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Truth We Seek



Many paths - many lives - many lessons


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Truth is often defined not by ourselves, but by others. It takes a real determination to begin the search for truth. And, indeed, it is a very difficult search I assure you. There is so much to wade through. There are so many opinions and so many saying do this or do that. We always think we have enough time. Do we really? How far are you willing to reach deep inside yourself? Are you willing to really think? Are you willing to seek so that you may find? It is very easy to just skim the surface and not make any real changes in ourselves. It is easy to simply pay lip service and present an illusion to the world. If that is your attitude, then look no further, you have made your choice. Just remember though, illusions have a way of crumbling sooner or later. If you want to begin a soul search, then do it now and leave the games behind. Use this lifetime wisely. more more more