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Truth is indeed within.


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Truth We Seek Updates

07/18/02 - Guy Finley writings posted.

07/08/02 - We will be closing down the Fortune City mirror Truth site soon. The guestbook there will be closed also.

07/06/02 - Earth Dance link has been added to Thoughts section. Kogi message has been added to Articles section. Wallpapers of the month has been added.

07/01/02 - The guestbook has not been included here due to abuse of private messages. If you have something to say or wish to be linked, please use the contact page. Please understand that any links or postings do not necessarily reflect the views of this website's creator.






My favorite quote.
Another Truth...

No matter where you go - there you are.


I'm more than seventy-four, and lucky
to be here at home, New Year -- marvelous
to see the world reborn, though my house is poor
in all but books. Spring gardens, bamboos
blooming, house empty but for one
long clean chair, one bright window.
Who's right? Who's wrong? Who cares?
I only laugh at my own simple-mindedness.


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