargan.
merriment, rejoicing, Zb. khashwakhti, khushwakhti.
message, Zb. pegham.
midday, see "noon"; midday meal, breakfast, Ish. fl'vuk; W. casht.
midst, middle, Ish. mabin; W. malng. Cf. "amongst".
milk, Ish. khum; W. zarz; milk (thick after calving), beestings milk, Ish. flla; W. pikh.
mill, watermill, Ish. khudari; W. khudarg; the funnel-shaped feeder of a mill, Ish. k'suk; W. dur.
moon, Ish. ma W. mui, zumak; Yz. mast; Zb. ilmek.
moraine, see "place covered with stones".
morning, see "dawn"; early in the morning, before daybreak, Ish. tarikan; W. naghdin.
moth (that eats clothes), a woodworm, Ish. wuc; W. wic.
mother, Ish. nn; W. nan.
mother-in-law, Ish. khush; W. khash.
moustache, Ish. shabrut; W. burut-shapar.
mouth, Ish. futs; W. ghash; Zb. fots.
much, Zb. fai.
mud, see "quagmire".
musical instrument (of the cymbal kind), Ish. daf; W. dria.
"mussuk," a goat-skin used for swimming, Ish. dets; W. dhtsk; a small mussuk, Ish. kulvar; W. pitvar.
my, see "I".

name, Zb. nem.
narrow, tight. W. tang.
navel, Ish. W. naf.
near: Ish. near the king, pdsh dz; Zb. near, qarib, ja, ka . . . gal.
needle, Ish. shutun; W. sits.
needy, poor, Ish. shilakh
nephew, Ish. khir; W. khuryan.
nest, Ish. shab-gah; W. yotr.
net (for catching birds), Ish. halka.
new, Ish. nawuk; W. shghd.
news., information, Ish. khabar.
night, Ish. shab, shab; W. naghd; Yz. shab; Zb. fershun.
nightmare, night-spectre, Ish. lew, vaghd.
nine, Ish. naw; W. nao; Yz. nu; Zb. nao.
no, Zb. ne, no.
noise, sound, awaz.
noon, midday, Ish. mai; W. madhr; Yz. mithmad.
nose, Ish. nits; W. mis; Zb. nits.
not, Ish. na, nus; Zb. na, n', nas; I am not, Zb. nast-em (-im).
now, Zb. psah.

O, Ish. ai (contemptuously), e (respectfully); Zb. eh (respectful).
obtain, see "find".
of, belonging to, Ish. -na; Zb. of, -e (izafat).
on, upon, Zb. ka, sar, ka . . . sar.
on to, Ish. tar.
on you be the peace, Ish. alakum as-salam.
one, Ish. wak, wok; W. ui; Yz. wogh; Zb. wok.
open: Ish. he opened, at kul.
ornament (on the person), Ish. marjn; W. satk.
other, Ish. an; W. yan.
outside, Ish. var; W. vic.
ovis Poli, Ish. surkha; W. rish.
own: Ish. my own, thine own, his own, khe; from thine own, tskhe; Zb. own, khe., Cf. "self.

parched grain ground into meal, sattu, Ish. put; W. pst.
partridge, Ish. ujirj; W. ckr.
pass: Ish. (time) passed, shukht; Zb. I passed over, shekht-am.
patch (in a garment), Ish. labad; W. pshin.
peace be on you, Ish. as-salam alakum.
pearls, Ish. durr.
perspiration, sweat, Ish. khair; W. khai.
physician, tabib.
piece, Ish. lav; (cut to) pieces, kandar.
pierce: Ish. pierce thou (impve.), kif; he pierced, kift.
pig (wild), Ish. Zb. khug; W. khg.
pigeon, dove, Ish. kuwid; W. kibit.
pillow, Ish. misuk; W. khaval.
pitchfork, Ish. shtevun; W. bun.
place, Ish. dz; Zb. ja.
place, put: Zb. he placed, nesht.
place covered with stones, moraine, Ish. ambol; W. shui.
plane-tree, Ish. cen'r, cenr, cenr.
platform (for sleeping), Ish. rez; W. raz.
pleased, Ish. khush-wakht. Cf. "merriment".
plough, Ish. uspir; W. spundar.
pocket, Ish. W. jbak.
point, tip, Ish. nul; W. mis.
pool, Ish. kul; see also "well".
poor, see "needy".
posteriors, podex, Ish. kshin; W. sakshin.
precipice, Ish. parra; W. paryan.
prepare: Zb. thou preparest, gakha; he prepared, gakht.
price, Zb. qimat.
property, Zb. mal.
provisions, supplies, cereals, Ish. yau; W. zau; Zb. bakhsh.
put, see "strike", "place".
put on (clothes), see "clothe".

quagmire, mud, Ish. govaz; W. shinap.
quail, Ish. worts; W. wolc.

rag, Ish. tuld; W. lok.
rain, Ish. urnaduk; W. vr.
rake, see "bush-harrow".
ram, male sheep, Ish. nark; W. ghsh-kala.
rat, Ish. pork; W. prk.
raven, Ish. kurni; W. shnd.
ravine, gorge with stream, Ish. dir, kharaw; W. dhor, jiraw.
razor, Zb. tegh.
ready for use, see "manifest".
red, Ish. surkh; W. skr.
refuse (subst.), Ish. ghazd; W. rapuk.
rejoicing, see "merriment".
remain: Ish. he remained, frin.
remaining over and above, Ish. fai; W. bsh; Zb. ziad. Cf. "much".
renewed, fresh, Ish. taza, tza, tza.
return, come back: he returned, Zb. ghest.
rib, Ish. parak, ulekh; W. prs.
ring (small), Ish. murdik; W. prg; Zb. a ring, ciliak.
rise, see "arise".
road, Ish. shoval, shwal; W. wadhuk; Zb. rah.
robe, see "cloak".
rock, see "stone".
rod, stick, Ish. ghufca; W. shpk.
rope, Ish. vush; Zb. wash.
rubies, Ish. la'l.
rug, Ish. plas; W. palas.
run: Zb. run thou, ghuz; he ran, ghuzd.
rupee, Zb. rupya.

sack, Ish. khurjin.
saddle, Ish. paling; W. pduna; Zb. zin.
safe, well, sihat. Cf. "well".
salt, Ish. nmulghak; W. nimak.
sand, Ish. reg; W. lewarc.
satisfied, full, Zb. ser.
say: Ish. he said, ghezd; Zb. ghezum, I say; ghed, he said; gap ded, he said.
see: Zb. I see, vinum; he saw, vind.
seed (of a plant), Ish. teghm; W. taghm.
seize, see "grasp.
self, Ish. khadak, fak; your Honour, fak.
send: Zb. he may send, asti-a; he sent, astud, asto.
sense, consciousness, Zb. hush.
serpent, snake, Ish. voks; W. fuks.
servant, Zb. muzdur, naukar, yatim.
service, Zb. khizmat.
seven, Ish. Zb. uvd; W. hb; Yz. hovd.
several, some Ish. cand, tsand.
sharp, Ish. tez; W. taghd.
shave: Zb. he shaved, tud.
she, see "he".
shed, "macan," Ish. tsrik; W. yst.
sheep (full-grown, fat), Ish. farbi; W. pus; female sheep, ewe, Ish. mel; W. mai.
shelf, plank, wooden board, Ish. frun; W. rn.
shepherd, Zb. dokandar.
shift (woman's), Ish. shwi; W. parhan.
shoe, Zb. kaush.
shopkeeper, Zb. dokandar.
shoulder, Ish. suvd; W. isp.
shovel, Ish. fi; W. pi.
shuttle (weaver's), Ish. netsa; W. rashpk.
silk, Ish. breshum.
silver, Zb. nuqra.
sing: Zb. to sing, ghezak.
singing (noun), Zb. saz.
sister, Ish. kha; W. khi; Zb. ikha.
sit: Ish. I will sit, nedum; sit thou (impve.), nid; he sat, nlust, nulust; he has sat down, nulustuk; Zb. he lives, dwells, nidai; sit thou (impve.), nid; he sat, he lived, nalast; he has sat down, he is seated, nalastak.
six, Ish. khol; W. shad; Yz. su: Zb. khal.
skin, Ish. kurust, korost; W. pist; goat-skin, see "mussuk".
skull, Ish. W. kapal.
sky, Ish. asman; W. sman; Yz. asmin.
slave, Zb. ghulam.
sleeve (of a garment), Ish. zl; W. drst.
slender, see "thin".
slime (green on standing water), Ish. ghob-naduk; W. ghob.
sling, Ish. falakhmn.
small, see "little".
smear: Ish. he may smear, smbu; he smeared, smd, smbud.
smell (noun), Yz. bi.
smoke, Ish. dit; W. dhit; Yz. dhad.
snake, see "serpent".
snow, Ish. varf; W. zam; Roshani, ziniz.
soft, Ish. shilavz; W. shilat.
sole of the foot, Ish. pu-kaf; W. kaf.
so many, Zb. iqa.
some, see "several", "how much?", "few".
so much, Zb. zodund.
son, Ish. zas, zus; W. ptr; Zb. zat.
soot, Ish. shu-dit; W. shu-dhit.
sound, Ish. sada.
span (measure), Ish. vajab; W. avart.
spark, Ish. khorajik; W. khardz.
sparrow, Ish. murghuk; W. mngas.
spinal cord, Ish. muk; W. mak.
spindle, Ish. ifc; W. tstr.
spoon, Ish. kfc; W. kapc.
spring (of water), Ish. ashik; W. yashk.
sprout, see "flower".
stand up, "arise".
star, Ish. struck; W. star; Yz. shtarak; Zb. sitara.
start, set forth: Ish. he started, rawn shud.
stick, see "rod.
stirrup, Ish. dkosha; W. tukum.
stomach, see "belly".
stone, rock, cliff, Ish. sung; W. ghar; Yz. ghrtsok.
strike, apply, to put: Ish. (if) he put, du; he put, applied, ded; Zb. strike thou, put thou (impve.), deh; put ye (impve.), dev; he struck, he knocked, ded; he said, gap ded; I have beaten him, dedak-am-a.
strong lad, see "man".
stupid, see "blunt".
summer, Yz. amang.
sun, Ish. remuz; W. ir; Yz. khvor; Zb. ormozd.
superfluous, see "remaining over and above".
supplies, see "provisions".
sweat, see "perspiration".
sweet, Ish. khazok; W. khuzg.

tail, Ish. dumb.
take: Ish. he takes, znz; (if) he take, znzu; take thou (impve.), znz; he took, zoghd; Zb. he took, zaghd. See also "grasp".
take away: Ish. I shall take, ussum; he took away, wud.
tall, Zb. weraz; see "high".
tassel, Ish. tpak; W. pulk.
tear (from the eye), Ish. ashik; W. yashk.
ten, Ish. dah; W. dhas Yz. dhus; Zb. dos.
that, see "he".
that (conj.), Zb. ke.
then, Ish. nga; Zb. ao wakht.
thence, Ish. tsa wadak, tswadak.
there, Ish. wadak; Zb. tada, woda, wuda. .
they, see "he".
thief, Ish. duzd; W. gudh (? ghud).
thigh, Ish. satkhan-maghzuk; W. malung-yaic.
thin, lean, W. khot.
this, Ish. nakavi; (adj.), nakwa; (acc. subst.), man; of these, their, miv; Zb. this, am; of this, ama.
thorn, Ish. k'ndak; W. zakh.
thou, Ish. tu, -at, -t; to thee, tu-ba; thy, tu; you (acc.), tamukh; to you, tamukh-ba; your Honour, fak; Zb. thou, to, e; sg. obl., to, ti; thy, ti; thine, tinen; you, tomokh; of you, tomokh; yours, tomokhen.
thousand, Zb. azar.
thread (of cotton), Ish. vse; W. sai.
thread (of wool), Ish. ivduk.
three, Ish. rui; W. trui; Yz. tsoi; Zb. rai, ra
throat, Ish. ghl; W. alk.
throne, Ish. takht.
tight, see "narrow".
till, until, Ish. t.
time, Ish. Zb. wakht.
tip, see "point".
tired, weary, Ish. frinduk; W. warekhk.
to, Ish. ba, b; (motion towards), tar; Zb. ba, ka.
to-day, Ish. Zb. ner; W. udhg; Yz. nur.
to-morrow, Ish. aluzd; W. warok; Yz. afau.
tongue, Ish. zivuk; zik; Zb. zevuk.
tooth, Ish. dndl W. dnduk; Zb. dndak.
town, village, Ish. qslaq; Zb. qishlaq. Cf. "city".
trading (noun), Zb. saudai.
treasure, Ish. khazina.
tree, Zb. darakht.
trouble: Ish. he made trouble, gave trouble, i.e. (politely) invited in, keu-kul.
trough, Ish. n'wa; W. pt-kharm.
trousers (wide outer), Ish. shawlak; W. shavalak.
trouser-band, Ish. wlvush; W. prmeyung.
turban, Ish. W. salla.
turban (woman's), Ish. lta, cil.
twenty, Zb. wisht.
twig, Ish. vekh; W. zakh.
two, Ish. dau, do; W. bui; Yz. dhau; Zb. dov, do.

uncle (paternal), Ish. khuluk; W. bac; Zb. uncle, vuts.
under, Zb. pa . . .vish.
up, Zb. weraz.
upon, see "on".

V/ W
very, Zb. fai.
vessel (water-), Ish. ghdara; W. lut.
village, Zb. qishlaq.
vizier, Ish. wazir; acc. pl., wazir'w; from the viziers, tsa wazirw; to viziers, wazira-ba.
walnut, Ish. carmaz; W. tor.
waist, middle of the body, Ish. med; W. mad.
wasp, Ish. wazwusak; W. dhas.
water, Ish. wek, vek; W. yupk; Zb. wek, we.
watercourse, see "canal".
watermill, see "mill".
wealth, Zb. daulat.
wealthy, Zb. daulatdar.
weeping, lamentation, Zb. geryan.
well, pool, marsh, Ish. wek-togdok; W. cal; Zb. pa-ghao.
well, whole, in good health, Ish. sihat, siyat, taza; Zb. sihat.
well, thoroughly, Zb. khub.
well! very well! good! yes, Ish. khob.
wet, damp, Ish. shuhluk; W. khaic.
what, see "who?".
whatever, Zb. tsize.
whatever kind of, Ish. tse-rang.
wheat, Ish. ghundum; W. ghudim.
when, Zb. wakhte ke, ke. .
where? Ish. kum dz.
whetstone, Ish. vasin; W. pisun.
whey, Ish. ndukwek; W. doghav.
white, Ish. safed; W. rukhn; Zb. surkhun.
white frost, hoar frost, Ish. W. shak.
who (rel.), Ish. tse, tse; which (=if), tse; which, za; Zb. who, ke.
who? Ish. kudum; what? Ish. kum; (adj.), ciz; Zb. who? kai; what? tsiz, tsana.
whole, see "well".
why? Zb. tsiz-ba.
wide, see "broad".
wife, Ish. zanj; W. knd Zb. kuc.
willow, Ish. shurmok; W. tk.
wish: Zb. he wished, kimd.
with, together with, Zb. gal, ka . . . gal.
with, by means of, Zb. ka.
within, Ish. po . . . darun; from within (doors), tsa var.
wolf, Ish. urk; W. shapt.
woman (a young woman), Ish. shtok; W. purcad; Zb. a woman, wujinjk; a girl, a daughter, shtk.
woman's turban, see "turban".
wood, Ish. durk; W. shung.
wool, Ish. pm; W. ghr.
word, Ish. Zb. gap.
worm, Ish. putsuk; W. pric. For "woodworm", see "moth".
worry, Zb. deqat.
worthy (of), Zb. layiq.
wrist, Ish. presht; W. par-sang.
year, Ish. W. Zb. sal; Yz. sauza; last year, Yz. par-wes.

yes, Zb. bale.
yesterday, Ish. paruzd; W. yaz; Yz. biyer.

This word list was create by David Straub and posted at the Tajikistan Update on April 25, 1999