December 2008
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Parts of this paper are the same as in the papers on the three previous “benefic” couples—the Brownings, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and Hearst and Davies. All four papers are about the same thing: the synastry of venus and jupiter between couples.

The Astrology of Venus and Jupiter Between Charts
The Fourth Couple: Ronald and Nancy Reagan
by Sandra Weidner

Previously I have written three papers on the astrology of malefic interaction between couples. The couples were O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson, Jonelle and David Arien, and the “A” family. Each of their relationships ended in the death of at least one of them. In those papers we examined the incidence of compound mars/saturn sets (the “malefics”—see definition below for compound sets) at the beginning and end of their relationships. All three couples started with several sets, and all ended with at least one additional one, easily accounting for the intense turbulence they experienced.

We also looked at the few positive sets they shared. Positive compound sets bring people into relationship. They can also seduce them into staying in a relationship that is fraught with difficulty.

Compound mars/saturn sets between charts represent one of the most difficult astrological combinations any couple can experience. Mars and saturn are the lesser and greater malefics, respectively. Therefore, their deleterious effect between charts makes sense. To read an expanded description of their effects, read those papers (i.e., Simpsons and Ariens), their links on the Home Page.

So far, I have also written three papers on the astrology of benefic interaction between couples. Their focus shifted from the interaction of the two malefics—mars and saturn—to that of the two benefics—venus and jupiter.

Here are links to all the synastry papers. If you want to see the greatest venus/jupiter vs. mars/saturn contrast read the Browning and Simpson papers. The links: . Comments on Synastry--Astrological Compatibility--Using This Form of Astrology

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History recorded that Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, as well as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, had unusually loving and harmonious relationships until they were ended by the (natural) death of one of them. Heast and Davies had a strong, intimate liaison that lasted over 35 years. Synastry for all three couples was high in the benefic interaction of venus and jupiter, and, conversely, low in malefic interaction of mars and saturn.

This is the seventh paper in this series on synastry, the fourth to demonstrate the power of benefic exchange between couples. Here we look at the synastry between Ronald and Nancy Reagan, who, we understand, had an unusually strong bond and happy marriage.

The Reagans, like the only other “benefic” couple (Hearst and Davies) did have a compound mars/saturn set. Hearst and Davies had two, but neither was forefront (no Angle influence), and only one was lighted. Nor were they were not brought forefront by locality. The Reagans compound mars/saturn was lighted and forefront. It also picked up his C-Loc Asc's for both Sacramento and Hollywood. We will look at that set below [Set (a)].

I need to say a word about terminology. If I were writing about venus and jupiter interacting—i.e., conjunct, square, or opposition each other—within one chart, I would state they were in the same set. Light/venus/jupiter in the same set is called a golden benefic. But here we are comparing planets between two charts (also known as synastry). I cannot just call the latter sets because sets by definition exist within one chart. I have chosen to label the sets which exist between charts “compound sets.” A compound set including light/venus/jupiter or Angle/venus/jupiter, then, is referred to as a compound golden benefic.

Golden benefics are comprised of light/venus/jupiter, with venus and jupiter being conjunction or square but not opposition. At least, when opposition they fight each other rather than cooperate for the "great good" they together can produce. When on an Angle, "Angle" can substitute for "light." Golden benefics are not truly golden unless they also influence an Angle, either being on it or influencing it through a ruler. When they do, they operate to produce luck and success throughout life in the areas and charts they influence.

To define it succinctly, a compound set consists of planets from the charts of two individuals that are conjunct, square, or opposition each other, with an orb of 2°. If a light—sun, moon, or node—is involved, orb increases to about 3-1/2°. Compound sets are most powerful when they also include an Angle or a light and least powerful when they include neither.

Ease, comfort and fondness in relationship are not nearly as dramatic as the extreme discord that immediately precedes homicide. For the latter, compound mars/saturn sets, also called compound dark malefics, were potent indexes of marital disharmony.

Compound venus/jupiter in relationship is either more rare, or less noticed than its negative (mars/saturn) counterpart. Probably the latter. That is, couples with compound venus/jupiter are far less likely to come to public attention than couples with compound mars/saturn. Peace and harmony bring far less press than do war and disaster. Therefore, to illustrate ease, comfort, love, attraction, and longevity in relationship I have included incidences of venus and/or jupiter of one individual falling on an Angle or light of the other. That is, I am including compound sets of light/venus, Angle/venus, light/jupiter, and Angle/jupiter in addition to those golden benefics involving light/venus/jupiter in the same set.

I see the fact that the Reagans were devoted throughout their relationship (up to his death) as testimony, among other things, of the astrological strength of their union.

Before I demonstrate that astrological strength, I want to make available information on this astrological method.

This astrological method is not the traditional Western one. It is not traditional, period. True, it uses sidereal astrology, the predominant (traditional) astrology of the East. It also uses the Egyptian harmonic. Both are quite old. This method started with me in 1983. Its working rules were not inherited. They were uncovered gradually through years of research. As they were uncovered, a system which at first seemed too complex became almost too simple. Here are those rules:

Chart Rules

And here are links to my comments on the practical differences between sidereal versus tropical astrology as well as a paper discussing the origin of this method:

Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology
About This Method

Venus in Individual Charts
Of all the planets, venus stands most for the qualities of harmony, grace, and beauty. Since we all like the experience of harmony, we find whatever produces it attractive, and thus venus is associated with liking and loving.

Venus as it is associated with the 2nd house and Taurus, one of the signs it rules, is correlated with having. For instance, venus in Taurus is a good placement of venus to attract money and quality possessions. It puts an emphasis on beauty and the fine things money can buy.

Venus as it is associated with the 7th house and Libra, the other sign it rules, is correlated with harmony in relationship. Librans demand equality in their relationships and are upset, for instance, with some Leos who consider themselves without equal. Or with Aries, who, more interested in action than agreement, go to the symphony when they want harmony. Cooperation is important to venus in Libra and venus in general.

Venus is a “soft” planet. It works through allure, charisma, invitation and seduction.

People strongly under the influence of venus accomplish things above board through consensus; “below board,” through seduction or persuasion. They are rarely “up front” and “baldly honest,” types of encounters which are painful for them.

Venus in our charts stands for what we love and are attracted to. Venus in Gemini, for instance, evidences a love for, attraction to, and usually a facility for (all venus) learning, words, and communication (all Gemini/mercury). It also shows love (venus) of youthfulness (Gemini/mercury), and affection for or attraction to (venus) children (Gemini/mercury).

We can use venus in Cancer for another example of how venus operates in the signs. Venus in Cancer sponsors love (venus) of the nurturing things (Cancer), enjoyment (venus) of domestic activities (Cancer), including cooking and gardening, and love (venus) of home and family (Cancer), possibly with an appreciation of one’s roots (Cancer).

When another’s Angles, moons, or nodes pick up our venuses, that is, exist in the same set with them, they are eliciting our feelings of love and liking, friendliness, sharing, and devotion.

Jupiter in Individual Charts
In the East they say that jupiter represents the guru. That is, jupiter, by sign and placement in the chart, indicates the area through which the individual can experience considerable learning, growth, expansion, and success.

In its connection with the 9th house and Sagittarius, jupiter is correlated with some apparently non-related subjects—aviation, law, philosophy, higher mind (enlightenment types of things), and equestrianism. The 9th house is always opposite the 3rd house, which has mercury as its natural ruler. Our mercury-learning is serial, that is, it occurs piece by piece by piece. Our jupiter-learning occurs because of a higher grasp of the facts we learned in Gemini. Facts get sorted by relevance and level of importance. In that way, jupiter stands for perspective and perhaps some times for intuition. “Jupiterian learning” involves distance—more objectivity—regarding any situation. It stands for better comprehension, the wisdom of the over-view. The adjective for jupiter is “Jovian.” A lawyer is not necessarily Jovian, but a jurist is. A politician is often less than Jovian, but a true statesman properly lays claim to that title.

When another individual draws on one of our jupiters, he is addressing us in areas we are most successful, most comprehending, most at ease, and least threatened. Therefore, we are kind to him. We can afford to give him plenty of room. We treat his clumsiness with forbearance.

Jupiter in our charts is quite likely the index of our EQ—Emotional Quotient as defined by Daniel Goleman—touted as a better indicator of success (jupiter!!) than intelligence (mercury +).

One individual’s jupiter on another’s Angles is a strong indication of a long-term relationship. Love (venus) in relationship is great, but not always dependable. Without philosophical support, without some distance, love can turn to hate. A long union like marriage draws heavily on compassion, a continuing sympathetic (but not enabling) view of the other fellow’s weaknesses. That long, philosophical rope is inspired by jupiter.

The best compound jupiter set for long-term relationship occurs when one individual’s jupiter falls on the Descendant (7th house cusp) of the other.

Venus + Jupiter in Individual Charts
Venus and jupiter in the same set (lighted and with Angular influence) within one individual’s chart create a golden benefic. Golden benefics are found in the charts of humanity’s most charismatic (venus) and successful (jupiter) individuals. Nearly all of our “superstars” (regardless of their field) arrived at that destination through the winning combination that is comprised of venus and jupiter together. Let me put it another way. Some people work very hard for success;others, hardly at all. Whichever their effort, nobody arrives at superstar without forefront venus and jupiter, either together or summed Their area of success depends on the path those planets describe. For instance, if one of them influences the 2nd house, their success will also be crowned with financial abundance. (The paper on famous gurus shows a number of these cases, where the same golden benefics whose path described spiritual illumination also included a 2nd house influence bringing in a fountain of wealth.)

Since venus represents love and jupiter luck, individuals with these two planets in the same set are lucky in love. Progressions of venus to jupiter, or jupiter to venus often accompany marriage.

Venus + Jupiter in Compound Sets, i.e., in Synastry
Venus and jupiter in the same compound set produce one of the loveliest astrological connections that can exist between two people. Until now I have used the synastry of a married couples to demonstrate the good results flowing from compound venus/jupiter. But, these sets work the same among any two people—lovers, boss and employee, siblings, parent and child, friends, and co-workers. They work whether the couple involved is gay or straight.

Venus and jupiter in a compound set between two individuals, then, barring strong counter indications, imply they are successful and/or charismatic as a couple. It could be said they are so harmonious as a couple that they remind us, when we observe them, what a relationship could be.

Other Synastry
Exchange of benefics plays a large role in the synastry of attraction. Other astrology is important in synastry but I do not cover it here. I have written more about it in the blog associated with this site (address at top of page).

In this age of easy world travel and endless relocation, couples who marry often do not live in the same locality they were born in. For that reason, it is necessary to include locality astrology in any analysis of their relationship.

Locality Angles
The same moment in time (birth) equates to different moments in time when spread out over the “sphere” called planet Earth. For instance, 5 p.m. in New York City (EST) is the same moment in time as 10 p.m. in London (GMT) (disregarding for the sake of discussion, differences of Local Mean Time from Standard Time). That is, the exact same moment in time translates into different Standard Times all over the globe.

Locality Angles are found for places different from birth (and conception) by finding the equivalent time of birth for the new location and casting the chart for that time using the new longitude and latitude. For instance, if some one was born exactly at 5 hours west of Greenwhich (that is, EST), and moved to a place exactly 7 hours west of Greenwich (i.e., MST), there would be a two hour time difference. If their birth time was 8:00 a.m. EST, then it would have been 6:00 a.m. MST in the new location.

The location of the planets, their degrees, and their positions relative to each other do not change in locality charts. Their Angles—Midheaven and Ascendant, and their counterparts, I.C. and Descendant, respectively, do change.

To illustrate the difference locality can make on Angles, a chart cast for 6:00 a.m. MST would have considerably different birth and conception Midheavens and Ascendants than one cast for 8:00 a.m. EST. Midheavens change approximately one degree every four minutes. A one-hour time difference equates to a 15° difference in Midheavens, while a two hour time difference amounts to 30° (a whole sign). So, in locality charts, the planets and their inter-relationships do not change, but their positions relative to the houses and Angles do. So far in my work I study those planet-to-Angle changes, but not their movement throughout the houses. So, here we look to see which planets fall on the new, locality Angles.

Locality Angles can produce positive, negative, or indifferent results. Individuals can move to locations which are better for their lives, i.e., locations which bring out their best astrology. They can move to locations which bring out their worst astrology. Or, they can move to locations which seem to make no difference in their lives.

I write with confidence about locality Angles and their progressions. I, myself, have lived in several localities different from birth for many years. During those times I had many occasions to assess the power of birth versus locality Angles. I have also explored their effect through research using others charts. My present conclusions regarding locality Angles are: (1) birth and conception Angles and their progressions still “work” in the new locality, (2) locality Angles and their progressions also work, and so (3) They all share in determining the quality of the individual’s experience in the new location. Locality Angles appear slightly stronger than birth/conception Angles in determining relationships.

For me the surprise was the degree to which progressed locality Angles work.

Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois. Nancy Davis Reagan was born in New York. Together they spend considerable time in California and Washington, D.C. So we will look at those locality Angles vis-à-vis their interaction with important synastry.

Locality Angles and their progressions are not new to my papers, either. I wrote about them in, among others, the papers on John McCain, Charles Whitman, and Mike Boorda. I may never write the paper, but locality Angles were instrumental in the death of Chandra Levy.

Before looking at this famous couple’s compound sets, we should review standard notation for this form of astrology.

Standard Chart Notations
In the tables below, b stands for birth, c stands for conception, and p for progressed. T stands for transiting. A number following the letters identifies the harmonic chart from which the harmonic planet was taken, e.g., b7 pluto identifies the harmonic of pluto for the 7th chart. All harmonics used are +2 greater than the number of the chart they are applied to. Therefore, the harmonic used for the 7th chart is the ninth, or novienic, harmonic.

MC stands for Midheaven while Asc stands for Ascendant. B-Loc identifies the locality Angle for birth, while C-Loc identifies the locality Angle conception. Reasonably, then, pB-Loc MC identifies the progressed locality Midheaven for birth while pC-Loc Asc identifies the progressed locality Ascendant for conception.

Now we can look at some of the synastry in the compound sets which existed between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

In this paper most of the chart comparisons are between 7th charts because the 7th chart is strongest in showing relationship. Here, however, I have included two from the synastry of the couple’s 5th charts.

A Word About the Use of Rulers in Compound Sets
When I started writing these papers on synastry of couples, I was actually so mesmerized by the difficult sets between the Simpsons and Ariens I failed to include rulers of Angles in the analyses of their (shared) sets. In the paper on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert I began to realize I was leaving out an important part of set analysis when I omitted rulers. Here, in this paper, rulers of Angles are consistently included in analyses of sets. In time I hope to return to the first two papers to correct that omission.

Angles and House Cusps for the Reagans
I have not included drawings of partial charts in this paper, therefore, house cusps are not shown. They are shown below reference in reading the rest of this paper.

House Cusps for Nancy Reagan:
Placidus: C MC—19 Gemini 13, c11—23Can, c12—22Leo, C Asc—14 17 Virgo 26, c2—14Lib, c3—15Sco, B MC—24 Gemini 30, b11—28Can, b12—27Leo, B Asc—21 Virgo 56, b2—19Lib, b3—20Sco

Since Mrs. Reagan had mercury ruling all of her four Angles, their condition is worth noting, especially relevant to her use of consulting astrologers. She had b sun at 20 Gemini 24, b mercury (ruler of B MC and B Asc) at 22 Gemini 47, b7 uranus at 22 Gemini 09, c mercury (ruler of C MC and C Asc) at 24 Virgo 18, and b7 saturn at 25 Pisces 05. When mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light as well as a ruler, so the above set contains three “lights.” Mercury/saturn/uranus or lighted/saturn/uranus influencing a 3rd house (where mercury is natural ruler) is one of the significators of an interest in astrology (as an astrologer). Lights, mercury, and benefics in Aquarius can also signify an interest in astrology.

House Cusps for Ronald Reagan:
Placidus: C MC—16 Pisces 59, c11—24Ari, c12—2Gem, C Asc—3 Cancer 44, c2—23Can, c3—17Leo, B MC—27 Virgo 46, b11—23Lib, b12—14Sco, B Asc—3 Sagittarius 45, b2—12Cap, b3—24Aqu

Starting Compound Mars/Saturn Sets Between the Reagans
By “starting” in the title above, I mean sets that exist between them before any progressions or locality changes.

Please refer to the papers on the Simpson, Arien, and “A” Family papers (link on Home Page) for an extensive discussion of the difficulty experienced by couples with compound mars/saturn sets.

Set (a)her c7 venus1 Pisces 22
her c moon3 Pisces 00
her c7 saturn4 Pisces 12
his B Asc3 Sagittarius 45
his c7 mars5 Pisces 20
his b pluto2 Gemini 36
his c mars3 Gemini 56

Set (a) contains a light and an Angle, and it definitely contains one of her saturns and two of his mars. His Pisces mars seems especially important, because it conjunct her moon/venus/saturn in Pisces. But that is where this set gets tricky. His mars in Pisces to her moon/venus in Pisces is a usually positive sexual set—he is the aggressor (mars) and she is receptive (venus). So, the question is, does the saturn in this set turn it all bad (because it conjuncts his mars)? Or does the venus in the set turn it basically good? Venus/saturn is often seen as a (good) sense of duty—duty (saturn) ennobled by love (venus). Perhaps we should be viewing it this way—that his B Asc picks up her moon/venus. That kind of interaction represents a strong attraction for the moon/venus individual.

Nonetheless, I will leave this set in the “negative” column—it is the only compound mars/saturn they have. And they have no particularly difficult lesser sets with mars and saturn.

Note that his C-Loc Asc is at 4 Gemini 49 for Sacramento and 4 Gemini 49 for Hollywood. This set stays forefront throughout their life in California.

Starting Compound Venus/Jupiter Sets, i.e., Golden Benefics, Between the Reagans

Set (1)her b7 and c7 suns3 Leo 40
her b7 jupiter3 Aquarius 55
her b venus4 Taurus 51
his b7 moon2 Aquarius
his b7 venus1 Taurus 35
his c mercury2 Taurus 49
his b7 jupiter2 Leo 14
his c NN4 Taurus 46
his b7 mars4 Scorpio 36
her Sacramento C-Loc MC5 Taurus 03

Set (1) contains four lights, 2 venuses, and 2 jupiters. It influences one Angle through his b7 jupiter, which rules his B Asc. It influences a second Angle through her C-Loc MC when they are in Sacramento (only). Note that this set is comprised of the congruence of each of their individual golden benefics. Hers achieved forefront status through his B Asc. Another way to state that would be that he made actual (his Angle) her potential (because it lacked Angular influence it was more potential than actual) for a golden life.

It didn’t hurt that they shared venus in Taurus, which represented certain shared values, aesthetics, and attitudes toward money. They both like “nice” (quality) material things. Both had feelings that ran deep and devoted (all venus in Taurus).

Set (1) above shows that President Reagan had a fully functioning (lighted and with Angular influence) golden benefic. He has a second one. (Can you still wonder why he was also called the “Teflon President?” This second one also interacted with his wife’s astrology:

Set (2)her c7 moon26 Scorpio 59 her c7 jupiter27 Scorpio 13 her c7 SN28 Scorpio 35 her b saturn26 Leo 07 her b7 mercury24 Leo 59 her c saturn23 Leo 48D his b7 & c7 suns27 Scorpio 15 his c venus26 Aquarius 58 his c7 mercury25 Taurus 21 his b7 uranus27 Taurus 10 his c7 jupiter26 Leo 32 his c7 neptune29 Leo 48

In Set (2) his c7 neptune rules C MC. Her c saturn (which is direct and therefore progressing toward a closer orb with the other planets) rules her B MC and B Asc. This second compound golden benefic therefore influences three Angles. All by itself her set including jupiter/saturn is not a bad thing. Jupiter and saturn work well together to promote cautious (saturn) expansion (jupiter).

Set (2) includes his B-Loc MC for Hollywood at 26 Leo 49 (conjunct his jupiter). It also should not be surprising that Reagan did well (jupiter) for himself through the movie industry (neptune and to some extent, Leo).

They have a third compound golden benefic, but this third one does not influence an Angle:

Set (3)her b7 venus13 Gemini 36 her b7 pluto14 Gemini 21 his c7 NN12 Gemini 55 his c jupiter12 Virgo 56

Since his c moon rules his C Asc, Set (3) would come forefront every time c moon (or its harmonic) entered the set.

Starting Compound Venus/Light, Venus/Angle, Jupiter/Light, and Jupiter/Angle Sets Between Hearst and Davies
Many couples do not have compound golden benefic sets, but they have good relationships. The astrological sources of their harmony are their compound sets of venus or jupiter with Angles or lights. Those sets are vitally important in promoting good marriages.

With three compound golden benefics, the Reagan’s hardly need more benefic interaction. But they have a good one:

Set (4)her c venus3 Libra 29
her b7 moon1 Capricorn 25
his c7 moon2 Aries 44
his c saturn4 Aries 07
his C Asc3 Cancer 44
his c7 venus1 Libra 54
his c uranus1 Capricorn 45
his b uranus3 Capricorn 01

Set (4) shows that his C Asc picks up her moon/venus. Moon/venus inspires the quickening of the heart that we identify as love.

Note that each of them has a moon/venus/saturn at play in their compound benefic interactions. Moon/venus/saturn encourages a loving (venus) sense of duty (saturn) as well as conservative (saturn) behavior in love (venus). Of course, with the several compound golden benefics, there was not danger at all their relationship would become just one of “duty.”

Note also his chart has once again brought forefront one of her good sets (moon/venus) which did not have Angular influence in her chart alone. So, it is also not surprising that Nancy Reagan would feel that her life really began when she met Ronald Reagan.

Locality Angles for Ronald and Nancy Reagan for Hollywood, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C.
President Reagan was born in Illinois. His second wife, Nancy, was born in New York City (Manhattan). Each would have had considerably different locality Angles any where in California.

I have included their pertinent locality Angles above with each set they interacted with.

Other Charts
While I looked at 5th chart (sexuality and offspring) synastry for the other couples, I considered it would be redundant for the Reagans. With so many compound golden benefics, they would have felt their relationship magical and very special regardless of their sexual connection. Since that analysis was not necessary for the point of this paper, I omitted it.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan highly positive synastry—right up there with other famous and happy couples like the Brownings, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and Davies and Hearst.

The Reagans shared three compound golden benefics as well as one involving only venus. Their benevolent astrology was astonishingly “attractive.”

They had only one compound malefic (mars/saturn) set. That set was both lighted and forefront for the whole of their relationship. Because, however, it contained her moon/venus/saturn, I suspect it mostly worked out as her experience of devoted and loyal love for him (both venus/saturn). It would also have made her more vulnerable to a painful sense of loss had she lost him. Even losing him in death was very difficult for Mrs. Reagan.

Although other astrological factors play a role in determining the quality of a relationship (for that discussion, refer to my blog, link at top of this paper), the synastry of mars/saturn and venus/jupiter between charts cover the range from very difficult to very harmonious. In that sense, they are good indices of failed and successful relationships.


William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies, whose love affair lasted over 35 years, started with two compound malefic sets, one lacking both light and Angle influence, and the other lacking Angle influence. They also started with at least two—possibly three—compound golden benefic sets and seven more sets comprised of Angle/venus, light/venus, Angle/jupiter, or light/jupiter.

Since neither of their malefic sets influenced an Angle, the troubles represented by them tended to stay in the background even when a progressing light entered either set.

All of their benefic sets contain lights, and all but one of them [Set (5)] influences at least one of their Angles.

Queen Victoria and her Prince started with zero compound malefic sets and seven compound benefic ones, at least one of which approached being a compound golden benefic.

Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning started with one weak compound mars/saturn set (it did not contain a light and had no influence to Angles). They started with eight compound benefic sets, one of which was compound golden benefic. (This number does not include any progressions or their locality Angles for Florence.)

Ronald and Nancy Reagan started with three compound golden benefics (two of them with Angular influence) and another comprised of Angle/moon/venus. They had one compound dark malefic with was both Angular and lighted. Because of the presence of venus, however, this set could have been functioning as a more “staid” compound benefic. They had not other compound malefics. Their marriage, which lasted 52 years, was strong and loving (in spite of very difficult circumstances for those last years) right up to his death from Alzheimer’s disease. Their love, I’m sure, continues on.

David Arien killed his wife, Jonelle, and then himself. They started with four compound mars/saturn sets—before progressions, and before locality Angles. In earlier papers I referred to mars/saturn sets as dark malefics. I am not happy with the term but use it to represent, so-to-speak, the “opposite” of golden benefic.

O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson started with two compound mars/saturn sets, one lighted and both with Angular influence. They experienced a confluence of them (four) through progressions and locality Angles at the time of her death. All four influenced at least one Angle, often more. They started with two very weak compound benefic sets. A third compound benefic was strong—Nicole’s San Francisco locality Angles picking up O.J.’s venus/jupiter.

The A’s started out with two very strong and one weak compound mars/saturn sets. It is doubtful any relationship, regardless of strength of benefic sets, can find the right path with that much affliction. They had a fourth, progressed compound mars/saturn set at the time of her death. His chart supplied both the mars and saturn, but their conjunction to her moon (as well as her death) let us know that she, too, was experiencing their malevolence.

Their compound benefic sets gave us a little more information on their relationship. Three of his venuses (and only one jupiter) were involved in compound sets. All four of her jupiters (and only one of her venuses) were. Attraction (venus) was stronger on his side. Forbearance (jupiter) was stronger on hers. Even had they had no compound malefic sets, forbearance alone is not enough to make a good relationship. With their four compound malefics, good will (jupiter) did not stand a chance.

So far, we are getting a strong separation of happy couples from unhappy couples that correlates strongly with “excessive” compound benefics for the former and excessive compound malefics for the latter.

Further Work
So far I have written about three highly “failed” marriages (Simpsons, Ariens, and the A Family) and four very successful ones (Brownings, Queen Victoria/Prince Albert, Hearst/Davies, and the Reagans). To even up the score, the next paper will cover another failed marriage.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments (in alphabetic order)
As can be seen from the material below, astrologers often do not have confirmed time (and even sometimes date) of birth on even the most famous people. No doubt the individuals themselves often contribute to the confusion in an apparent attempt to keep their astrology private. I was hesitant to use the Reagan charts in this series, but included them because I consider their most important compound benefics to be the congruence of two of their golden benefics [Sets (1)and (2) above], with their Angle influence occurring through his planets as rulers of Angles. Their unsubstantiated time of birth, however, should be kept in mind.

Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time.

Nancy Reagan (B)
Birth: 7/06/1921, 1:18 p.m. EDT, Manhattan, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Copy of pages from "Fly Away Home" in hand, sent by David Stenn, the autobiography of Hollywood stunt man John Weld. Page 187 relates a story of a time when Deborah Lewis, the astrologer-mother of the author did a horoscope for 17-year-old Nancy Davis on 8/08/1938. The data was for July 6, 1921, 1:18 PM, New York NY. (Formerly, Edith Custer related, "Phyl Campbell was doing a breakfast show in Milwaukee and Nancy gave her the information of July 6, 1923, 1:18 AM EDT, N.Y." Ed Helin says that she told Helen Furmaska years ago that she was born July 6, 1921; she didn't give the time but said that she had Libra rising. Her autobiography, "Nancy", by her with Bill Libby, states on p.20 that she was expected July 4, 1923; as the doctor wanted to get off to the golf course he induced labor. (Chicago given.) In March 1987, Frances McEvoy wrote that she agreed with the time of 1:30 AM, as she had a mutual friend inquire of Edith Davis the time of her daughter's birth, and Mrs. Davis said "very early on a Wednesday morning." (When Nancy was born, her mother was 29 as shown on the B.C. in hand, with no time given, so in 1987 Edith Davis was 95.) (John Ahern has 6:21 PM, Chicago, no source recorded. Kay Hughey gives a time of 2:21:08 PM EDT, rectified. The L.A. Times reported in an article that Smith College records give July 6, 1921. Steinbrecher quotes Bess Turner for 5:51 AM EDT "from reliable sources.")
Conception:33/23/1896, 7:22:14 a.m. EST, Brooklyn, NY.

Ronald Reagan (A)
Birth: 2/06/1911, 4:16 a.m. CST, Tampico, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. In June 2004, it appears that we have no authenticated birth time. Following are the times that have surfaced, with some of the most recent additions first: In June 2004, just after Reagan’s death, Jim Shawvan wrote to PT by e-mail: "I have known for several years that Ronald Reagan had personally given his birth time as 8:25 am to a friend of mine, Joy Rippeth, who was his first astrologer." Thus the correct birth data for Ronald Reagan is Feb. 6, 1911, 8:25 am, Tampico, IL. Now that Reagan has passed away, I have Joy's permission to reveal this information, and to reveal her identity as well. She is retired now." Jim attached correspondence from Joy Rippeth who said she got the time of 8:25 AM from Ronald Reagan himself and that she had advised him to be careful on March 30-31, 1981. Note that Reagan was shot on March 30. Steven Stuckey confirms that Reagan’s birth certificate has no time on it and is shown in a book published in 2001, called: "Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio." Steven writes: "’This book is ‘a history illustrated from the collection of the Ronald Reagan library and museum’. A copy of the original State of Illinois birth certificate is shown very clearly on page 2. There is no time of birth stated on the certificate, nor is there a space on the document for the time. All the other particulars are there, including date of birth as well as parents names and occupations. What is most interesting is the date of signing by the physician in attendance, Dr. H.A. Terry. That date is August 14, 1942." Another source who wishes to remain anonymous communicated with PT in April 2004. The source reported a close relationship to the former president and Mrs. Reagan and wrote by e-mail: "President Reagan had stated that his mother’s water broke late afternoon, at home. His father went to get a midwife to help with the birth. President Reagan said he arrived a little later. It is known that his mother had a difficult labor. I have been working his chart for years as a Leo rising sign at 13° 10, and the chart works with all events known to me in his life. His chart was set for 5:51 PM." The source further states that, according to Nancy Reagan, Patty Reagan [who gave 4:16 AM] could not have known the time and was simply giving the same information that the author of "Dutch" gave in his book, a time that Mrs. Reagan felt was wrong. In 2002, the data of Ronald Reagan for 4:16 AM CST, then thought to be correct, was given by his daughter Patti Davis in Time magazine (February 4, 2002). In an article on page 4, she states, "My father was born at home, at 4:16 AM on February 6, 1911, after a long and difficult labor." This is the same time as Edmund Morris gave (as birth certificate) in his biography, "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan," New York, Random House, p.14 and p.688. As Morris wrote the book as a semi-fictional biography to which he admits making up footnotes to add veracity to his accounts, historians have severely criticized his ten-year labor and the time of birth was largely questioned. In prior efforts of the community to find this data, the time was rectified to 3:43 AM by Joan Quigley, Nancy Reagan's astrologer, from family information that he was born "early morning." American Astrology March 1976 states that it has a questionnaire returned from Reagan giving "early morning." Angel Thompson quotes a letter from his office, May 1980, that "the Governor was born pre-dawn" (copy in hand). Eve de Alberich called from Houston April 8, 1981 to report that she had talked to Reagan's cousin (his mother's sister's daughter) who has kept family records, and who said that she had no record of Reagan's time of birth but it was early morning, pre-dawn. (In June 2004, Eve wrote to PT by e-mail to say that the Reagan cousin was Mrs. Carl Waters who was present during and helped with the home birth. When the birth was over, Mrs. Waters said it was just beginning to get light, just before dawn; the sun was not yet up. Based on her investigation of sun rise that day, Eve uses 3:27 AM). Eve called Doris Chase Doane who told her that 40 years ago Jane Wyman had a chart done for herself and her husband, Ronald. She did not know the time so they used an arbitrary 2:00 AM, which Doane and Righter had been using since. Marion March, November 1984, had a long discussion with the Reagan archivist who figured the birth was between 4:00 and 7:00 AM from deduction. March speculated 5:04 AM CST. The pre-dawn birth was rectified to 3:46 AM by Betty Marks in AFA September 1980. Jeff Jawer quoted Ray Merriman, from Katherine de Jersey, reputed to be Nancy's astrologer: "Reagan's ASC is 28 Scorpio," a time that computes to 1:56 AM, "rectified from 2:00 AM given to Kraum years ago by Reagan." LMR spoke to Katherine de Jersey on July 7, 1988. Katherine said that she had called Nancy's mom many years ago, who gave her Nancy's phone number. She called Nancy, who was cool at first, but then told her that "as closely as they knew, Ronald had been born at 2:00 AM." Van Courtland rectifies to 00:58:29 AM, given in Mercury Hour in April 1982. Steinbrecher has a note from Vital Statistics Bureau, "The county office won't give out the data without a court order. We do know that Mrs. Reagan had problems in delivery and there was a bad storm the night before." Ronald W. Howland of the UK writes (May 2000) "Reagan has interested me for years, so has the ongoing debate regarding his birth-time. Based on Joan Quigley's description of his chart I too concluded that he must have had the late mutable degrees on the angles of his chart. And I have presented a chart based on an estimated time of 4.15 AM in my book "A Chronology of American Charts," at present awaiting review in the Mountain Astrologer. So it came as a pleasant, confirming, surprise to find the chart on your site set of for 4.16. However, after reading the commentaries on Reagan's chart, I was moved to contact the Ronald Reagan Library who hold a copy of his birth certificate. I thought you might be interested in their reply to the specific question as to what time his BC showed. It is dated 10 May 2000:- "Dear Mr. Howland, "I'm sorry, I can't help. We have a facsimile of Reagan's birth certificate on display in the museum and I checked it - no time is given just the date. Ed Morris cites three other sources for that information: Reagan's first autobiography "Where's the Rest of Me"; the Tampico Tornado for February 10, 1911; and an interview with Paul Nicely, the founder of the Reagan Birthplace Museum. I checked the autobiography and there was no mention of his time of birth. We don't have the Tornado issue or the Nicely interview. Sorry, I could not be more helpful Cate Sewell, Archivist." This as least seems to clear up the question as to whether his birth-time was actually recorded, which seems not so according to the above. Maybe some-one over there who lives by Tampico might want to track down the relevant copy of the "Tampico Tornado" in the local library, if only to see if that contains any worthwhile information, or whether it too is another red herring. Please feel free to include this information on your site if you deem it to be of use. Best Wishes, Ron Howland (UK)" Kt Boehrer wrote in November 2000, "In March of 1981 my articles in re to Reagan were published in the Stellium Quarterly, an Astrological Journal in which I explained how I had rectified his chart to a 16 Sagittarius ascendant. I had over 30 events and dates that I used and the birth time of 3:24 AM worked perfectly for every one of those events. The data I used was: February 6, 1911, 3:24 AM, Tampico, IL. His PreNatal Epoch chart is: May 25, 1910, 3:35 AM, Tampico, IL." A time of 2:00 PM is also widely used. Doris Chase Doane in Dell Horoscope gave 2:00 AM CST: Doris said that she and Carroll Righter had been using that chart for 40 years. Joylyn Hill in MH 12/1975 quotes Carroll Righter for 2:00 PM CST. The same data was repeated by Pryor in AFA 10/1971 and Gallo in Celebrity Horoscopes. Mayo in AFA 3/1976 rectified to 1:53 PM CST. Hammitt in MH 7/1980 reported that "Cancer ASC was printed in World Astrology 2/1941, by an excellent astrologer who sometimes does speculative charts. John Bradford says that the time of 2:00 PM came from Adrianne Dunn, but the rumor persisted that Carroll Righter was Reagan's astrologer. Righter never gave out any data for any reason, but LMR reports that a picture of Nancy and Ronald was among the pictures of public figures on his grand piano, and he had a framed invitation to the presidential inauguration on the wall. Frances McEvoy sends a clipping in January 1987 that reported, "An 88-year-old man in Boston, MA, claims to remember the day Ronald Reagan was born. He said that at a school assembly one girl was late as someone in her family was having a baby and no one could bring her to school. The baby was born that afternoon and the birth was announced before the assembly was over." Luc Gatto dowses with a picture and gets 2:32 PM. AFA April 1968 quotes "a close friend of the family" for 1:20 AM CST. On September 3, 2000, Ed Dearborn contributed his collection of 56 birth times suggested for Ronald Reagan, some duplicates, from various astrologers. Most were rectifications around the 2:00 PM time, or variations of the AM time ranging from 1:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Raul Davila, PMAFA, NCGR IV, San Antonio Texas, writes on February 2, 2002, "In 1981 I began a 2 year study of President Reagan's Birth Information. I made numerous calls around the country and read every book, magazine, and newspaper article I could obtain. I spoke with the curator of the Reagan birth place museum in Tampico. I spoke with "Moon" Reagan, the Presidents brother. Neal "Moon" Reagan was most delightful and I recall his eagerly chatting for at least 30 minutes... He got out the Family Bible which was in his possession and read all the birth data of family members that was recorded. I finally collected with David Dozier's help over 100 timed events in the life of Pres. Reagan. I used this data to time his birth via multiple rectification methods. There was and is NO Recorded time of birth for President Reagan. After having completed my personal quest, I sent it to Nancy Reagan and predicted to her that President Reagan would be easily re-elected in 1984 and would make historic progress in forging foreign relations and Peace efforts. It was after this that I began to suspect that the President had an Astrologer as many of his public appearances and news conferences were at times with unusual astrological connections and aspects. Moving forward in time... We have the book "What does Joan Say" which documents the astrological work of Joan Quigly. Incidentally the Time of birth that Joan Quigly [used] was unusually close to the Time I had sent to Nancy Reagan in 1983."
Conception:4/27/1910, 10:18:33 a.m. CST, Tampico, IL.

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